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Jaguar Files for EV-Type Trademark; What Could it Mean?

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We have absolutely no idea what Jaguar’s filing for a trademark for the “EV-Type” name could possibly mean. It was filed with both US and Euro offices, and aside from it possibly signifying Jaguar’s interest in creating an all-electric vehicle, we’re stuck as to what it might announce.

Audi Confirms Tesla Model S Rival with 280-Mile Range for 2017

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Audi is preparing a rival for the Tesla Model S in the form of a family car that will offer an all-electric range of 280 miles (450 kilometers). Audi’s technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg said the all-new electric vehicle is currently under development and will arrive in 2017.

BMW Develops "Light and Charge" Street Lights for All EV Users

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Simple ideas are usually the best ideas: BMW has developed street lights equipped with sockets to charge electric cars and said it will test the new technology in Munich next year.

BMW i3 Stands No Chance Against Suzuki Swift Sport on Track

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The BMW i3 may have more power than a Suzuki Swift Sport (168 hp vs 135 hp), but it proved no match for it around a track when AutoExpress pitted the two against one another.

Parody Shows What Range Anxiety Feels Like in a BMW i3 vs Lexus CT

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Comedy website Funny or Die has released a five-minute video which pokes fun at the BMW i3’s limited driving range compared to what a Lexus CT200h hybrid has to offer.

Kia Soul EV Priced at £24,995 in the UK With Government Grant

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If 132 miles (211 km) seems like enough (claimed) autonomy for an all-electric vehicle, then the new Kia Soul EV might be worth a look. It’s now been priced at £24,995, after you’ve detracted the £5,000 government grant.

Tester Concludes That BMW i8 is (Nearly) Ideal for City Driving

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All the BMW i8 reviews we’ve seen so far have praised it for its ability to launch itself off the line very quickly, its in-gear punch and the way it looks. They also all penalized it for not being the sharpest thing to drive, coming nowhere near the Porsche 911 in terms of frisky apex hugging.

Tesla Model X SUV Faced With Further Delays to Avoid Possible Recalls

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The Tesla Model X SUV should have been available for purchase by now, as it was originally intended for release in 2013.

Over time, its launch date has been pushed further and further back; the latest known plan was to release the model early in 2015, but now that has been postponed yet again, this time until later in the third quarter.

Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive from €39,151 or €399 a month in Germany

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Following its commercial launch in the United States earlier this year, Mercedes’ B-Class Electric Drive is now available to order in Germany as well.

Prices start from €39,151 (including 19 percent VAT), but the EV can also be leased through the Mercedes-Benz Bank from €399 a month – the sample calculation is for a 36-month contract, a total mileage of 30,000 kilometers (18,641 miles) and a one-off leasing payment of €8,473.31.

Unplugged Performance's New Tesla Model S Nose, Interior Upgrade

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Unplugged Performance has so far succeeded in making itself known on the Tesla modification scene.

They now offer various interior and exterior bits for the Model S and they only plan to go even further and deeper with stuff like the new nose section and interior upgrades which are shown at SEMA this week.

CNET Finds 2015 VW e-Golf is Your Usual Compact EV

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VW is really late to the US full-EV party, where models like the Nissan Leaf have gained serious popularity in the last few years.

Its battery powered entry is the e-Golf, and in true VW spirit, you get what you (expect to) pay for. If you’re not at all into your electric vehicle looking weird or unusual (like the Leaf does), then the look of the e-Golf will be refreshing.

You really have to be a bit of a nerd to notice anything different about it, aside from the complete lack of engine noise.

Nissan Leaf Beats Own US Annual Sales Record With Months to Spare

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In spite of the fact it’s not performing as well as originally projected by Nissan, the Leaf is still doing pretty well both in the US and the rest of the world.

Back in 2013, it managed to sell 22,610 examples throughout the year, a record which it’s managed to beat this year, with several months to spare.

Morgan Three Wheeler EV on the Way?

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The Morgan Three Wheeler has proved very successful since its (re)launch in 2011. Its v-twin charm and quirky, fun nature have found over 1,400 owners since then, owners who were undoubtedly looking for the closest thing to an antidote to the modern (automotive) world.

However, there may be more in it for Morgan, as we learn there may even be an electric variant down the line.

New Mercedes G-Code Concept for a Smaller Crossover Than GLA

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It seems Mercedes is willing to go even smaller than its GLA crossover, with a model previewed by the G-Code concept.

Revealed as part of Mercedes’ opening of its new design-oriented facility in Beijing, China, the concept not only previews a compact future model, but it also features several cool technical innovations.

Is Land Rover Plotting An Electric Range Rover?

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Tesla is giving the luxury sedan market a kicking right now with the Model S, so could Land Rover try to protect its SUV clout with an electric Range Rover?

VW Plans to Electrify China With More Than 20 EVs

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Due to the heavy pollution it is facing, China is promoting the use of electric cars by introducing incentives and more strict emission rules.

Porsche’s Sub-Panamera Model Will Get Tesla Model S-Rivaling EV Variant

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We have a distinct hunch that the upcoming mid-sized model from Porsche, currently known as the Pajun, will be a hugely desirable car.

One thing that would make it even more so, or at least give it an even better image, would be a fully-electric version (since plug-in hybrids are so 2013), and that’s exactly what it’s getting, according to reports.

Detroit Electric Reveals SP:01’s New Fastback Coupe Design

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Sometimes appearances can be deceiving, but not in this case: Detroit Electric’s teaser photo released earlier this month previewed a significant design change for the SP:01 electric sports car.

Toyota Also Dumps Some of its Tesla Shares

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Only a few days after Daimler sold its remaining 4 percent stake in Tesla, Toyota is the next major stockholder to dispose some of its shares in the electric carmaker.

Ford Cuts Focus EV’s Price by a Further $6,000 on Weak Demand

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It’s no secret that Ford has failed to attract EV buyers with its Focus Electric in the US, and the fact that the automaker has operated a second consistent price cut speaks for itself.