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BMW’s Spartanburg Factory Becomes The Brand’s Largest Production Location

BMW had more to announce today than just the all-new X3 , as their Spartanburg plant in South Carolina has officially became the company’s ...

Watch Out, BMW's X5 M And X6 M Could Be Mislabeled!

BMW has to issue recalls from time to time, just like any other automaker. This one, however, affects two of its most powerful performance...

BMW Takes Us For A Scenic Ride Across Romania’s Frozen Mountains

BMW has chosen a unique way of showing off Romania's picturesque roads and landscape, while also promoting the X6 M50d xDrive.

BMW Recall For Rusty Front Driveshafts Is A Sign Of The Times

If you had told us a decade or two ago that BMW would be having trouble with its front driveshafts, we'd likely have wondered what you ...

BMW 1M Coupe Takes On X6 M50d From Rolling Start

While the BMW X6 M50d is an amazing car in its own right, the 1M Coupe has just about reached iconic levels with BMW M fans and car enthus...

Many BMW Models To Lose Roadside Assistance As 2G Network Is Shut Down

AT&T’s phase out of its 2G network will disable BMW’s roadside assistance service for many of the brand’s models, but thankfully, an up...

Widebody BMW X6 xDrive50i By AC Schnitzer Is An Attention-Grabber

As if the BMW X6 wasn't already one of the sportiest and most aggressive-looking SUVs (SACs) in the world, this particular one on displ...

120 Brand New BMWs Destroyed In U.S. Train Derailment [w/Video]

Approximately 120 BMW models were damaged when a train transporting the vehicles derailed in South Carolina.

Defective Fuel Pump Makes BMW Recall 136,000 Cars In The US

Owners of specific US-registered BMWs might have noticed a fuel leak or experienced engine stalling in extreme cases.

Lumma's BMW X6 M Grows More Muscle, Will Hit 300 Km/h

While most consumers prefer a subtle upgrade for their prized jewels, other don't like to go by unnoticed, and Lumma Design's upgra...

BMW Adds Apply CarPlay Upgrade To Selection Of U.S. Models

BMW has rolled out Apple CarPlay for a selection of its models but only as a $300 upgrade and not as standard across its range.

BMW X6 Crash Compilation Paints Bullseye On World's First SAC

Normally, crash compilations focus in on a specific region, location or a certain type of crash, but when you're popular enough to get...

BMW's Sales Dropped 6.4 Percent In North America Last Month

With 29,017 deliveries made in North America last month, the BMW brand recorded a 6.4 percent drop compared to May 2015, when it sold 31,00...

G-Power Modifies BMW's Tri-Turbocharged X6 M50d

The BMW X6 M50d might not be a true blue-blooded Motorsport model, but G-Power is willing to fix all that.

This Guy Tried To Buy A $60,000 BMW With Food Stamps, Which He Then Stole After Being Denied

The purpose of food stamps is to help low-income households make ends meet – a noble idea that sometimes gets abused in real life by people...

Hamann Bringing 462 PS BMW X6 M50D To Geneva

German tuner Hamann has a new version of the diesel-powered X6 scheduled to premiere tomorrow.

The AC Schnitzer X6 Falcon Will Show Its Face At Geneva

After making its official debut at Essen, the X6-based AC Schnitzer Falcon is preparing up to shock the crowd at the Geneva Motor Show as ...

True Story; The World’s Ugliest BMW X6 Will Cost You $100,000

Yes, you read that right; you actually have to pay, instead of…being paid $100,000, to drive around in AG Excalibur’s comic book-esque inte...

BMW X5 And X6 Set To Receive Touchscreen Infotainment Display

In the coming months, the X5 and X6 are set to receive updated infotainment systems.

BMW Reports Global Sales Record In January

Munich has delivered 7.5 percent more vehicles worldwide in the first month of the year, compared to January 2015 .