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New Photos of BMW's One-Off BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition

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BMW has built a one-off i8 model called Concours d’Elegance Edition for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

German Media Churns out Rumor of Possible BMW i9 Model in the Works

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BMW is rumored to be mulling a beefier plug-in hybrid supercar to slot above the i8. The information comes via AMS magazine, but it’s devoid of any concrete facts and figures, merely suggesting and hinting at possible outcomes for its development, nothing with absolute certainty.

BMW to Expand Use of Carbon Fiber and Green Tech in Non-i Models Too

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BMW is very proud of the carbon construction techniques (showcased via this cool bobsled too), and it currently uses CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) to create the backbones and hard shells of the i3 and i8 eco cars.

BMW Tickles Our Taste Buds with Individual 4-Series Gran Coupe

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For a long time, BMW chose to keep its Individual customizing program under a cloud of mystery (at least to your typical buyer), but not so much anymore, as the Bavarians are more actively promoting it.

BMW i8 is the First Production Car to Offer Laser Headlights [w/Video]

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Starting this autumn, BMW will be the first carmaker worldwide to offer a production vehicle equipped with laser headlights. Available as an optional extra on the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, the laser headlamps offer a high beam range of up to 600 meters (1,968 feet), doubling the high beam range of the LED headlights offered as standard on the i8.

BMW Won’t Launch New i Model before the Market Asks for it

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A BMW top executive said the carmaker will not add a third model to its BMW i lineup until it has a better idea of demand for the existent i3 and i8 models. BMW has invested so far an estimated €2 billion ($2.7 billion) into its electrified range of vehicles and says it has more than 11,000 orders for the i3 hatchback since its November launch.

Lumma Design Draws Tuning Concepts for BMW i8 Coupe and i3 Hatch

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You didn't think that BMW's first i-series models, the i8 hybrid coupe and the electric i3 hatchback, would avoid the touch of the tuning industry, did you? While seen here in rendered concept form, Lumma Design's CLR i8 and CLR i3 point to what we should expect in the near future once the cars begin to arrive in the hands of their new owners.

BMW North American President Says i3 EV is Better than Tesla Model S

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While the relationship between Tesla and Mercedes-Benz is close and directed towards broadening cooperation (and giving the Americans indicator stalks, buttons), the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of electric vehicles is not in the friends list of too many others…

First Recorded BMW i8 Crash Occurs on the Autobahn

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A pre-production version of BMW's futuristic i8 hybrid sports coupe had an unfortunate encounter with the guardrails on the German Autobahn recently. Reports originating from Germany state that, a 30-year old BMW engineer was behind the wheel of the 362 PS (357hp) sports car when it crashed.

BMW i Range Will Not Get SUV, Says Report

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BMW’s i range currently consists of just two models: the city-oriented i3 and the much sportier profiled i8, and the manufacturer has trademarked all names from i1 to i9, with the stated intention to use all of them. However, as CarAdvice of Australia reports, none of those badges will adorn the tailgate of an SUV, as it has been deemed unfit for the profile of the green sub-brand, and thus one won't be made.

AutoExpress Reviews BMW i3, Says It's a Really Desirable EV

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There has been a lot of hype about the BMW i3 lately, and for good reason. It’s BMW’s first series production electric car as well as the smallest model it makes with the blue and white roundel logo. Furthermore, it has a carbon fiber body and it kicks off the BMW i sub-brand. So what’s it like to drive?

BMW Reportedly Planning i5 EV, Inspired by Tesla Model S’ Success

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We learn from a report published by WhatCar that BMW is reportedly looking into the possibility of making a mid-range i5 model to sit in between the i3 electric city car and the larger and much sportier i8 plug-in hybrid.

First Official BMW i8 Photos Leaked on the Internet

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BMW’s main premieres at the Frankfurt Motor Show are the production versions of the i3 EV supermini and i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. We’ve already seen the production BMW i3 when the Bavarian automaker revealed the car last month, and now the first official photos of the more exciting vehicle of the BMW i sub-brand, the i8 sports car, have surfaced on the web.

Siri Salesperson: BMW Launches Artificial Intelligence "i Genius" Phone Service

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BMW has announced it is employing artificial intelligence to promote its i sub-brand of electric cars, with the service first being introduced in the UK. Dubbed “BMW i Genius” (as opposed to the human-based BMW Genius program) the service uses specially developed software “to interact with potential customers in a live question and answer format that works on a mobile format,” according to BMW’s release.

BMW M3i Sports Coupe Concept Envisioned as a Nissan GT-R Competitor of Sorts

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We will have to wait and see how BMW's i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe plays out and whether it will satisfy demanding drivers or if it will be more of a relatively fuel-efficient, high-tech cruiser with an equally high…price tag, but for those who like to work with their imagination, we have a new conceptual proposal from designer Alexander Imnadze to share with you.

This Is What Some Prospective Buyers Think of the New BMW i3 EV

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BMW, like any self-respecting multinational corporation, uses committees to decide what goes into production, what goes into the bin and what still has a chance to make it if a certain number of modifications are made.

While a committee may be very good at compiling market research data, and analyzing field reports, they cannot and will never be able to simulate an actual consumer/customer, let along vast numbers of them, even if they say they can - that's why the ads try to sell a lifestyle, instead of the actual car.

BMW Reportedly Investing €3 Billion to Develop its "i" EV Range

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BMW will invest a total of €3 billion ($3.89 billion) for its range of “i” EV vehicles by the end of this year, according to a report from German newspaper Handelsblatt. The money comes from profits BMW makes in booming markets like China, Handelsblatt wrote, adding that the sum is based on calculations made together with the bank Credit Suisse.

BMW i3 Concept Coupe to Make European Debut in Geneva, Range-Enhancing Features Detailed

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The BMW i3 Concept Coupe, which was launched at the Los Angeles Motor Show last November, will make its European debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show alongside the i8 Concept Spyder.

This time, though, the Bavarian carmaker is not dwelling on the concepts so much as on the eDrive technology that will form the nucleus of all models in its “i” sub-brand.

BMW Creates New i3 Concept Coupe EV with 168hp for the LA Auto Show

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These are the first pictures of BMW's new i3 Concept Coupe, which is a slightly sportier looking but less practical, three-door version of the carmaker's carbon-fiber i3 hatchback that will enter production next year.

The i3 Concept Coupe will make its world premiere at this week's Los Angeles Auto Show, with the Bavarian automaker stating that it "demonstrates the potential for conceivably extending the model range", which in other words, means, expect a similar model to be added to the i3's range in the very near future.

While keeping the 5d model's lightweight structure and 2,570mm (101.2 inches) long wheelbase, BMW says that the Coupe has a "has a broader, lower-slung look". The designers also eliminated the see-through panels on the doors and the lower section of the rear tailgate.

The i3 Coupe study measures 3,964mm (156.1 inches) in length, 1,768mm (69.6 inches) wide and 1,555mm (61.2 inches) tall, making it roughly the same size as a Ford Fiesta hatchback.

BMW Already Testing 1-Series Compact Models with its New Three-cylinder 1.5-liter Engines

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As we were looking for pictures the other day for our story on the availability of the BMW Group's new 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo engines in the United States and Canada, we discovered images of a prototype of the 1-Series five-door hatchback fitted with this powerplant on the company's website.

To date, while BMW has set the market introduction of the 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo engine in diesel and petrol forms for 2013, it has only confirmed the i8 sports coupe and the i3 supermini gasoline-electric hybrids as the recipients of the three-cylinder units.