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Viper-Powered Dodge Charger Leaves Jay Leno Impressed

One of the most popular show cars in this year’s SEMA was arguably this heavily modified 1968 Dodge Charger.

BMW E30 Hillclimber Has E46 M3 Engine Revving To 9,600 RPM

When you combine a BMW E30 with a tuned E46 M3 engine revving to 9,600 rpm, the results are truly phenomenal, as this video proves.

Hellcrate: Mopar Finally Launches Hellcat’s Supercharged Hemi As A Crate Engine

Following countless requests from Mopar’s loud fan base, Mopar has announced the launch of the 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 as a crate en...

Vintage Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Turned Into An LS7-Powered Sleeper

While picking an old Rolls for your next sleeper project might not be the most undercover option available , you have to admit that the end...

West Coast Customs Dresses Porsche Cayman With A 356 Body

West Coast Customs visited Jay Leno with their latest build, a custom Porsche Cayman, dressed with the body of the classic 356.

The Perfect Wagon? GTO-Powered E39 BMW 540i Touring With A Manual

Pulling the engine out of an E39 5-Series for the sake of an LS2 V8 will definitely make some purists cringe but for the rest of us, this ...

Crazy BMW M6 Build Swaps V10 For Six-Rotor Engine

When it comes to heavily customized creatures of the road, this E63 BMW M6 is as special as they get thanks to its powerful six-rotor unit...

Matt Farah Experiences A Supercharged V6 Toyota MR2

Toyota is supposedly planning to revive the mid-engine MR2 but until that happens, a 1993 MR2 owner in the U.S. has decided to build his p...

Viper-Powered BMW M3 Is An Absolute Beast

Thanks largely to its screaming, naturally-aspirated 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine, the E46-generation BMW M3 is considered to be o...

Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT86 Has A Code-Brown Moment During Epic Shooting

This one-of-a-kind drift build came really close to call it a day during a film shooting on a twisty road in Portland.

These Heroes Are Making A 707HP Hellcat-Powered 1969 Dodge Charger

We’ve seen a Hellcat-powered Ram pickup truck as well as what FCA can do with the engine in the Dodge Challenger, Charger and Jeep Grand C...

Icon’s Retro-Styled Toyota FJ40 With LS3 V8 Is Sub-Zero Cool

We’re drooling every time Icon showcases a new car but this one, this is special.

This BMW E30 Wagon Has Box Flares And A Lively E46 M3 Powertrain

BMW never made an E30 M3 wagon , but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one on your driveway.

BMW M3-Powered Land Rover Disco Is Not Your Average Rally Car

What we have here is a Land Rover Discovery that’s been converted to a fully-blown rally car, but wait, there’s more.

The Only Classic Thing About This 1963 Split-Window Corvette Restomod Are The Looks

Everyone loves the design of the original split-window Corvette but this example has more to offer than just good looks .

This Delicious 1965 Ford Crew Cab Is Icon’s Latest Masterpiece

You don’t have to be a pickup guy to admire the work of Icon 4x4 on this 1965 Ford Crew Cab.

Honda Insight Brought Back From The Dead With A Subaru Flat-6 Strapped At The Back

In the world of crazy engine swaps, it’s always refreshing to learn about custom builds that didn’t go down the popular way .

One-Off Toyota Picnic Sport Turbo With MR2 Engine Is Not For Your Average Soccer Mom

In 1997, Toyota GB took a standard Picnic GL model and outfitted it with the 3SGTE engine of the second-generation Toyota MR2 Turbo. The ...

BMW Never Made An M5 E39 Touring, So This Guy Did It For You

Audi may have the RS6 Avant and Mercedes the E63 Estate , but excluding the E34 and E61 of the past, BMW doesn’t have an M5 Touring in i...

Classic Ferrari 308 GTS QV With A V12 Swap Heading To Auction

This 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS QV is offered for sale, but instead of the usual 3.0-litre V8 behind the seats, you’ll find the more powerful 4....