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Chery's FV2030 Study Might Be The Most Futuristic Chinese Model Yet

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Using the "Fun to Drive, Enjoy Future with Chery" theme, the Chinese automaker exhibited no less than 12 models and four powertrains at the Beijing Motor Show. But the FV2030 caught our attention.

Chery Shows Electric Crossover Coupe Concept For Beijing Show

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It’s refreshing to see that Chinese automakers are beginning to have some confidence in themselves instead of copying or trying to get access to others' intellectual property.

Chery's A5 Concept Is A Sign Of Things To Come

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The Chery A5 has been in need of a generation change for a while now. It first came out in 2006 but thanks to an outdated design, it never really stood out in a crowd.

Chery's Arrizo MPV Makes Official Debut In Shanghai

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The Arrizo M7 broke cover at this year's Shanghai Auto Show in an official capacity, representing Chery's first MPV under the Arrizo brand.

Qoros 2 PHEV Concept May Preview a Nissan Juke Rival

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Sino-Israeli automaker Qoros will debut the 2 PHEV study that previews a B-segment production SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Range Rover Evoque Now Made in China As Well

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Jaguar Land Rover today inaugurated its first assembly plant outside the UK with Chinese partner Chery Automobile Company.

Ex-GM Engineer and Husband Convicted of Stealing Hybrid Tech Secrets to Sell to China's Chery

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Last Friday, November 30, former General Motors engineer Shanshan Du and her husband Yu Qin were found by a jury of nine women and three men guilty of conspiring to steal the Detroit carmaker’s trade secrets.

The 53-year old Du was found guilty of conspiracy to possess trade secrets without authorization and two counts of trade secrets, and not guilty of three counts of wire fraud. Her 51-year old husband was found guilty on all six counts, as well as a seventh, that is obstruction of justice.

Jaguar-Land Rover and Chery Seal Joint Venture, Begin Construction of New Plant in China

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On Sunday, November 18, Jaguar Land Rover and Chery Automobile Company Ltd. set the founding stone of a new manufacturing facility in the city of Changshu, near Shangai, in China.

The two companies’ joint venture, which has been on the cards since March, is named Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Company Ltd. and involves the local manufacturing of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles as well as the creation of new models for a partnership brand in China.

China's Chery Preview Two New Concept Models Ahead of the 2012 Beijing Auto Show

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The forthcoming Auto China Show 2012 in Beijing will host the world premiere of two new concept models from the country's fourth largest automaker and Jaguar-Land Rover Group's newest associate, Chery Automobile.

The Chinese carmaker announced that it will bring the TX design study for a stylish compact crossover model and a more futuristic prototype called the Ant Concept at the Beijing show.

Jaguar-Land Rover Forms New Joint Venture with China's Chery Automobile

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Tata Motor's Jaguar-Land Rover premium division has signed a joint venture deal with Chery Automobile to sell cars in its home market of China. The agreement, however, is not final, as it has to be approved by China's regulators.

Just last December, China's National Reform and Development Commission (NRDC) and the Ministry of Commerce said that they would stop encouraging foreign investment in the car manufacturing industry to allow for “healthy development” of a market.

Does the World Really Need Another Chinese Brand? Chery Certainly Thinks So, Launches Qoros [Video]

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We tried to count the number of Chinese carmakers, and it turns out that there are approximately 70 brands. That’s not counting the foreign makes they’ve already bought like Volvo, or are currently trying to acquire like Saab, nor their numerous joint ventures with almost every big-, medium- or small-sized foreign automotive companies from Isuzu and Suzuki to Toyota and General Motors.

Even Alfa Romeo, which has cancelled its return to the U.S. more times than we care to remember, has plans to form a joint venture with local company Guangzhou Automobile.

Well, the list just got a little but bigger as on Monday Chery Automobile Co. and investment firm Israel Corp. announced a new joint venture that will lead to a new brand called Qoros.

Report: Jaguar and Land Rover to Build Cars in China in Partnership with Chery

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What do you do when you are a luxury carmaker and sales aren’t going as well as expected? Simple: you invest in China, as despite the cooling car market, buyers continue to have an appetite for foreign luxury cars.

In July, we reported that Jaguar and Land Rover owner, Tata Motors, would invest heavily in the two brands in order to improve their sales, especially those of Jaguar, which are on a sharp decline.

Will China's BYD Bring the F3DM to the U.S. or will this be Just Another Broken Promise?

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When it comes to making cars, China is king. We’re talking the world’s largest car market, with over a hundred individual marques. So why is it that there are virtually zero Chinese car manufactures selling cars in the U.S. aka the world’s other largest car market?

So far, China’s “Big Four” (well, the four most visible to those outside of China) have made and broken promises of bringing their vehicles to the North American market. Brilliance, Chery, Nanjing and Geely have all backed down from their plans to open dealerships and factories stateside. So far, not a single car from China's major automakers has touched down on U.S. soil outside a motor show.

Beijing Olympics debut for Chery’s A5 Hybrid Vehicles

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As China is wearing its eco-conscious outfit for the 2008 Beijing Olympics that will begin in two days time (August 8 – 24), it comes to no surprise that the organizers decided to use a fleet of 50 hybrid cars as part of the transportation arrangements for the Games. Known as the “Olympics Green Messengers”, the vehicles of choice are China’s own Chery A5 BSG and A5 ISG Hybrids that are expected to go into full production in the months following the games.

The A5 BSG is a start-stop hybrid that uses a 12-volt Belt Starter-Generator (BSG) linked to 1.6 litre gasoline engine that’s matted to a 5-speed manual gearbox while the A5 ISG is a more comprehensive mild-hybrid equipped with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine and a 12 kW crankshaft-mounted 151-volt Integrated Starter-Generator (ISG). -Continued

According to Chery, in the ECE Urban drive cycle, the A5 BSG achieves a 7% improvement in fuel consumption over the baseline product while it is expected that the improvement will be greater than 10% in real-world urban driving. For the more complex A5 ISG with its 1.3-liter engine, Chery says that while performance is equivalent with that of a larger 1.6 litre engine, fuel consumption improvement over the NEDC cycle is expected to approach 15% compared to the 1.6-liter benchmark vehicle.

Video: Revised Camaro Bumblebee from Transformers 2 Film

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Here we go again; just as we were getting used to not hearing anything about the Transformers Movie, our friendly Autobot Bumblebee from the second installation of the Tranformer film called “Rise of the Fallen” has made its way into the internet well before the movie hits the screens in summer 2009.

The film’s producers –in cooperation with GM of course- have given the Camaro based Autobot a more aggressive look thanks to a Z28-like sport treatment that includes a new front bumper with a spoiler, a hood scoop and a slightly different paint job. See more images along with a small video after the jump. -Continued

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Chinese-Made Dodge Breeze Scooped

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Chrysler LLC’s Chinese-built minicar, the Dodge Breeze which is basically a rebadged Chery A1, has been caught… red-handed. As you can see in these scoop pictures that have been circulating in various Chinese forums, despite the manufacture’s attempts to conceal any “Dodge” or “Breeze” badges, someone overlooked the company’s logo on the hub-caps, thus revealing the car’s true identity.

According to reports, Chrysler LLC will start deliveries of the Dodge Breeze to the North American market and in particular Mexico, towards the end of the year. As for the U.S., it is still under discussion whether or not the Chery-built mini car -and consequently, Chrysler, is ready to enter the American market. -More pics after the jump

Chery Faira YY Coupe Coming to Beijing Show

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Like its Chinese counterpart Geely, Chery is also readying a spectacular number of new cars and concepts for the 2008 Beijing Auto Show. To be precise, Chery will exhibit 26 models and among them, a new series of mini cars that will be sold under the name Faira. The YY Coupe (ok, it’s just a 3door hatchback, but that’s what Chery calls it) is the sportiest of the Faira series. If anything else, Chery’s Xerox team –err, we mean design team, deserve our kudos for turning a cute car –see Toyota Aygo, into a good looking sporty mini hatch. –Click through for the image gallery


Dodge Breeze: Chinese Built Minicar Scooped

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While Plymouth might be resting in peace, one of its nametags, the “Breeze” will make a reappearance in a Chrysler Group product, and more specifically, in Dodge’s forthcoming Chinese built minicar. This scoop picture appeared on a Chinese internet forum today and it seems to confirm the rumors supporting that Dodge minicar will be a re-badged version of the recently introduced, Chery A1.

We remind you that the Chrysler Group signed an agreement with Chery Automobile Co. last July to jointly develop, produce, and distribute small cars under the Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge brands for North America, Europe and other markets. -Follow the jump for more pictures of the Chery A1

Chrysler Seals Deal With Chinese Carmaker Chery

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After several months of negotiations and in the midst of Chrysler Group’s divorce with the Daimler Group, Chrysler and Chery Automobile Co finalized their agreement today in Beijing to jointly develop, produce and distribute small and sub-compact cars.

Under the agreement, the Chery will manufacture the cars in China and the Chrysler Group will distribute them under the Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge brands for North America, Europe and other major markets. Just before the boyz in white let the ink roll down the paper, Chrysler’s CEO Tom LaSorda said that the agreement with Chery will play a big role in the American car manufacture’s plan of doubling sales in the next three to five years. -Continued after the jump

According to LaSorda, exports of the Chinese made mini and sub-compact car will begin in Latin America and eastern Europe within 12 months while U.S. exports are expected to commence in mid-2009. However, the first model exported, a Dodge badged vehicle based on Chery's A-1 small car will not be exported to the U.S. or Europe.

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Chery: Chrysler Deal Still On

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Despite a recent report on German newspaper Handelsblatt that said Chery wanted to re-examine a deal to build small cars for Chrysler due to the sale of the latter to Cerberus, the Chinese car maker has still got the hots for Chrysler. A Chery spokesman told Reuters today that the German newspaper had misquoted Chery’s general manager, Zhang Li, and that the earlier agreement with Chrysler, approved by DaimlerChrysler’s Supervisory Board in February 2007, was still on. According to the non-equity partnership, the Chery-built vehicles will be distributed under Chrysler and Dodge logos, primarily in North America and Western Europe. Via: Reuters