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Ubisoft's The Crew Unleashes F10 BMW M5 and Z4 GT3

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If you're looking for the ultimate open world racing game either for your console or your PC, look no further than The Crew - Ubisoft's take on automotive virtual heaven.

Report Claims Next BMW Z4 Will Get New Six-Pot, Not Toyota-Developed Hybrid

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We previously posted a rumor report that indicated the possible electrification of the upcoming BMW Z4. Going hybrid with the aid of Toyota was the alleged plan, which is now being contested by the freshest of these rumors.

This BMW Z4 Interior Has Been Steampunk'd by Carlex Design

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Even though the term “Steampunk” first originated at around the same time as BMW was presenting their first ever Z-model – the innovative Z1 Roadster at the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show – it would be safe to say that the Bavarian line of Z-cars has nothing to do with the Sci-Fi sub-genre.

BMW's New Special Edition Z4 sDrive 20i GT Limited to 60 Copies for Japan

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BMW has given Japan another special edition version named the Z4 sDrive 20i GT, which was made to commemorate the Z4 GT3's 1-2 finish in the opening round of the 2014 Super GT racing series.

Colombian Soccer Mob Smashes BMW at Queens, New York

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Well, the good thing is no one was bitten (even though this reference goes to Uruguay)…but seriously now; video footage of a number of out of control fans of the Colombian national football (soccer) team attacking a white BMW Z4 while celebrating their 2-0 victory over Uruguay in the round of 16 this past Saturday on the streets of Queens, New York, has emerged on the web.

BMW Confirms Talks with Toyota on Roadster, Dismisses Rumors About Axing Mini's Range

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As it turns out, recent reports surrounding the death of Mini's Paceman, Coupe and Roadster models appear to have been greatly exaggerated, but on the other hand, the rumors about BMW looking to work together with Toyota on the development of a common platform for roadster models do hold true.

Wide Body Tune for BMW Z4 E89 Hardtop Roadster

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This is Duke Dynamics new styling and wheel program for the most recent iteration of the BMW Z4 roadster (internal codename E89).

Say Again? Report Has Toyota Co-Working with BMW on Next Z4 Sports Car

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None of BMW’s Z-cars, named after the German word for ‘future,’ ever lived up to their promise. The biggest flop of all was the (arguably very pretty) Z8, but you couldn’t really call the E30 3-Series-based Z1, subsequent Z3 or two generations of Z4 models ‘top class,’ and they were slightly cannibalized by BMW’s range of already sporty cars that also did the practical stuff too.

NAIAS: BMW Adds Refinement to Z4 with Pure Fusion Design Package

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Besides the world premiere of the BMW M3 and M4, the Detroit Auto Show will also host the world debut of the new Z4 Pure Fusion Design package that promises to bring more style and refinement to the roadster’s cabin.

MB Individual Trims BMW Z4 E89 in Carbon Fiber Parts

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While pricey when new, BMW's Z4 roadster can be acquired for reasonable prices in the second-hand market as it depreciates faster than other bimmers. If you already own one and want to give it a more distinct look with carbon fiber parts, German aftermarket firm MB Individual Cars has prepared a special edition package limited to just 25 units.

Poor Brake Lubrication Leads to BMW Recalling 176,000 Four-Cylinder Models

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BMW has issued a global recall on some 176,000 models fitted with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engines from the 2012-2014 model years, and specifically, the N20 and N26 codenamed units, because of a problem with the power brake system.

Watch a Dream Test of BMW’s Most Iconic Roadsters

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Like any car manufacturer, BMW has had its ups and downs since it started building cars in 1929. There were many crises that the Bavarian carmaker had to overcome, with the most important being World War 2 and bankruptcy.

The history of BMW roadsters reflects the company’s sinuous trajectory over the decades on its path to become the world’s biggest luxury car manufacturer. As a matter of fact, some of these roadsters shaped BMW’s destiny, but probably none more so than the legendary 328 and the 507.

BMW Rumored to be Readying Z5 Roadster and Coupe with Toyota, Z3 Said to Return

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An alleged BMW insider from the Bimmerpost forums is reporting that BMW's version of the new sports car project currently being co-developed with Toyota will be offered in two body styles, roadster and coupe, with both to wear the Z5 nameplate. The Z5 is said to be previewed by a concept model in the very near future.

BMW M3i Sports Coupe Concept Envisioned as a Nissan GT-R Competitor of Sorts

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We will have to wait and see how BMW's i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe plays out and whether it will satisfy demanding drivers or if it will be more of a relatively fuel-efficient, high-tech cruiser with an equally high…price tag, but for those who like to work with their imagination, we have a new conceptual proposal from designer Alexander Imnadze to share with you.

Pissed Off Chinese Dad Rams Son's BMW Z4 with his Mercedes S-Class!

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We'd like to believe that most of you have played bumper cars with your dad at some point in your life – if you haven't and you still have the opportunity to do so, you should, just make sure, though, that it's a game and not a real life-or-death kind of situation…

The crew over at Jalopnik, where we first saw this video of a very aggravated father in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class crashing his car into his son's BMW Z4 roadster, says the incident took place in China's Ma’anshan City, where it was captured on a traffic camera.

BMW’s 2014 Upgrades Include New xDrive Models and 8-Speed Auto Across the Board

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BMW has announced a number of model upgrade measures that will be effective starting this summer in Europe. With the EU6 exhaust emission standard coming into effect in September 2014, BMW will increase the number of models that already fulfill the EU6 emission regulations.

BMW Recalls More Than Half a Million Vehicles in the States Over Two Separate Issues

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The brand recognized by its blue and white roundel has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about two separate recall actions.

The biggest recall affects 504,545 vehicles sold in the United States, including the following models: 2008-2012MY 1-Series coupe and convertible, 2007-20011MY 3-Series coupe, convertible, sedan and wagon, and 2009-2011MY Z4 roadster, over a battery cable fault.

BMW Z4 Roadster Makes Zombies Feel Alive in "Warm Bodies"

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In a world where advertising is just about everywhere you look, it should come as no surprise that companies are quite fond of the communication tool known as "product placement", in which brands and their goods are integrated into storylines.

In the automotive industry, BMW is no stranger to product placement in movies, with its cars having been prominently featured (indirectly advertised) in many films, including three James Bond flicks with Pierce Brosnan in the role of 007.

Subtly Updated 2014 BMW Z4 Rolls Into the Detroit Auto Show [w/Video]

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You can take our word for it that the car you see here is the new, 2014MY BMW Z4 that just made its world debut at the Detroit Motor Show. It’s true that figuring out the differences to the outgoing model is not an easy task, as they are pretty much confined to the 3-D design of the headlights’ LED light rings, the BMW lettering on the LED lines on top, the new surround for the side indicators and new-design 17- and 18-inch alloys.

2014 BMW Z4 Roadster Ever So Faintly Revised, Gains New Entry Level sDrive18i Edition [85 Photos]

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If you were waiting for BMW to apply some of the design lessons learned from Zagato's Coupe and Roadster concepts or at least take some inspiration from this speculative photoshop for its updated, 2014MY Z4, you'll be disappointed.

In fact, you will probably have to be an owner of the current model or a very dedicated Z4 fan to distinguish the styling changes on the hardtop roadster. These are limited to the three-dimensional design of the LED light rings on the headlamps, the BMW lettering on the LED accent lights on top, the new available 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels and a newly designed, tapered surround for the side indicators.

In addition, BMW has added a new Hyper Orange package that can be ordered with three new colors named Mineral Grey metallic, Glacier Silver metallic and Valencia Orange metallic, the latter of which is featured on the car pictured in this gallery,

This new styling package dresses up the interior of the Z4 in a combination of black leather and Alcantara with orange accent stiches, stripes, and door panels, a metal weave trim for the dashboard, and high-gloss black for the door openers and the gearshift or selector lever.