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Volvo Trucker Stops on a Dime and Saves the Day

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How about we show you a great save instead of an accident from Russia for a change? However, to be completely fair, props for the avoidance of the crash should be given to both the driver for his quick reaction and the Volvo truck's brakes and safety-systems, which worked so well that, this scene could easily become the poster boy for the Swedish brand.

Mini Spins Wheels and Parallel Parks by Itself at the Touch of a Button

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A group of engineers from China, Taiwan and New Zealand have designed an electric car that seems to solve some people's worst fear when behind the wheel: parallel parking.

The prototype vehicle has four separate electrically powered wheels that make parallel parking and U-turns a real walk in the park.

Holy Scary Car Crash: Daewoo Comes Flying Into Windshield

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Can you imagine taking a relaxed drive on a city road with your family, minding your own business, and all of a sudden, seeing a car flying in from the other way - must be terrifying, right?

It certainly is and it happened to YouTube author Sky Kang from Taiwan last Sunday when a 71-year old driver fell asleep on the wheel of his Formosa Matiz (sold in other parts of the world under many different nameplates including Daewoo, Pontiac, Chevrolet and even FSO).

We're Pretty Sure You Shouldn't Use a Daewoo Matiz as a Snow Plow…

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Here's a minor accident with a somewhat humorous outcome. According to the author of the video, a large truck with Russian license plates T-boned a learner's Daewoo Matiz hatchback at an intersection at low speed (from what we understand, it may have taken place in Ukraine – if you know, tell us in the comments).

While the impact wasn't strong, the Matiz somehow got wedged on the lorry's front bumper! We don't know if the truck driver had any problems with his brakes or if he was trying to stop further down the road to allow the other cars to pass by, but we clearly see the lorry moving with the Matiz.

Dumb and Dumber Get Their Butts Kicked in Road Rage Incident

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Next time these two bright youngsters decide to play Rambo with one of their fellow citizens, they just might want to make sure they have the…necessary tools placed in the boot of their car.

For about a minute, we see two compact sedans, a Chevrolet and a Daewoo if we're not hugely mistaken (not that it matters, since they're both the same), chasing each other and generally acting hazardous and completely foolish on the road.

Daewoo Lanos Uses Up One of its Nine Lives

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In today's fix of dascham goodness, we have a Daewoo Lanos sedan that somehow ended up crossing the road in reverse – we say somehow, because from this distance and angle, we're not sure if there was a person behind the wheel or if the car was left unsecured.

Whatever the reason or…lack of reason, if you prefer, the white compact saloon backed up on the road and was almost hit by an oncoming car traveling at high speed.

Highway Bump in the Behinds Overturns Daewoo Matiz in South Korea

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We guess someone wasn't paying attention to the road, which is kind of scary if you think about it, as this accident that was caught on camera could happen to anyone.

Granted, the Daewoo Matiz (did you know that its design was based on a rejected concept for a Fiat 500 by Italdesign Giugiaro named the Lucciola?) is a small car but not small enough not to notice on the road, especially in broad daylight…

1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor Replicated Out of a Chevrolet Optra / Daewoo Lacetti

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The clone-happy tuners of India's BigDaddyCustoms, which we came to know from their efforts to replicate the Range Rover Evoque SUV with a Tata-based model, have struck again.

Their next automotive victim is the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 'Eleanor' from the 2000 Hollywood blockbuster 'Gone in 60 Seconds' starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie.

Canadian Chevrolet Aveo wants to be a Jaguar Vanden Plas when it Grows Up

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We understand that in the minds of most drivers, some car brands and models are more respected and have a higher cache than others, but trying to pose as something you are clearly not usually doesn't end well.

Like this first generation Chevrolet Aveo, itself a rebadged Daewoo Kalos, which was snagged on camera by Carscoop reader 'MiniMania' in Canada.

Seriously, This Driver Crashed her Car Three Times in Less than 20 Feet…

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If this accident doesn't get you to smash your palm into your face, we don't know what will…

In less than a minute, the driver of this silver Daewoo - from what we can tell, somewhere in South Korea, managed to crash her small sedan not once, not twice but three times in a parking lot entry!

Sound impossible, but it is true and there's footage from a closed circuit television camera to prove it.

Container Turns Hyundai Elantra into a Low Rider

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While tornadoes in Dallas were tossing around trucks and containers up in the air as if they were toys, in Busan, which is the second largest city in South Korea after Seoul, strong winds pushed a container on top of a relatively new Hyundai Elantra saloon.

Naturally, since no one was hurt, the story was quickly picked up by Hyundai, which posted one of the pictures shared by the community at Chosun, on its Facebook page.

The photo of the container leaning on the Elantra sedan was accompanied by this caption on the brand's page: "A car that won almost every Car of the Year (COTY) award around the world preventing a container from getting blown away by strong wind."

Video: Daewoo Driver is Too Fast, Too Furious…Too Dumb

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You've met them before – drivers that think that they're better than the rest of us and can do as they wish on the road. But sometimes, they get what's coming to them.

The driver of this silver Daewoo Matiz wanted to bypass everyone on the left turning lane by sprinting across the center and squeezing his/her way in front of the other cars.

But in the driver's fury, he (or she) failed to notice the closed triangle in the middle of the road and as a result, got caught inside. Watch the short clip in the vide below.

GM Agrees to Pay Korean Workers a Record Bonus of $6,140 Each and Increase Basic Salaries by 4.7%!

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The South Korean division of General Motors has agreed to a record bonus payment for its employees following a partial strike last week. This was the first organized union strike to hit GM Korea in three years and it led to a production loss of 9,700 units.

The agreement between GM Korea and the union includes a raise of basic salaries by 4.7% and, more importantly, a $6,140 (6.5 million won) bonus to each worker.

GM to Drop Daewoo Name and Replace it with Chevrolet in South Korea

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What started a few years back with the re-branding of Daewoo's portfolio to Chevrolets in select markets including Europe, is now being rolled out globally with the replacement of the nameplate in South Korea. From now on, all of the company’s new product introductions will be under the Chevrolet badge, while GM Daewoo Auto & Technology will change its company name to GM Korea Co. The Detroit automaker said the name change is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter this year.

Detroit Motor Show: GM to Launch Opel in Australia Next Year

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Last September, we reported that Nick Reilly, Chairman of Opel, hinted at the launch of the German brand in Australia. GM's European division made it official today at, announcing that Opel is set to enter the Australian market in 2012.

Nick Reilly, said at the Detroit Auto Show: “This launch is an important part of our international expansion strategy. With its growing demand for German design and technology, the Australian car market is an excellent opportunity for Opel. Australian drivers have a strong affinity with Opel vehicles.”

GM's South Korean Plant First to Produce New Chevy Aveo

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General Motor's South Korean Daewoo unit announced today that it will handle initial production of the new Chevrolet Aveo at its local Bupyeong plant in Incheon. The new Aveo will make its debut under the Daewoo brandname in the South Korean market in the first half of 2011 before a global rollout as a Chevrolet.

SPY SHOTS: 2011 Chevrolet / Holden Captiva SUV with Aveo-esque Fascia

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Chevrolet's European arm is moving along with the development of the facelifted Captiva that's due to go on sale on the other side of the Atlantic later this year. Judging by these spy photos, if not all, most changes appear to be concentrated on the SUV's redesigned front end that looks heavily influenced from the Aveo RS concept we saw at this year's Detroit show.

Details remain scarce for now, but it is possible that Chevy might also perform some upgrades to the 2011 Captiva's interior and mechanical hardware.

Buick's LaCrosse gets a Daewoo Badge, Heads to Korea

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GM just announced that it will be bringing the Chevrolet brand to Korea, and now it looks like the General will be bringing Buick over as well in the form of a re-badged LaCrosse.

The Daewoo Alpheon, a LaCrosse in everything but name, recently debuted at at the Busan Motor Show. Powered by GM's 3.0 liter V6 and hooked up to a six-speed automatic transmission, the Alpheon is meant to be "a stand-alone luxury product brand in GM Daewoo's product portfolio".

GM to Launch Chevrolet Brand in Korea Next Year

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After years of importing cars to the U.S. from its Daewoo unit, General Motors is getting ready to turn the tables around as the Detroit automaker will soon start exporting vehicles to South Korea (albeit, at a much slower pace..).

At a press conference today held in conjunction with the opening of the Busan International Motor Show, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology President and CEO Mike Arcamone announced that the firm will introduce its Chevrolet brand into South Korea in 2011.

GM Opens Advance Design Studio in Seoul, South Korea

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General Motors said Tuesday that it has relocated its South Korean advanced design function from the GM Daewoo Design Center's headquarters in Bupyeong, Incheon to southern Seoul, in order to "enhance its function and specialty".

Located in the city's more affluent Gangnam district, which is considered by many the nation's center of culture, the arts, fashion and industry, the new Advanced Design Studio will be home to some thirty designers and other employees.