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Two Chinese Automakers Could Launch In Canada In 2020

Two large Chinese automakers are investigating selling vehicles in Canada as they look to continue ongoing expansions.

Havelaar Bison Is Canada's Attempt At An Electric Pickup

Canada has joined in on what could eventually be the booming electric pickup market following the unveiling of the Havelaar Bison.

Canada To Develop National EV Strategy By 2018

Canada has committed to developing a national strategy for electric vehicles by next year. In the coming months, ministers from the Transp...

Electric Buses Are Coming To Montreal

Electric buses are being rolled out with increasing frequency in cities around the world. They've yet to make a big mark in North Ameri...

Canada Approves Fixes For VW's Older 2.0-Liter Diesel

The Canadian government has given the thumbs up for Volkswagen’s proposed fix for about 10,000 Passat models fitted with its oldest emissi...

Express Delivery: 5 Canadian GP Winners Celebrated In Postage Stamps

There aren't a lot of things that can get us excited about postage stamps . (But then we weren't into philately even as kids.) Once...

Canada Slaps Mitsubishi Electric With $13.4 Million Fine For Bid-Rigging Car Parts

Mitsubishi Electric has been fined $13.4 million by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice after pleading guilty to three counts of rigging...

Trump Considering Executive Order To Withdraw From NAFTA

President Donald Trump could sign an executive order withdrawing the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement in a move ...

This Cute Nissan Figaro Is A Japanese Unicorn

In Japan, the Nissan Figaro is one of just dozens of compact kei cars roaming the streets but in Canada, the cute drop-top is a real head-...

A Dozen High-End Vehicles Impounded For Stunt Driving In Ontario

A dozen vehicles have been impounded and their drivers charged with stunt driving after driving “erratically” on Highway 400 in Ontario, C...

Canadian Man Selling Property With Over 340 Vintage Cars

Typically, when you buy a house, you don't expect the previous owner to throw in their car as part of the deal. However, a property ow...

Canadian Bar Serving Drinks With Coasters Made From Wrecked Cars Of Drink Drivers

A bar in Toronto, Canada is hoping to prevent patrons drinking and driving by serving drinks on metal coasters made from wrecked cars invol...

Electra Meccanica Announces Canadian Electric Roadster

Canadian automaker InterMeccanica has announced a new electric roadster through its Electra Meccanica division dubbed the Tofino.

2018 Lexus LS 500h Debuts In North America At The Vancouver Show

Following its global debut in Geneva earlier this month, Lexus have brought the all-new LS 500h to North America for the first time.

Calling F1 Collectors: This Engineless BAR 001 Is For Sale

Since so many collectors out there are already purchasing rare and expensive cars that never actually get driven, this classic British Ame...

This Canadian's Last Name Was Too Dirty For Vanity License Plate

A driver in Nova Scotia has had his vanity license plate cancelled after a single complaint regarding a separate interpretation of the man...

Canadian Man Charged After Crashing McLaren 650S Spider

A 23-year-old male in Burlington, Canada has been charged after crashing a red McLaren 650S Spider and injuring his passenger.

Quebec Snow Storm Causes 50-Vehicle Pileup On Highway

About 50 vehicles have been damaged in a huge pileup on Quebec’s Highway 10 due to heavy snow and limited visibility.

Angry Kid Gets Smacked By Plow Driver In Canada

While this video isn't exactly what straight forward, it's obvious that something very wrong happened.

Lexus Gives Canada An NX Premium SE Limited Edition

Lexus have expanded their NX family on the Canadian market by launching a limited edition of the premium compact SUV.