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Crash Tests Reveal South Africa's Most Popular Cars Are Worryingly Unsafe

Combining for 65% of all new cars sold in South Africa last year were the VW Polo Vivo, Datsun Go+, Toyota Etios, Renault Sandero and the ...

Chery Heading To Europe With A Fleet Of EVs

Chinese automaker Chery is working on a plan to enter the European market with a range of electrified vehicles.

Chery’s Tiggo Coupe EV Concept Is A Good Looking SUV Study

Along with the Europe-bound Exeed TX , Chinese Chery Automobile also brought the Tiggo Coupe concept, an all-electric coupe-like SUV to sho...

Chery Launches New Exeed Brand For Europe, First Model Called The TX

China's Chery Automobile announced the creation of a new brand aimed at the European market named Exeed, with the inaugural model of th...

Chery Reveals More Details On New Euro-Bound Compact SUV

Chery Automobile has released more details on the upcoming new compact SUV which is set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Chery's New Compact SUV Starts Taking Shape In Official Design Sketches

Chinese brand Chery is looking to expand into global markets with a suite of new vehicles , and one of them will be a compact SUV.

China’s Chery Readying New Brand With Europe In Mind

Chery Automobile announced that it will start sales of its cars in Europe under a brand new nameplate in the next few years.

Chinese Automaker Chery Previews European Assault To Start In Frankfurt

Chery has big plans to mount an assault on the European market, and intends to unveil the first of its new products at the Frankfurt Motor ...

Mercedes And Chery Reach An Agreement Over The EQ Moniker

Mercedes and Chery have reached an agreement which will enable both automakers to use the EQ moniker.

Chery Tiggo Sport Coupe Concept's Steering Doubles As Video Game Controller In Autonomous Mode

Chery has unveiled the stylish and sporty Tiggo Sport Coupe Concept at the Shanghai Auto Show .

Chery Teases Tiggo Coupe Concept Bound For Shanghai

Chery's Shanghai auto show-bound Tiggo Coupe Concept is said to preview a future SUV to be positioned above their Tiggo 7 model.

Chery Files Trademark Against Mercedes' EQ Electric Division

Chinese automaker Chery Automobile has filed a trademark complaint with its country's regulator over Mercedes-Benz's use of the ...

Chery's FV2030 Study Might Be The Most Futuristic Chinese Model Yet

Using the "Fun to Drive, Enjoy Future with Chery" theme, the Chinese automaker exhibited no less than 12 models and four powertr...

Chery Shows Electric Crossover Coupe Concept For Beijing Show

It’s refreshing to see that Chinese automakers are beginning to have some confidence in themselves instead of copying or trying to get acce...

Chery's A5 Concept Is A Sign Of Things To Come

The Chery A5 has been in need of a generation change for a while now. It first came out in 2006 but thanks to an outdated design, it never...

Chery's Arrizo MPV Makes Official Debut In Shanghai

The Arrizo M7 broke cover at this year's Shanghai Auto Show in an official capacity, representing Chery 's first MPV under the Arr...

Qoros 2 PHEV Concept May Preview a Nissan Juke Rival

Sino-Israeli automaker Qoros will debut the 2 PHEV study that previews a B-segment production SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Range Rover Evoque Now Made in China As Well

Jaguar Land Rover today inaugurated its first assembly plant outside the UK with Chinese partner Chery Automobile Company.

Ex-GM Engineer and Husband Convicted of Stealing Hybrid Tech Secrets to Sell to China's Chery

Last Friday, November 30, former General Motors engineer Shanshan Du and her husband Yu Qin were found by a jury of nine women and three m...

Jaguar-Land Rover and Chery Seal Joint Venture, Begin Construction of New Plant in China

On Sunday, November 18, Jaguar Land Rover and Chery Automobile Company Ltd. set the founding stone of a new manufacturing facility in the...