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Next-Gen Toyota Prius Underwent a Last Minute Redesign

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Toyota’s newfound focus on the design of its cars has also reached the slightly awkward-looking Prius.

Apparently, the final design proposal for the vehicle was turned down last year by the company’s top execs, who are clearly acting to uphold the company president’s desire to hold design in high regard.

Renault Reportedly Readying Citroen C4 Cactus Rival

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Renault is reportedly working on its own car to do battle with the Citroen C4 Cactus, a car which is basically a supermini, but one offering interior space from the class above and nifty crossover styling.

Renault's Twin-Pot Two-Stroke Diesel Engine with Supercharger and Turbocharger

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Engines don’t need to be big and powerful to be worth talking about, and there’s no better example to support that than Renault’s recently announced two-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine.

Its focus is squarely on efficiency and compactness, and with a displacement of 730 cc it can still put out anywhere between 47 to 68 hp.

Multi-Speed Transmission for EVs in the Works

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Nowadays, if you want to experience the brutish torque of an electric motor and the thrill of changing gear in a road car, you’re kind of stuck.

You can build a custom one yourself or blag your way behind the wheel of a Formula E car. However, things won’t stay like this for long, as Wards Auto reports on information obtained from a James Potter, the controls manager for ZF Powertrain Technology.

France Wants to Discourage Ownership of Diesel Cars, Automakers Protest

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The French government has announced plans to gradually phase out the use of diesel fuel for passenger vehicles and will establish a system to identify the most polluting vehicles.

This is the UK’s First Bus Running on Poo-Derived Biomethane

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The idea of running vehicles on methane obtained from sewage and waste is nothing new, although it seems to have taken a while for it to find actual use in the UK. There, the first bus running on biogas just went into service, taking passengers from Bath to Bristol Airport and back.

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle First Video Review

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Toyota was bold when it decided to launch the Mirai fuel-cell vehicle, despite the fact that the refueling infrastructure is currently seriously lacking, even in California, one of its primary markets. That’s set to improve within the next two years, but you can buy the car now, so we would like to know if it’s any good to drive.

The European Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium Wants to Bring About 'Super Hybrids'

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This is not the first time we’ve heard of lead-acid batteries and the possible benefits they may hold over what’s already being widely used. What we weren’t aware of was the existence of the European Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (or EALABC), the Euro branch of ALABC.

There May Be a Business Case for Fuel-Cell Cars by 2025

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As more carmakers are jumping on the fuel-cell bandwagon, industry experts are optimistic the technology will be commercially viable a decade from now.

Jaguar Files for EV-Type Trademark; What Could it Mean?

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We have absolutely no idea what Jaguar’s filing for a trademark for the “EV-Type” name could possibly mean. It was filed with both US and Euro offices, and aside from it possibly signifying Jaguar’s interest in creating an all-electric vehicle, we’re stuck as to what it might announce.

Hyundai, Kia Announce 2020 Effort to Improve Fuel Efficiency by 25%

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Increased stringency of emissions regulations have forced Hyundai, Kia to announce a plan to cut the emissions of their entire US, Europe and Korea lineup by 25 percent by the end of the decade.

And yes, it is connected to the recent $350 million combined fine in the US where they overstated the economy of some models.

Kia’s First Ever Dedicated Hybrid Will be a Small SUV

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So apparently Kia has been hard at work creating its first ever dedicated hybrid model. It won’t, however, be a tapered eco-box like the Toyota Prius, but an actual small SUV.

Kia Soul EV Priced at £24,995 in the UK With Government Grant

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If 132 miles (211 km) seems like enough (claimed) autonomy for an all-electric vehicle, then the new Kia Soul EV might be worth a look. It’s now been priced at £24,995, after you’ve detracted the £5,000 government grant.

Tesla Model X SUV Faced With Further Delays to Avoid Possible Recalls

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The Tesla Model X SUV should have been available for purchase by now, as it was originally intended for release in 2013.

Over time, its launch date has been pushed further and further back; the latest known plan was to release the model early in 2015, but now that has been postponed yet again, this time until later in the third quarter.

Renault Says the Eolab PHEV Would Be Priced Similarly to a Clio dCi if Built

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Renault’s ultra fuel-efficient Eolab concept revealed at this year’s Paris Auto Show would not be more expensive than a diesel-powered Clio, a company official revealed.

Porsche’s Sub-Panamera Model Will Get Tesla Model S-Rivaling EV Variant

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We have a distinct hunch that the upcoming mid-sized model from Porsche, currently known as the Pajun, will be a hugely desirable car.

One thing that would make it even more so, or at least give it an even better image, would be a fully-electric version (since plug-in hybrids are so 2013), and that’s exactly what it’s getting, according to reports.

First Fuel-Cell-Powered Hyundai ix35s Reach UK Customers

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As it itself states, Hyundai is the first automaker to ever sell hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in the UK. The Korean automaker is rolling out its fuel-cell ix35 around the world, in markets where it stands a chance.

Tesla Could Sell 50,000th Model S by end of October

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Tesla shifted its 25,000th Model S early in January of this year, and it’s taken them another nine months to get close to doubling the figure. Now, it's been suggested that the 50,000th example will reach its owner by the end of this month.

EVs Make up 15% of New Car Purchases in Norway; Nissan Leaf 3rd Best-Seller

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While EVs are struggling to make a difference in the grand scheme of cars sales around the world, Norway is showing us that their large scale use is feasible. The northern European country is loving using electrics sales of which have really taken off.

EPA Says EVs Making (Green) Presence Felt in the US

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The EPA (or Environmental Protection Agency) has announced that for the first time ever, electric vehicles (plus other alternatively-fueled vehicles) are beginning to make a “measurable and meaningful impact.”

The information came as part of a larger annual report called Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Fuel Economy Trends 1975 - 2014 - you can find it here; it's worth checking out as it contains lots of fairly easy to understand graphs.