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2019 All-Electric Mini Confirmed For Production In The UK

BMW has released details of its future electrification strategy, including on the upcoming all-electric Mini.

Toyota To Launch Solid-State Battery EV In 2022

Toyota is allegedly planning to release its first all-electric production vehicle in 2022 and plans to make it like no other.

Mercedes To Race In Formula E And Ditch DTM

Mercedes has joined its rivals Audi and BMW in announcing that it will field a factory-backed Formula E entry. It will also leave DTM .

2018 Nissan Leaf Prototype Reveals 265Km (165Miles) Of Driving Range

The second generation Nissan Leaf should have had a total driving range in excess of 200 miles (322km).

Fisker Loses Supplier For Promised Graphene Batteries

Fisker’s goal of bringing the EMotion sedan to the market has hit a major stumbling block after its battery supplier, Nanotech Energy, con...

French Manufacturer Bringing Its Autonomous Shuttles To North America

A French manufacturer of all-electric shuttles is planning to open its first North American production facility in Michigan.

BMW i3 Range Could Be Increased By 60% For 2018

As the world of electric cars continues to develop, BMW is planning to update the i3 hatchback and offer it with an improved range.

Apple Secretly Working On Automotive Batteries With Chinese Firm

Local Chinese media is reporting that Apple is secretly working with a local battery manufacturer to research and develop automotive batter...

BMW Eager To Build Electric Mini In UK

Following months of uncertainty , BMW’s Oxford factory in the UK is being favoured for building the impending all-electric Mini .

Chevy Comparing 2017 Bolt EV To 1971 Lunar Rover Is A Bit Far-Fetched

Back in 1971, Apollo 15 astronauts explored the surface of the moon with the help of an electric-powered Lunar Rover, engineered in part by...

Volvo To Take Minority Stake In Lync&Co, Details Partnership

Volvo announced the details of its new joint venture with parent company Geely, which aims to share existing and future technology, deepen ...

You Probably Won’t Use The Brakes Much With The New Nissan Leaf

While we still have to wait until September 6 for the new Nissan Leaf to be fully revealed, the company continues to release small details...

Hyundai Struggling To Source Ioniq Batteries After Unexpected Demand

Hyundai is struggling to keep up with demand for the Ioniq Electric and is reportedly facing a shortage of batteries from LG Chem.

Scoop: Production All-Electric Audi E-Tron Quattro Hits The Road

If you needed further proof of Audi working on a production version of the all-electric E-Tron SUV, now you have it.

New Maserati GranTurismo Slated For 2020

Maserati recently unveiled a minor facelift for the GranTurismo but the subtle styling tweaks didn't do much to camouflage the fact th...

Faraday Future Hires BMW i’s Head Ulrich Kranz As Chief Technology Officer

Despite the well-documented troubles Faraday Future is in, they were still able to attract another high-profile executive, this time from ...

Lucid Motors Holds Takeover Talks With Ford, Sale Possible

Lucid Motors is pondering a possible sale to Ford while in the midst of a new round of financing.

Musk Says Non-Autonomous Cars Will Be Like Horses In 20 Years

Elon Musk believes that in twenty years time, owning a car that isn't autonomous will be like having a horse, Inverse reports.

New Mercedes Sprinter Scooped In Spain, Will Be Offered As An EV

Work continues on the next-generation Mercedes Sprinter as spy photographers have snapped a prototype undergoing testing in Spain.

Volkswagen ID Could Cost $8,000 Less Than The Tesla Model 3

Volkswagen's Chief of Corporate Strategy has revealed the production version of the ID concept will costs thousands of dollars less th...