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DeLorean DMC-12 Goes Back To Production

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During the automaker’s short lifespan in the early 1980s, approximately 9,000 DMC 12s were constructed, but it seems it'll make a comeback in the not so distant future.

Stanford Uni Just Built An Autonomous, Self-Drifting Electric DeLorean Nicknamed MARTY

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This isn’t another cheesy “Back To The Future” reference, as Stanford University actually built a real autonomous electric vehicle based on the famous movie car.

Back To The Future's 30th Ann. Promo Features Doc Brown & His DeLorean

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Even though seeing Doc Brown and his time-traveling car on screen again should bring back awesome memories for most of us, some might feel a bit cheated that all we're getting is a Blu-Ray & DVD box set promo.

Meet the People Who Keep Deloreans Alive and Kicking

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Unlike other defunct motor companies, Delorean still exists, albeit in a slightly different form. XCAR visits the company which still keeps this iconic model still alive and let the people behind it tell their story.

IGN's Fast To The Future Fake-Trailer Was April Fool's Hidden Gem

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Out of all the April Fool's pranks that either annoyed us or made us smile this year, this one actually managed to make us nostalgic. Yes, they don't make adventure-movies like they used to.

Driving a Delorean at Night is as Magical as We Thought It is

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Few vehicles can capture the public’s imagination so much as the Delorean DMC-12 did back in the ‘80s.

Man Shows Off His Fleet of Custom DeLoreans

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Some people like to keep their DeLorean DMC-12s in stock condition, others like to turn them into accurate replicas of the time machine from the “Back to the Future” franchise.

This Red DeLorean With 981 Miles on the Clock is in Mint Condition

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DeLoreans are famous for not being painted, sporting a bare stainless steel finish that only adds to their charm. However, this example is red and looking really good, plus it’s been looked after and has only done 918 miles (1578 km) since new.

This DeLorean is an Accurate Replica of Back To The Future Movie Car, Minus the Time Travel

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The DeLorean DMC-12 time machine from the late 1980s “Back to the Future” trilogy is one of the most iconic movie cars, so it’s no wonder people are still into it.

The DeLorean DMC-12 Story Retold by XCar

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If you don’t know the entire backstory behind the ride from Back to the Future, then this XCar video will fill all of your knowledge voids.

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a car that was never really finished, despite having a brilliant engineer and entrepreneur behind it.

Delorean's Full Potential Flushed Out with Stage-2 Mods

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So while the Delorean DMC-12 is a nice design to look at, has cool doors and an even cooler lack of paint on its body, it’s really not got a lot going for it in terms of the end-user driving and ownership experience.

Matt Farah Buys a Low-Mileage DeLorean Sitting in a Barn Since Mid '80s

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If you want a rare mid-engined classic that is not all that expensive, yet retains a certain exclusivity and has eye-catching styling, the DeLorean is definitely an option. Made famous all around the world through cinema, the car itself never came to fully realize the dream of John DeLorean, and only around 9,200 examples were manufactured in 1981 and 1982, of which around 6,500 are believed to still be in existence.

At Last! Awesome Flying DeLorean is here to Take Us Back to the Future! [w/Videos]

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When Marty McFly and "Doc" Brown took us for a second cinematic trip back and forth into time with their late 1980s flick "Back to the Future Part II", many of us who were youngsters then, dreamed that by 2015, cars would indeed fly.

We may have grown up, but the kid that lives deep down inside us would still like to believe. Evidently, we're not alone, which brings us to Matthew Riese from San Francisco, who wanted to build the next best thing, a DeLorean-themed hovercraft.

Lego Goes Back to the Future with First Ever DeLorean Set

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The fans over at Lego's Cuusoo have spoken and their wish is the famous Danish plastic brick company's command.

And what exactly did the people wish for at Cuusso, which is an official site where you can share your Lego set concepts with the hope that someone from the company's head honchos in Denmark will like your idea?

DeLorean NYC Taxi Concept Promises to Take You Back to Another Time

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As the great Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown once put it, "Once this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're going to see some serious s*it."

Sadly, time-travel has yet to be invented, but that's not the only problem with this New York City taxicab that's based on the DeLorean featured in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Will.I.Am’s Custom Delorean “Stolen” From Album Launch Party...Then Returned

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Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and solo recording artist has been known for having an affinity with the auto industry. So much so in fact, that he created his own brand of cars dubbed 'IAMAUTO' (get it?).

While we can’t say his design isn’t “creative,” it’s essentially just a customized DeLorean DMC by the mad scientists at West Coast Customs.

Great Scott! A DeLorean for a Back to the Future Trip to Mad Max's Dystopian Land

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More than anything else, the appearance of the DeLorean DMC-12 as a time machine in the Back to the Future trilogy secured John DeLorean's stainless-steel bodied creation a permanent place in Hollywood history and popular culture.

Some thirty years after the DeLorean Motor Company was forced to close shop in 1982, around 6,500 examples of the iconic gull-wing sports car powered by a V6 engine jointly developed by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo Cars, are believed to exist on the roads today.

eBay: VW Scirocco DeLorean Wannabe

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Our eBay find of the day attempts to take us…”Back to the Future”. The funny looking DeLorean-wannabe is based on a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco and like the original DMC, it has been equipped with gullwing-style doors. According to the seller, the replica was created in 2006 in order to take part in some sort of rally in the UK. -More pics after the jump

Link: eBay – Thanks for the tip Van!

DeLorean Into The Future: New Model Coming Out In 2008

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One of our favorite childhood dream cars, the “gullwing” DeLorean is set for a comeback next year according to executives of the new DeLorean company. The resurrected DeLorean will retain its predecessor’s squared-off looks and “gullwing” doors but it will feature a new interior and powertrain. In other words, DeLorean will rebuild the car, updating it wherever necessary. Prices are estimated to start from $57,000 with the first cars being delivered in the third quarter of 2008. The cars will be sold at five U.S. locations and one in Europe.

The DeLorean Motor Co., formed in 1995, had obtained thousand of spare parts from John DeLorean’s company, DMC which folded in 1983, helping out people restore and repair their DeLoreans for the past 12 years.

Via: detnews

DeLorean With A 300Hp Mazda Rotary Engine

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Did you know that John Z. DeLorean’s original plans for the iconic DMC-12 included a Citroen Wankel rotary engine, dubbed Comotar (developed by NSU and Citroën)? Of course, that never happened and the DeLorean ended up with an underpowered 130 bhp V6 engine jointly developed by Renault, Peugeot and Volvo. However, some lads decided to hook on DeLorean’s original vision and replace the ill-fated French V6 with a 300Hp strong, 2.0-liter 3-rotor rotary engine from the 1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo.

And that’s not all. Since the stock transmission didn’t seem to be able to handle the power upgrade, they replaced it with a 6-speed manual transmission with Limited Slip Differential from a 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera 2. According to the guys who did the engine-transplant, zero to 60mph (96 km/h) has been measured at 4.5 sec. Quarter mile has not been tested, but they estimated it to be around 13 sec. -Follow the jump for more pictures along with a video of the car

Via: Jalopnik , Source: eliseusa