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Truck Driver Falls Asleep, Hits Another Semi And Rolls Over

This horrific accident took place in St. Augustine, Florida where two semis collided after one of the drivers fell asleep at the wheel .

Watch Corsa Smash Into Near-Stationary Traffic On Highway

What we have here is an unfortunate case of avoiding one collision, losing control of your car and causing a separate one, all in the span ...

Flying Car Hits Bus In Japan Leaving One Dead, 45 Injured

What should have been an entertaining day trip has turned into a nightmare , in the blink of an eye, for the passengers of a bus that was h...

Wrong Way Driver Causes Terrifying Crash In Utah

Wrong way drivers pose a serious threat and a video recently posted to YouTube shows how terrifying they can be .

Pedestrian Ends Police Chase By Hitting Fleeing Suspect With Her Handbag

High-speed police chases often end in a crash, or with the officers ramming the bad guys , but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Camaro Gets Epic Instant Karma After Brake Checking Driver

The rise of dash cams has brought us an assortment of hilarious and tragic videos but this footage is truly bizarre.

Suzuki Ignis Gets Hit By Holden Pickup, Lands On Its Side

Failing to give way at a roundabout is one surefire way to cause a major accident, which the people riding inside this Suzuki Ignis found ...

Semi Truck Fails To Notice Car While Changing Lanes, Accident Ensues

Blind spot or not, incidents such as this one can easily be avoided as long as you check your mirrors thoroughly while keeping track of th...

Scary Multiple Car Accident Captured On Dashcam In Russia

A violent multi-car accident occurred last month in Russia, where one vehicle's brake failure led to 14 total vehicles getting damaged....

Aussie Driver Tempts Fate By Challenging 57-Tonne Road Train

Here's one of the closest calls you'll see all year, with the driver of that SUV barely squeezing through the car that he was over...

Reckless Rider Lucky To Survive Crash Without Safety Gear

Here's what you might call the "perfect cocktail" of bad ideas when it comes to riding your motorcycle .

Sedan Skids Across Three Lanes, Smashes Violently Into Fence

This horrific crash was captured on dashcam two weeks ago near Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, and a bad temper may have been the cause.

Colorado Hail Storm Battles Windshield Into Submission

With some hailstones reaching as much as 6 cm (2.4 in) in diameter, it's no wonder that windshields are no match for them, especially w...

Rider Injured After Truck Slides And Flips Over In The Rain

Here's a perfect example why exercising caution in slippery conditions is crucial, especially when driving a truck.

Fiesta ST Driver Barely Avoids Head-On Collision, Crashes Anyway

Driving a speedy pocket rocket like an unlawful boy-racer in the wet , will almost certainly get you in trouble at some point.

Dashcam Captures Massive Crash Involving Restless Audi A3

You know that moment when you can't help but shake your head at the person that just barely squeezed through two cars while speeding? ...

Dashcam Captures Plane Crashing Into Fireball In Washington

The pilot and passenger of a light aircraft have managed to somehow walk away from a crash captured on film in Mukilteo, Washington.

Sydney Uber Driver Mistakenly Picks Up Prostitute Instead Of Passenger

You can meet some interesting characters using Uber and one driver in Sydney, Australia recently experienced that to the fullest possible ...

Furious Cyclist Smashes Laughing Mazda Driver's Mirror

While we understand that road users can get frustrated for any number of reasons, damaging other people's property won't do anythin...

Mercedes Drivers Get Their Own Compilation Of Driving Fails

It's been a while since we showed you a crash compilation featuring just one specific brand of cars, so here's a video dedicated t...