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BMW's M SUVs Could Get Competition Package Variants

BMW isn’t opposed to offering a Competition Package for its M-branded SUV models, including the X5 M and X6 M .

BMW Unveils New X5 M And X6 M Black Fire Editions

BMW has released new Black Fire special editions of their X5 M and X6 M high-performance crossovers.

BMW X6 M Is Dripping With AC Schnitzer Custom Parts

Unlike other X6 M examples we've shown you recently, this particular car is wearing a full AC Schnitzer wide-body kit and nothing else...

Manhart Pumps New Blood Into The BMW X6 M, Gives It 700PS

Known for tuning powerful BMWs , Manhart have now worked their magic on the X6 M.

Watch Out, BMW's X5 M And X6 M Could Be Mislabeled!

BMW has to issue recalls from time to time, just like any other automaker. This one, however, affects two of its most powerful performance...

Enhanced BMW X6M Is A Tribute To All Things M Performance

Despite its 3D Design carbon fiber body kit, AC Schnitzer wheels and Akrapovic exhaust, this BMW X6M is rolling advertisement for the bran...

BMW Recall For Rusty Front Driveshafts Is A Sign Of The Times

If you had told us a decade or two ago that BMW would be having trouble with its front driveshafts, we'd likely have wondered what you ...

M Performance, 3D Design, AC Schnitzer & Akrapovic Bits "Voltron" Into This BMW X6M

This BMW X6M was on display at BMW's Abu Dhabi dealership, featuring a host of custom parts from multiple manufacturers.

Defective Fuel Pump Makes BMW Recall 136,000 Cars In The US

Owners of specific US-registered BMWs might have noticed a fuel leak or experienced engine stalling in extreme cases.

Lumma's BMW X6 M Grows More Muscle, Will Hit 300 Km/h

While most consumers prefer a subtle upgrade for their prized jewels, other don't like to go by unnoticed, and Lumma Design's upgra...

G-Power Throws A Punch At BMW X6 M With 3-Stage Power Upgrade

With 575 PS (567 HP) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque, the standard BMW X6 M is not exactly underpowered, but G-Power's proposal invol...

BMW X6 M Gets A Makeover At Abu Dhabi Dealership

If you thought you couldn't seriously alter the BMW X6 M's physique without adding some type of over-the-top wide-body kit , then t...

Roided Out SUVs: 850PS BMW X6M vs 900PS Mercedes-AMG ML63

If guessing the winner between two stock fast SUVs is somewhat easy, then upping the power should make things a little more unpredictable. ...

G-Power Typhoon Is Not At All Subtle About Its 750PS Power Output

Just like a real typhoon, G-Power’s upgraded BMW X6 M is a force to be reckoned with.

Manhart Boosts BMW X6 M To 700 Horses

If you believe that the stock BMW X6 M is underpowered, then you should take a look at Manhart's tuning packag.

BMW Takata Recall Involves 840,000 Vehicles In U.S.

BMW is conducting a voluntary safety recall on certain vehicles equipped with Takata PSDI-5 inflators.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe Battles BMW's X6 M In A Straight Line

As two of the hottest and most desirable SUVs on the market go head to head in all categories, seeing which is fastest in a straight line d...

AC Schnitzer Tunes BMW X6 M To 650PS, Gives It A Sharper Appearance

Straight out of the factory its performance is stunning, but the folks at AC Schnitzer thought the BMW X6 M could use both a bit more powe...

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe Head-Butts BMW's X6 M For The Title Of The Maddest SUV

Sure, there is a universal hate that unites everyone against this type of cars, except for those who actually buy it and return huge profit...

G-Power Feeds 659 PS Into 2015 BMW X6 M

Currently, the BMW X6 M is one of the world's top SUVs in terms of performance and agility. So what can be better than giving it even ...