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750PS BMW X5 M Wants To Show Lambo's Urus Who's Boss

There are plenty of options to choose from if you want to tune your BMW X5 M , but G-Power's is perhaps one of the most interesting out...

BMW's M SUVs Could Get Competition Package Variants

BMW isn’t opposed to offering a Competition Package for its M-branded SUV models, including the X5 M and X6 M .

G-Power's BMW X5 M Is An Extroverted Typhoon With 750 Horses [w/Video]

Using words such as 'Typhoon' or 'Hurricane' to describe cars is not exactly appropriate these days, after the natural disa...

Spied: 2019 BMW X5 M Coming Fast With 600 Horses

BMW took the 2019 X5 M for some testing at its Nurburgring facilities and our spies were there to capture the moment.

BMW X5 M Sports A Great Deal Of Factory And Aftermarket Parts

While we're used to seeing BMW SUVs pack on a whole bunch of M Performance parts, this particular X5 M is a byproduct of multiple tuner...

BMW Unveils New X5 M And X6 M Black Fire Editions

BMW has released new Black Fire special editions of their X5 M and X6 M high-performance crossovers.

Watch Out, BMW's X5 M And X6 M Could Be Mislabeled!

BMW has to issue recalls from time to time, just like any other automaker. This one, however, affects two of its most powerful performance...

LOL! Aussie BMW Owner Gets Taunted By Reporter After Beaching X5

You know you’ve done something rather stupid when usually-serious news reporters start taking the piss out of you.

BMW Recall For Rusty Front Driveshafts Is A Sign Of The Times

If you had told us a decade or two ago that BMW would be having trouble with its front driveshafts, we'd likely have wondered what you ...

South Korea Bans Sales Of Certain BMW, Porsche And Nissan Cars

As officials from BMW, Porsche and Nissan were still celebrating the New Year , South Korean authorities banned sales of 10 cars from the t...

South Korea Could Ban Certain BMW, Porsche And Nissan Cars

After suspending sales of 32 models made by Volkswagen , Audi, and Bentley earlier this year, the South Korean authorities are now targetin...

Power's 750 PS BMW X5 M Is Meant To Rule The Streets

Do you remember G-Power's idea of how a BMW X5 M should be? Why, of course you do, since it's practically impossible to forget abo...

Defective Fuel Pump Makes BMW Recall 136,000 Cars In The US

Owners of specific US-registered BMWs might have noticed a fuel leak or experienced engine stalling in extreme cases.

BMW X5M vs Merc-AMG E63 & C63 In Battle Of The 750 PS Monsters

Even though what we have here are three completely different vehicles, at least we can't complain about any of them being down on power...

G-Power's 750 PS X5 M Becomes The Typhoon With Wide-Body Kit

Last time we featured a G-Power-signed X5 M , it put out 175 PS (173hp) over the stock item, for a total of an eye-watering 750 PS (740hp) ...

G-Power's BMW X5 M Has More Horses Than A Lambo Aventador

With 575 PS (567hp) and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque to begin with, the factory-stock BMW X5 M has sufficient grunt to cope with just about...

BMW X4 M40i Throws Down With Latest-Gen X5M

As far as drag racing videos go, watching two SUVs go up against each other isn't as common as some would like.

Super-SUV Drag Battle: X5M Vs Cayenne Turbo S Vs Grand Cherokee SRT

They belong to the most-easily hated segment of the car market, but that doesn’t detract anything from their impressive abilities.

BMW Takata Recall Involves 840,000 Vehicles In U.S.

BMW is conducting a voluntary safety recall on certain vehicles equipped with Takata PSDI-5 inflators.

BMW Begins Testing Next X5 With Mule Based On New Lightweight Platform

Our spies caught BMW trying out a test mule of the next generation of the successful X5, which will be based on a brand-new lightweight pla...