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These Are The Countries And Cities Planning Diesel And Petrol Vehicle Bans

As more and more cities and countries announce plans to ban diesel and petrol-powered vehicles, we thought it’d be an apt time to recap tho...

This Is How You Extinguish A Burning Tesla Model S

For all the benefits electric vehicles offer, they do have some drawbacks, particularly for firefighters.

Future Cars: 2020 Porsche Mission E Takes Game Right Into Tesla’s Face

Would you believe Porsche’s stunning Mission E concept debuted all the way back at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show? Time flies doesn’t it. ...

Would You Ever Cross-Shop A Tesla Model 3 With A 2018 Honda Accord?

Let's say you had $30,000 or so for a mid-size family car and unlike many folks these days who have eyes only for SUVs, you wanted a se...

Tesla Model 3 Owners Won't Get Any Free Supercharging

While some Tesla enthusiasts may have placed Model 3 deposits expecting free Supercharging, the electric automaker has confirmed that the ...

Tesla Slams Consumer Reports For Giving Model 3 Average Reliability Rating

Tesla has slammed Consumer Reports for giving the Model 3 an average reliability rating despite not yet driving the brand’s entry-level EV...

Nissan Reveals Two More Concepts For Tokyo, The e-NV200 Fridge And NV350 Paramedic

Set to debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show alongside the Leaf Nismo and mysterious concept car , are two new studies by Nissan.

All-Electric VW Racer Wants To Set The Record Straight At Pikes Peak

Volkswagen wants to set a record next year at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado, and this all-electric prototype teased ...

Scoop: Electric Hyundai Kona To Offer Up To 310 Miles Of Range*

These are the first spy shots of the much awaited EV version of the Hyundai Kona , the second all-electric model of the Korean car maker af...

Mitsubishi Unveils New 3 Year Plan, Will Launch 6 All-New Vehicles

Mitsubishi has unveiled its new "Drive for Growth" plan which calls on the automaker to launch several new models and increase in...

VW To Return To Pikes Peak Hill Climb With Extreme New Race Car

Volkswagen Motorsport has released a handful of teaser images which suggest something interesting is in the works.

Rolls Royce Phantom EV In The Works, CEO Dismisses Plug-In Hybrids

Rolls Royce introduced the electric 102 EX concept six years ago and it appears the company hasn't given up on the idea.

All-Electric Saab 99 Is A Sign Of The Future

Electric cars are shaping up to be the future and while many auto enthusiasts will be keen to hang on to their ICE-powered cars for as long...

Polestar To Spearhead Volvo’s EV Strategy With Tesla Model 3 Rival In 2019

Volvo and its owner Geely Holding are investing 640 million euros ($750 million) into Polestar to support the first stages of its developm...

BMW Vision Grand Tourer Render Takes Us Into The Year 2040

While it's a stretch to imagine that cars will look fundamentally different to what they do now in just 20 years time, some artists sti...

Mercedes To Roll Out EQ Branding Later This Year

Mercedes-Benz will start its prolonged introduction of its EQ brand later this year in Europe.

Tesla’s Struggle With The Model 3 Might Be Caused By Welding Issues

Tesla’s effort to ramp up the production rate of the Model 3 is facing some issues -rather unsurprisingly we might add.

Mitsubishi Electric EMIRAI 4 Concept Is A Futuristic Roadster For Tokyo

Mitsubishi Electric has announced plans to introduce the EMIRAI 4 concept at the Tokyo Motor Show .

LG Chem To Open Europe's Biggest Battery Plant Next Year

LG Chem is set to open the largest lithium-ion battery factory in Europe next year as it prepares for an increase in demand for mass-produ...

Mazda May Bring Back The Rotary Engine As An EV Range Extender

The moment we've all been waiting for could be almost upon us – but not in the way we'd hoped.