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Russian Gals Have A Brush With Death

If you're wondering why on earth somebody would cross the road and start looking the other way before even checking the only remaining...

Lucky Guy Narrowly Avoids Getting Hit During Highway Collision

Whenever you see a car speeding past you on the highway and they're not even using the fast lane, feel free to jump to conclusions abo...

Who's At Fault Here For Flipping Over Mitsubishi Lancer Evo?

While cars don't usually go belly-up after low speed impacts, we've seen multiple other cases where vehicles got flipped either on...

Immature Driving Stunt Predictably Ends In A Crash

It's not every day you see two guys strapped to the hood of a car driving around a parking garage, thankfully.

Lada Niva Vs Rail Tracks In This Week's Most Ridiculous Accident

The problem with your car having a "preexisting condition" that you either don't know about or choose to ignore , is that Mur...

Audi RS3 Flies Off The Road At 200 KM/H On Old Street Circuit

Here's why putting the pedal to the metal on a track you're not intimately familiar with can be extremely dangerous.

Watch Semi Truck Tip Over On Pennsylvania Interstate

If you've ever felt anxious about overtaking semis at high speed, knowing that it's not impossible for one to suddenly tip over sh...

Poor Judgment Leads To Harsh Impact With Oncoming Traffic

Making a left or right turn in an intersection with traffic coming your way is the type of situation where you need patience and awareness,...

Kia Sportage Tips Over After Driver Fails To Give Way In Intersection

If your goal is to get into a car wreck, then running through an intersection without giving way is a sure way of damaging your own, as we...

Train Smashes Into Car At North Carolina Rail Crossing

A woman managed to exit her car in time after getting stuck between two closed barriers in High Point, North Carolina.

Mayor From South Carolina Pulled Over In His Lawnmower

The mayor of a tiny town in South Carolina was pulled over by police for driving his lawnmower on the streets last month.

Subaru Releases Dash Cam Footage Of Record Setting Nürburgring Run

Subaru has released two new videos which showcase its record setting run on the Nürburgring Nordschleife earlier this year.

Robbers In Audi RS6 Escape Police Cars Despite Two Flat Tires

This dashcam footage shows the moment when a gang of robbers attempted to escape police , injuring officers during a chase.

Watch Car Rear-End Semi Truck At Highway Speeds

While this isn't the most brutal highway crash we've ever seen, it might just come with the silliest explanation.

Ford Ranger Shreds Tires After Accelerator Gets Stuck

This 2017 Ford Ranger XLT apparently suffered a serious mechanical issue, causing the accelerator pedal to jam, sending its occupants into...

This Is What Driving Through A Total Solar Eclipse Looks Like

The latest total solar eclipse , dubbed the "Great American Eclipse" was visible across the entire continental United States, fro...

Semi Goes Up In Flames After Brake Failure Led To Crash

This fully loaded NGV gas truck suffered a brake failure and burst into flames after crashing into multiple vehicles.

Failed Robbery/Carjacking Looks Like A Low Budget Movie

Taking a shortcut, or a detour, on a muddy country road could get you in trouble, especially in some parts of Eastern Europe .

Motorcycle Rider Narrowly Escapes Getting Hit By Car

We all know that riding on two wheels is a lot more dangerous than surrounding yourself with multiple doors, windows and airbags, so one w...

Speeding Driver Avoids Frontal Collision, Ends Up Hitting Tree

This shocking dashcam footage shows an out of control car barely missing an oncoming motorist, before crashing into a tree by the side of ...