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New Car, New Girl, New Video, and Yes, it's the 2014 Corvette Stingray

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From the makers of many bouncy videos featuring girls in cars with hundreds of ponies running under their hood (Gisele, Jenni and Sarah come to mind), and let's not forget, from the same people that found the beating of Alexian Lien in NYC justified […], we have a freshly released clip of an unnamed girl riding Chevrolet's latest accomplishment, the 2014 Corvette Stingray.

Ducati Shop Blurs the Lines and Reverses Roles for Shoot with Men Replacing Female Models

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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how an unknown to the masses shop can become an instantly recognizable name. When Portland, Oregon motorcycle dealership MotoCorsa released images from a promotional shoot of seductive ladies posing next to their Ducati 1199 last year, no one really paid attention, and that's understandable considering how many times we've seen this before.

However, when the Motorcorsa staff recreated the same shoot this year replacing the slim female models with hairy men in heels duplicating the same poses, it became an instant viral hit.

Miss Universe Candidates Get Thrown Around in a Mercedes SLS AMG in Russia

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We wouldn't go as far as calling them bold, but the girls you're about to watch in this Russian video are of the generally considered beautiful kind, which makes sense since we're told that they're candidates for the Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant taking place in Moscow.

Say Guten Tag to Miss Tuning Calendar 2014 in 32 Photos and Videos [NSFW]

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Germany's Miss Tuning queen 2013, Frizzy Arnold, is a thing of the past as she has passed on her glistening crown, title and lighthearted responsibilities to her successor, 21-year old Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger, who recently wrapped up a photo shoot for the Miss Tuning Calendar 2014, which we are now sharing with those of you interested.

Motorcycle POV Overload with Jackie, Tammy, Marie and Sonya

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Do you remember that…opposite point-of-view (POV) video of a woman named Tammy who was filmed while riding on the passenger seat of a sports motorcycle from a one YouTube user nicknamed RR marquez?

Camaro Meet Girl, Girl Meet Beefed Up 1,200HP Camaro…

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Even if these professional models depicted in High Tech Corvette's videos are usually coming along, not for the ride, but purely for work, there's no way you can hide your true feelings and…fears when placed in the passenger seat of a stomach twisting, 1,200-horsepower strong Chevrolet Camaro.

Your A-to-Z Photo Guide to the Frankfurt Motor Show Booth Models

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You didn't think that we would leave you without a sample of the pretty booth models from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, did you? Well, of course not!

A New Mesmerizing Perspective of POV Motorcycle Cameras

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After more than 48 hours of coverage of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, we firmly believe your (and our) eyes deserve a rest, not necessarily from your PC, tablet, smartphone or whatever else you may be using, but from looking at metal and carbon fiber creations on wheels left and right, so here's a video that we think will calm your eyes…

Woman's Sexy Bike Dance Goes Sorely Wrong

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We shouldn't be laughing or making fun at the misfortune of others, but sometimes you really can't help yourself, now, can you…

Take this episode for example; a hot-looking young woman in high-heels and a few more pieces of body-tight clothing was sensually washing a black motorcycle, no doubt gathering the attention of many pairs of male eyes in the crowd.

Ukrainian Model Walks Through Traffic in a Very…X-Rated Fashion [NSFW]

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You can now add beautiful women dressed halfway up in their birthday suit to the long list of strange encounters and things one can see on the roads of the dash-cam packed roads of the countries that once formed the Soviet Union.

NSFW Traffic Distraction and NSFW Way to Clean a Toyota with No Hands

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We said it twice in the title and we'll say it one more time; the following two videos from HGHT, which stands for "Hot Girls Hot Things", are not suitable for work (NSFW). If you don't mind that, then by all means, jump through the break to check them out.

The first clip you'll find is called the "Bikini Bangarang" and per the description, "The hot girls of HGHT take over Hollywood and Highland and BANGARANG in nothing but bikinis and a smile". We'll have to assume that few, if any drivers, had objections to the girls temporarily blocking one of the lanes.

What Will They Think of Next? Sexy Girl Plays Catch the $100 Bill Game in Twin-Turbo Lambo…

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It really doesn’t take a hugely powerful car to pin you hard on the seat so that you can’t reach a 100 dollar bill stuck on the dashboard, and which you were instructed to grab while the vehicle was accelerating. I remember seeing something like this on a TV show, which was attempted in a stock BMW Z4 (not sure which one) and it proved successful – the banknote stayed on the dash.

We therefor suspect that this video has an entirely different purpose altogether. Why? Well, because the professional model (named Kayla) who is to attempting to get in touch with Benjamin is not wearing a great deal of clothes and she could objectively be called good looking.

This is Beyond Strange Even for Mother Russia, and Yes, It's NSFW

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Perhaps you didn't pay too much attention to the NSFW tag in the title so let's say it again: this video is Not Suitable For Work and you're probably better off if you avoid watching it in the presence of your wife or better half, unless she's used to you surfing online for Russian brides…

Why, we hear some of you ask? Well, because it entails a young, and admittedly beautifully shaped woman in her birthday (…or bachelor, if you prefer) party suit riding on the boot of a moving Mercedes-Benz E-Class saloon as it drives through the streets of a Russian city.

This Is Not Your Usual Swimsuit Model Driven in a Supercar Video [NSFW]

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Former playmate Jessica Barton is also a drag racing enthusiast who loves driving fast cars on the strip. She used to own a Toyota Supra Mk4 modified for drag racing by Titan Motorsport that developed in excess of 1,100 horsepower. Unfortunately for her and the $100,000 she invested in parts, the car was stolen at the end of last year with only a few bodywork components found days later.

Racy Jelacy Feels the Rumble from 1,000HP Chevy Silverado and 700hp Nissan GT-R [NSFW]

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From what we've seen, you like watching high-powered sports cars and in some cases, trucks as well, accelerating at full speed, preferably with a beautiful young woman placed on the passenger seat, so here's a fresh pair of (for all of you who are getting ready to smirk right now, please remove your mind out of the gutter…) clips.

2013 Geneva Motor Show; It's a Girls Thing Photo Edition

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It's been a long time since we last saw an international auto show with so many interesting sports car premieres as the 2013 edition of the Geneva Auto Salon, ranging from the poor man's Ferrari, the mid-engine Alfa Romeo 4C, all the way up to the super rich man's real LaFerrari, and everything else in between.

Girls Bounce in Twin-Turbo'd Corvette and Gallardo Sports Cars

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After a failed attempted to film professional [sic] model Sarah Leann riding shotgun in LMR's twin turbocharged Corvette C6 last month due to hazardous weather conditions (for the car, not the lady), the crew at HighTechCorvette brought the brunette back to the passenger seat of the Detroit dragster that runs the quarter mile in 8 seconds and completed the shoot.

BMW-Like Used Aston Martin Ad is Not Real [NSFW]

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A few years back, a provocative BMW ad for its premium selection used cars (CPO) showing a beautiful young woman lying on a bed accompanied by the tag line "You know you're not the first" in one version, and "You know you're not the first. But do you really care?" in the other, made a splash online, though, it also triggered critical reactions from feminists.

Now, a very similar ad for Aston Martin's used cars bearing the same exact tagline is making the rounds on Twitter feeds and Facebook, but we believe it's fake, for two basic reasons.

Plastic is Fantastic: Sarah Leann's Ride in an 8-Sec Twin Turbo Corvette LMR

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Would you believe that some people are paid to ride in ridiculously fast sports cars like this twin-turbocharged Chevrolet Corvette LMR that runs the quarter mile in 8 seconds?

Then again, not all people have the physical qualifications of professional model Sarah Leann… Too bad her first run in the 'Vette was incomplete due to the rain.

Time Out: Gisele Swaps Red for Blonde, and Sports Cars for a Raptor Truck

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Pay close attention, and you just might see a Ford F150 Raptor sports truck jumping into the air in the following clip.

The redhead model we came to know in previous automotive adventures as Gisele is now a bona fide blonde, though, everything else about her appearance seems unmodified from the last few times we saw her running around in a wild turbocharged Ford Mustang, a Porsche Carrera GT supercar and a supercharged Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.