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Racing Fan Builds Ferrari F1 Replica for the Road for $4,300 [w/Video]

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It won't G-force your back onto the seat nor will it tingle your spine with a screeching sound of a V8 engine turning at 10,000rpm, and if you name starts with Usain and ends in Bolt, you could probably outrun it in a street race, but damn; this is an impressively cool build for a car that was created in a small island shop in the Bali Sea purely from the love and passion for F1.

Daihatsu Prepares New Custom Kopen Concepts for Tokyo Auto Salon

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Much in the same way it did at the recent Tokyo Motor Show where it presented three different custom versions of the near-production Kopen Concept, including the RMZ roadsters and the ΧΜΖ crossover convertible, Daihatsu will be bringing another trio of Kopen models to Japan's biggest aftermarket and styling show, the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January.

Tokyo Motor Show Preview: Daihatsu's FC凸DECK and Deca-Deca Concepts

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What's in a name, you ask? Honestly, we don't know what "FC凸DECK" stands for, though we're guessing some of you bad boys and gals might have a cheeky smirk on their face as they look at the name on the screen now…

Daihatsu Kopen Roadster Concepts One Step Before Production

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About two years after Daihatsu gave us a first glimpse of its conceptual proposal for a replacement to the Copen small roadster with the funky D-X studies featuring interchangeable exterior components, the Japanese automaker is returning to the Tokyo Motor Show with the Kopen Concepts that are much closer to the production model that's rumored to be presented next year.

Daihatsu Baptizes the Toyota Prius V the New Mebius in Japan

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Daihatsu, the Japanese automaker controlled by Toyota, has released a rebadged version of the Prius V (sold as the Prius α in Japan) for the domestic market. Called the Daihatsu Mebius, it is the second Toyota hybrid model rebadged as a Daihatsu, following the Camry hybrid’s transformation into the Daihatsu Altis.

Subaru Releases New Pleo Plus Mini in Japan, Returns 3.3lt/100km

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Since early 2010, the second generation of Subaru's Japanese domestic market (JDM) Pleo kei-car type hatch is based on the Daihatsu Mira as part of an OEM agreement with Toyota's subsidiary.

Following the release of the newer Mira e:S last September, Subaru has now rebadged the more fuel efficient version of the Daihatsu mini as the new Pleo Plus, with sales to start in Japan on December 21.

Aww, Isn't That Cute? Gazoo Builds a Real-Life Mini Version of the Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S

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Anyone remember the craze over the comically-looking mini supercars created with the help of photoshop and various other image editing programs from a few years back?

After a gazillion different design concepts of any vehicle you can think of, the fad passed and we all moved on, or so we thought, as someone over at Toyota's racing and performance partner Gazoo recently had a moment of zen giving it another go.

Mind you, we're not talking about a digital rendering, but a real life, working model designed to look like the Toyota 86 (in case you forgot, it's marketed as the Toyota GT 86 in Europe and Scion FR-S in North America).

Daihatsu and Toyota Launch Ayla and Agya Twins at Indonesia Motor Show

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Daihatsu has been quiet the busy bee at this week's Indonesia International Motor Show having brought along three concepts, including the D-R, D-X and UFC concepts, and the new Ayla, which will launch in the local market.

New Daihatsu UFC Concept Doesn't Have a Fighting Chance to Enter Production Anytime Soon

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Daihatsu's Indonesian subsidiary Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) has prepared a concept vehicle never seen before for visitors to this week's 20th Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta.

The brand new study is named UFC - and no, it doesn’t stand for Ultimate Fighting Championship but Ultra Functional Compact. ADM says it designed the crossover model after it "carefully studied customers’ needs in Indonesia".

Daihatsu Exhibits D-R and D-X Roadster Concepts at Indonesia International Motor Show

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The 20th Indonesia International Motor Show that takes place in the capital city of Jakarta from September 20 to 30, saw Toyota's subsidiary, Daihatsu displaying two concept roadsters at its stand.

The D-R and D-X, first seen at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, represent two different styles in the small roadster segment, with both cars based on the same chassis and powered by a 660cc (0.66-liters) two-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct-injection technology.

Daihatsu Ending Copen Production with Special 10th Anniversary Edition

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One of the smallest convertible models available in the market will soon be part of history, as Daihatsu has decided to cease production of its Copen roadster in August, 10 years after its introduction.

Daihatsu says it has sold more than 56,000 examples of the tiny roadster model with the retractable aluminum hardtop.

To mark the approaching end, Daihatsu has revealed the Copen 10th Anniversary Edition that will be available in Japan in limited numbers.

Tokyo Motor Show: Tiny Daihatsu Pico EV Concept [Updated]

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The third Daihatsu concept model that made it to this year's edition of the Tokyo Motor Show is the PICO, a futuristic proposal for a diminutive two-seater EV commuter positioned between small cars and motorcycles.

At 2,400mm long, 1,000mm wide and 1,530mm tall with a wheelbase of 1,830mm, the Daihatsu concept is much smaller than the Smart Fortwo, yet it has space for two passengers sitting in tandem-style.

Daihatsu's Funky Little D-X Roadster Can be Anything You Want

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For this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu brought along an innovative new concept for a multi-purposes kei car series called the D-X ("d-cross").

While the car shown at the Japanese brand's booth is a two-seater roadster, Daihatsu says that its can be easily modified into different types of models by replacing or adding components on its resin-based body.

Among other body styles, the D-X can be transformed into a shooting-break-like hatchback with a hard top, a two-door crossover and a lightweight weekend-racer.

Drive it, Don't Wear it: Daihatsu FC Sho Case Fuel Cell Concept

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Daihatsu's Tokyo Motor Show lineup of tiny concept models is growing with the addition of the FC Sho Case study seen in these pictures.

The Japanese company says it's an extremely compact and eco-friendly proposal that employs a next-generation unit equipped with liquid fuel cells that contain no precious metals.

Daihatsu Imagines a Small Concept Car that can Transform into Many Different Models

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With the 2011 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show just around the corner, the remaining participating automakers are throwing down their cars.

Toyota-owned Daihatsu has released initial details on a new small concept model named the D-X. What's interesting about the study is that, according to the Japanese maker, it can easily be transformed into four different type of vehicles simply by swapping out parts of its resin-based body.

These include a roadster, a shooting-break-like hatchback, a two-door crossover and a track-racer.

In standard roadster form, the Daihatsu D-X concepts measures 3,395mm long, 1,475mm wide and 1,275mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,230mm.

Toyota’s Production Rises for the First Time in 12 Months

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One of the victims of the March earthquake and the Tsunami that followed was Japan’s auto industry and especially Toyota, which saw many of its suppliers hit hard by the dual natural disaster. The result was that production slowed down considerably, and sales took a hit all around the globe relegating the former No 1 carmaker in the world to third place.

Toyota Presents its First Minicar in Japan, the New Daihatsu-Based Pixi Space

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Toyota has decided to enter Japan's popular minicar, or as it's locally known, "kei" car segment with the new Pixi Space, which is supplied by the firm's Daihatsu subsidiary under a minivehicle OEM agreement reached in September 2010.

The Pixis Space is offered in two distinct flavors the base model in "L" and "X" trims, and a sportier looking variant available as the "Custom X", "Custom G" and "Custom RS".

Daihatsu Presents New Fuel-Efficient Mira e:S in Japan

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Toyota's daughter brand of small vehicles, Daihatsu, has launched a new version of its Mira kei car called e:S incorporating a raft of new or revised technologies, all of which aim to improve fuel efficiency.

Daihatsu says that it has overhauled all existing aspects of the engine, the transmission, and the body structure, to make the most of energy efficiency and as a result, says that the Mira e:S is almost 40 percent more fuel efficient that current mini cars with engine displacements of up to 660 cc [0.6-liter].

What a Charade...Daihatsu Takes Toyota Yaris Leftovers to Create a New Model

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Daihatsu may be getting ready to pull out of the European market, but as a last call, the Japanese firm will introduce one more model to its range, the new Charade. And as you've probably guessed by now, the “new” Charade is in fact a Daihatsu-badged version of the outgoing Toyota Yaris, the successor of which, has already been introduced in Japan and will be showcased through a hybrid study in Geneva.

Daihatsu Launches New Move, Claims Title of Japan's Most Fuel Efficient Non-Hybrid Passenger Car

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Toyota Motor Corp's small-car making subsidiary, Daihatsu, has unveiled a new generation of its Move mini in Japan. The five-door hatchback has been redesigned from the ground up and is claimed to be the most fuel efficient, non-hybrid, gasoline passenger car in Japan achieving up to 27.0km/liter, which is equal to 65.5 mpg US and 3.7 lt/100km.