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BMW’s New CEO Heralds Arrival of "New Era"

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Set to become one of the world’s youngest automaker bosses (in May of 2015), 49 year-old Harald Krueger, has a lot in store for when he takes over the reins at BMW.

He will take veteran CEO Norbert Rethofer’s place at the helm and according to Bloomberg, he will bring forth a “new era” for the manufacturer.

BMW Recalls i8 for Risk of Fire

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Some i8 owners will soon be receiving a recall notice from BMW which has discovered a potential fire risk present in some of the cars manufactured so far.

We don’t know if an actual fire prompted the manufacturer to issue the recall of the 223 cars it believes to be affected, but whenever fire is even a possibility, things need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The BMW i8 is Top Gear’s 2014 Car of the Year

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The i8 a sports car alright and, at the same time, it’s a whole different kind of sports car: less adrenaline-inducing perhaps, yet extremely capable and eco-friendly. Thus it won Top Gear’s 2014 Car of the Year award, fencing off some stiff competition.

BMW Wants to Slash i8 Waiting List, But Still Keep it a Low-Volume Model

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Supply and demand: when the latter outweighs the former, you know you have a winner in your hands. BMW’s i8 is a prime example, with a waiting list that stretches up to 18 months.

BMW Reportedly Readying 500hp i8s to Celebrate Centenary in 2016

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In two years, BMW will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Any way you slice it, that’s a very important milestone and the Munich-based automaker plans to unveil a special model as a gift to itself.

BMW i8 Meets Spiritual Precursor, the M1 on Track

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The i8 may be a smartphone on wheels in order to appeal to modern buyers, but it’s BMW’s only mid-engined production car since the M1 – it’s a historic model.

The latter was not very popular in its day, and judging by the positive impression it leaves in the video below (plus its attractive Italian-inspired looks), we wonder why that was – the modern i8 has no such problems and there’s a two-year waiting list for one.

Lambo Huracan Owner Loves His New BMW i8

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Money can’t buy you love but they sure as hell can buy you a lot of cool toys to play with.
We don’t know if Bimmerpost member DoctaM3 has found true love (we hope he has) but his garage features two of today’s most talked-bout supercars.

Tester Concludes That BMW i8 is (Nearly) Ideal for City Driving

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All the BMW i8 reviews we’ve seen so far have praised it for its ability to launch itself off the line very quickly, its in-gear punch and the way it looks. They also all penalized it for not being the sharpest thing to drive, coming nowhere near the Porsche 911 in terms of frisky apex hugging.

BMW Reportedly Working on i8-Based Performance Model

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The first BMW project that ex-Ferrari chief engineer Roberto Fedeli will reportedly work on is a hotter version of the i8. Reportedly dubbed i8s, the model is expected to have over 500 hp. It will still be a hybrid, but possibly draw its internal combustion power from either a 2.0-liter or even a 3.0-liter turbo.

Want a BMW i8 Now? Greedy eBay Sellers Mark Up Prices from $60,000 to Over $116,000!

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BMW's new i8 hybrid sports car is very hot commodity these days; just look at what eBay sellers are demanding for their allocations.

Manhart Piques Our Curiosity with New BMW i8 Tune

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We're waiting for the day that someone will shoehorn the M3's straight-six or better yet, the older M5's V10 behind the i8's passenger compartment.

German Tuner Gives BMW i8 an iTRON Makeover

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It only exists in digital form right now, but German Special Customs (GSC) plans to release its new BMW i8 styling kit under the iTRON name in the very near future.

BMW i8 vs Ford Mustang EcoBoost: Which Fakes its Engine Sounds Better?

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BMW's i8 and Ford's new 4-Cylinder Mustang EcoBoost are as different as a glass of Pinot Grigio and a pint of beer, but they do have at least one thing in common.

BMW i8 Drag Raced Against 2015 Corvette Stingray

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Did anyone ask if the BMW i8 could beat a 2015 Corvette Stingray in a straight-line duel? Probably not, but now that we mention it, right…

Place Your Bets: BMW i8 Drag Races Porsche 911 Carrera S

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We’ve seen many BMW i8 reviews so far, but no one thought about a drag race between the Bavarian firm’s most sophisticated model and a conventional sports car.

BMW i8 Has MT Asking Whether "i" is the "M" of the Future

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The BMW i8 may be an environmentally-friendly hybrid, but in essence it remains a sports car, despite the fact that it has a completely different powertrain than conventional performance cars.

Want a Hollow, Non-Working BMW i8 Display Car for Your Living Room?

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A BMW dealer from Westmont, Illinois, is selling a BMW i8 display car that has no engine, no interior or to put it simply, it's hollow underneath its shell.

This Special BMW i8 Sold For $825,000 At Pebble Beach

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Maybe it was Jay Leno's presence driving the bid up, but someone paid six times the retail price for a new BMW i8 this weekend.

The car was sold Saturday night during during Gooding & Company’s annual Pebble Beach Auctions, presented by both Leno and BMW North America CEO Ludwig Willisch. It fetched $825,000, up substantially from the $135,700 sticker price of an i8. BMW says it's a record price for an i8 sold at auction, although how many i8s have actually been auctioned off yet, anyway?

The very expensive i8 is a one-off from the BMW Individual collection, painted in Frozen Gray paint with brown leather interior and a set of matching Louis Vuitton carbon fiber luggage.

Also at Pebble Beach this weekend, BMW delivered a few of the first i8s to customers at a private event. Those customers include racing chief Roger Penske and auto dealer Rick Hendrick, as well as a bunch of CEOs and tech people.

For everyone else, the i8 goes on sale this fall at BMW dealerships, but expect a wait for one.

By Zac Estrada

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New Photos of BMW's One-Off BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition

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BMW has built a one-off i8 model called Concours d’Elegance Edition for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Road Test of BMW i8 Concludes it’s a "Sexy, Superhuman Hybrid and Porsche 911 Eater"

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The first thing that strikes you about the BMW i8 is the way it looks. It’s really the kind of car you expect at any second to transform into a humanoid-like robot and shoot laser beams. In fact, the laser emitters are on display even when it’s not transformed, neatly hidden at the back of the car, used as rear lights.