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U Spy Another Group of 2016 Chevrolet Volts

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There's an all-new Chevrolet Volt coming our way and the big question is whether GM will get it right the second time around.

GM Talks Camouflage on the New 2016 Chevy Volt 2.0

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Like all business, GM wants to control the information it gives to the public about its future products.

Future Cars: Chevrolet Amped For Next Generation 2016 Volt

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Hyper-milers rejoice! Do you love coasting from stoplight to stoplight, driving sedately as possible and racking up vast mileages between refueling?

2016 Chevy Volt will Appear at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

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General Motors confirmed on Thursday that the 2016 Chevy Volt will be shown off in January at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

IIHS Crashes Small Cars with Greatly Varying Results

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It goes without saying that, one of today’s cars’ selling points is safety. However, since it’s no longer just about the passive stuff (crumple zones, seatbelts), and the active (sensor-assisted, self-braking, self-steering) end of the spectrum is where it’s at, the concept itself has become far more nuanced.

U Spy: Close to a Dozen 2016 Chevy Volts Spotted in Colorado

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There's an all-new and more wedge-shaped Chevrolet Volt coming our way within the next 18 to 24 months and one of our awesome readers had the opportunity to stumble upon an entire group of camouflaged testers in Colorado, and of course, he quickly pulled out his camera to share the pictures with all of us.

GM Invests $449 Million for Next Generation EVs and Battery Technologies

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General Motors will invest $449 million (€324 million) to upgrade manufacturing processes at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly and Brownstown Battery Assembly plants, as the company prepares for the next generation of electric vehicles and battery technologies.

Scoop: First Glance at Next Generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt

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We've been hearing a lot about the next generation of GM's Chevrolet Volt lately, but this is the first time we've actually seen a prototype of the extended-range electric car that is rumored to arrive late next year as a 2016 model.

GM Said to Offer Lower-Cost Version of 2016 Chevy Volt with Shorter Driving Range

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The easiest way to get consumers interested in groundbreaking technologies is to offer products that they feel familiar with at affordable prices. When Chevrolet launched the range-extender Volt hybrid, it missed the part about reasonable pricing, as the electric-model that features an internal combustion engine to charge its on-board battery system kicked off at $40,000…after a $7,500 government subsidy. Last summer, GM slashed prices by $5,000 and now we learn that the second-generation model, set to appear in 2015, will start at even lower price point.

New 2016 Chevy Volt Rumored to Arrive Next Year with Different, But Not Dramatic Restyling

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GM is getting ready to give its "Extended Range Electric Vehicle" or E-REV Chevrolet Volt a second shot in the market with the launch of a new model, reportedly coming next year.

Chris Harris Finds Reason and Substance in Chevrolet’s Volt Proposition

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With 23,094 vehicles sold through 2013 and sustained growth for most of the year, the Chevrolet Volt has clearly won a few people on its side, and their numbers will continue to increase.

Bob Lutz Says the Chevrolet Volt Should Have Been a Truck

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Former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz is questioning the auto industry’s judgment when it comes to electric vehicles. In an interview with the Seattle Times, the auto executive says electrification should have started with trucks, where the efficiency gains are way more significant.

Study Shows Nissan Leaf Drivers Cover Less Electric Miles Than Chevy Volt Owners

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The Nissan Leaf is an all-electric car that in the US, offers a claimed 76 miles or 121 km of autonomy, whereas the range-extender Chevrolet Volt promises only 38 miles or 61 km before the petrol engine kicks in to recharge the batteries.

However, while looking at those figures alone would have you thinking that it would be the owners of the purely electric model covering most no-emissions miles, a recent study suggests the exact opposite.

Elon Musk Says Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf Aren’t Great At Anything

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Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S has succeeded in proving that you don’t need an overly-complicated development cycle, or a of big a company as some may believe, to make what is proving to be a solid, high quality product.

The all-electric Model S offers range numbers impressive even for mainstream manufacturers, and it also seems to beat them in terms of engineering – sure, it may get its big range from a physically big and heavy battery pack, but that helps keep the center of gravity down so it’s not just ballast.

GM Slashes Price of 2014 Chevrolet Volt by $5,000 Amid Pressure from EV Rivals

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Nissan's move to dramatically reduce prices of its all-electric Leaf and introduce a new entry-level model that starts at $28,800, or as low as $18,800 after federal tax credit and state rebate, as well as Ford's action to slash Focus Electric prices by up to $4,000 last month, did not go by unnoticed from GM, which announced a significant price cut for the Chevrolet Volt.

Chevy Volt Owner Tells Scary Story of Unintended Acceleration…

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An owner of a 2013 model-year Chevrolet Volt made a forum post last week with the grim title “An Open Letter to GM - Fix this before someone dies!”. He describes his own unfortunate experience at the wheel of the range-extender hybrid, when it accelerated on its own and required some effort to bring to a halt safely.

We will let member "lsteiner" tell his story, first:

GM Wants Each Next-Gen Chevrolet Volt to be $10,000 Cheaper to Make

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General Motors wants to cut as much as $10,000 per car from the Volt’s production costs in order to make the next generation of the plug-in hybrid affordable and profitable.

The Detroit carmaker currently loses money on every Chevrolet Volt it sells, despite the fact that the cheapest model retails for $31,645 after a federal tax credit of $7,500. “Every new technology takes a while to get traction, you’ve got to work out all of the associated issues,” GM CEO Dan Akerson told Bloomberg News in an interview.

Tesla Model S Surpasses GM's Volt and Nissan Leaf in EV Sales Race

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You may be surprised to learn that Tesla and its new Model S battery-powered sports sedan is the sales leader in the North American rechargeable car segment this year.

Company spokeswoman Shanna Hendriks told the Detroit News that Tesla expects to report at least 4,750 deliveries of the Model S in the States and Canada when it releases its first-quarter (January through April) on May 8, which compares to 4,421 Chevrolet Volt and 3,695 Nissan Leaf deliveries, according to their respective carmakers.

Chevy Volt and Cadillac ELR May Get Three-Cylinder Engine in 2015

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The Chevrolet Volt, and its clever range-extender plug-in hybrid system marked a turning point in the way GM viewed green cars, and while the American giant may have tested the market in the past, it is the first of its kind to actually make an impact.

However, one can't help but wonder if the 1.4-liter petrol engine used to recharge the battery was chosen for its efficiency credentials, or due to cost constraints - the Volt is quite expensive, as it is.

Cadillac Says ELR Hybrid is Nothing Like the Tesla Model S, Won’t Share Upgrades with Volt

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After testing the waters in 2009 with the Converj concept, Cadillac went on and revealed a hybrid luxury coupe, named the ELR, which will enter production at the end of this year and hit the market in early 2014.

Although the striking design remains faithful to the concept, the underpinnings were more humble as they were borrowed from the Chevrolet Volt. It’s a move that makes perfect sense, though it begs the question why the Volt was rolled out before the ELR since the Cadillac could easily justify a premium price – something the extended-range hybrid Chevy has struggled with.