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What’s With All the Pickup Renderings? Here's An Infiniti Truck

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While the logic behind Infiniti looking to get into the luxo pickup market seems okay (since Mercedes will be entering the segment), the Japanese automaker has not made any such announcements.

New Batmobile From Batman Vs. Superman Movie Is Sexier Than The Tumbler

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As good as Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight franchise was, Batman fans still had a lot of things to complain about. Next year's Batman v Superman movie might prove to be an significant upgrade.

VW Executive Confirms Production Golf R400, Could Have 420PS

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It’s no secret VW wants to build the Golf R400, but new details have now surfaced about the upcoming extra-hot Golf. VW group powertrain chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser has given the first official confirmation that the Golf R400 will be produced and that it will have more than 400 hp.

Lincoln Continental Concept Turned Into 2017 VW Phaeton

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Although VW’s C Coupé GTE study unveiled this week at the Shanghai Auto Show is believed to preview the next-generation Phaeton, the fact that it’s a four-door coupe with a low roofline may not be ideal for interior space.

15-Year Old Thai Renders New Aston Martin DB11

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A young aspiring designer from Bangkok, Thailand, sent us these digital renders for the coupe that will replace the Aston Martin DB9 and which is rumored to carry the DB11 badge.

Just 15 years old, Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa tells us that he started sketching cars at age 6 before moving on to 3D modeling. You can color us impressed with his latest work that combines our knowledge from Aston Martin's prototype models like the one we caught testing yesterday on the Nürburgring with the firm's recent concept cars.

Here's what Muengtaweepongsa told us about his speculative take on the DB11:

"The car is a design study of the "continuation" of lines, and a mixture of various aspects from previous Aston Martin designs. The Front End's design is inspired by the CC100 speedster concept, especially with the grille design, along with the metal inlets being in the shape of the original Aston Martin grille design, the shape taken from the iconic DB5.

With the lines beginning beautifully from the front of the car continued into the rear, while forming an invisible "X" shape in the middle of the car, right in the driver's position. The indicator under the headlight also follows with the continuation theme, by continuing through the wheel into the side strakes and into the bodywork. The main line, which starts from next to the headlight, continues into the rear diffuser, with the rear being heavily inspired by the DB10."

Thanks to Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa for CGIs!

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What If Suzuki's iK-2 Concept Became A Saab 9-1?

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Suzuki’s iK-2 Concept will transition into a production B-segment hatchback rather sooner than later. However, photoshop manipulator Theophilus Chin noticed that the Japanese study looks similar to some of Saab’s last concepts before bankruptcy.

Citroen Lets Us See How They Made The Aircross Concept

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Citroen released a short video and some photos showing the build-up of the Citroen Aircross, the SUV concept that was revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show this week.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé Rendered as a Production Model Looks Just as Expected

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It’s not hard to figure out what the production-spec Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé will look like. All it takes is one look at the Concept GLC Coupé, one of the stars of this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

Peugeot Teases “Mystery Concept Car,” Could Be a Gran Turismo 6 Virtual Racer

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Peugeot has released a video teaser of a “mystery concept car,” which could be a new model offered in the Gran Turismo 6 video game.

Jianling’s Two Shanghai Concepts Are Crazy Even By Chinese Standards!

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If there were two vehicles at the 2015 Shanghai auto show that epitomized the kitsch culture powering China’s automotive design, these were the two concepts presented by local automaker Jianling.

Lifan X70 Concept Previews a Production Midsize SUV

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Here’s another SUV from the Shanghai Auto Show, this time from Chongqing-based independent automaker Lifan Group.

GAC Trumpchi GA8 Concept Stirs Up Shanghai

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This is what some have called "the most beautiful Chinese sedan ever made", as it previews an upcoming GAC Trumpchi flagship model. We wouldn't go that far, but we'll admit to being impressed.

BAIC BJ20 Concept Previews Compact SUV for China

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Alongside the BJ80C Mercedes-Benz G-Class clone, Beijing Auto (BAIC) also unveiled the BJ20 Concept at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Bold-Looking Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept Wants To Attract Younger Customers

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Qoros wants to enter new segments and the 2 SUV PHEV Concept is their way of telling us.

Venucia VOW Is A Good Looking Sports Crossover From Peugeot …Err …Nissan

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There's no denying that the Venucia VOW is a neat study for a sports crossover, but you'd be forgiven to believe that it was designed in a French studio by Peugeot and not by the Dongfeng Nissan partnership.

Citroen’s Funky Aircross Concept Is A Cactus On Steroids

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Citroen may have brought the most impressive vehicle at Shanghai in the form of the new Aircross SUV concept.

Mercedes Thinly Disguises Production Model with the GLC Coupé Concept

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Mercedes is about to unveil the proper production version of the GLK successor which will use the GLC nameplate but before giving us the real deal, they displayed its sportier derivative in concept form at Shanghai.

Zinoro Concept Next Is a Sleek-Looking Electric SUV from BMW and Brilliance

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The Zinoro Concept Next most likely previews the brand’s second model for the Chinese market after the BMW X1-based 1E. The BMW-Brilliance alliance’s brand focuses on building electric cars, with the Concept Next also featuring an all-electric powertrain.

What Do You Think About Geely's Emgrand Concept?

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Designed and developed by a team led by the established Volvo designer Peter Horbury, the Geely Emgrand Concept previews a sporty sedan  - purportedly to go against the BMW 3-Series in China.

Changan Raeton CC Concept Is One Of China's Better Looking Efforts

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We could do without that convoluted grille design, but overall, we'd say that Changan's Raeton CC concept is one of the nicest looking local concepts to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show.