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Ferrari Posts Record First Quarter Sales

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Driven by the success of two newly launched supercars, the 488 GTB and 488 Spider, Ferrari has announced its strongest ever first quarter.

Gumballer Does A Burnout With Ferrari F12tdf

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This year's Gumball 3000 rally has gathered some of the hottest and rowdiest supercars around.

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Confirmed By Sergio Marchionne

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Ever since Ferrari debuted its fastest and most powerful road-legal supercar, the LaFerrari, there have been rumors about an open-top version.

Sebastian Vettel Loses Temper After Being Hit Twice At Sochi [w/Video]

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Last weekend's Russian Grand Prix delivered quite a bit of drama early on, as Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari got hit by Daniil Kvyat twice before spinning out on the first lap.

Ferrari’s First Mid-Engined Supercar That Enzo Didn’t Want To Build

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Forget about the Dino; this 365 GT4 BB is the first mid-engined model that got to wear Ferrari’s badges and is just sensational.

This 900 PS Ferrari 488 GTB Looks Surprisingly Tamed

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Ferrari opened new doors with its twin-turbocharged 488GTB model, especially on the tuner front.

FCA Boss Sergio Marchionne Becomes Ferrari's New CEO

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After an interesting turn of events, the Italian car builder split from Fiat at the beginning of the year, but it looks like it won’t lose any grips with the Turin-based company – which was totally expected.

Ferrari Made A Racket At Mugello With Its F1 Clienti XX Program

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A few days ago, Ferrari organized free trials for the F1 Clienti & XX Programs on the Mugello track, and the result was a loud showcase of race-bred prancing horses.

Ferrari's Special Projects Museum Display Is From Another Planet

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Sure, Modena, the hometown of Enzo Ferrari, has an impressive museum, but the true home of the Italian automaker is in an industrialized area of Maranello.

Beyond supporting the marque's factory, this small town also has a massive museum dedicated to the brand within it and in this museum, one area stands out. Dedicated to the finest pieces of modern Ferrari design, this display would take the breath away from even the most prolific Prancing Horse connoisseur.

During our visit, taking pride of place were two LaFerraris: the original design concept precisely carved out of clay and the very first production-spec model created. Yet, even they seemed to fade into insignificance compared to the other models displayed.

Perhaps the highlight was a rare FXX K finished in Rosso Corsa. As with many of the models turning heads, it wasn't a running car but a completed design study, looking identical to the 32 track-only examples bound for customers, apart from for the blacked out windows. Anywhere else in the world, the LaFerrari makes other cars seem tame but here, the FXX K manages to make even the company's road-going hybrid seem almost unremarkable.

Some other extremely eye-catching cars displayed were three of the limited-run F12 models created by Ferrari's Special Projects programme, the F12 TRS, the SP America and the F60 America. Three units of the TRS, painted in red, silver and black, were created for one wealthy client and the car on display was the life-size mockup that was given the tick of approval by the customer. With the exception of the cardboard brake calipers, it is indistinguishable from the completed cars and oh-so-beautiful.

As just one unit of the SP America was created, the unit present was again a design mockup and even though it's based around the same car as the TRS, it looks radically different, adopting a more curvaceous and subtle design. Perhaps the highlight of the trio was the blue F60 America as it was indeed one of a mere 10 customer cars produced - and, in a sea of red, it stood out in the best way possible.

Another amazing model was the Ferrari Sergio, among six units produced to pay tribute to Sergio Pininfarina and worth well over $2 million. One of the most beautiful cars designed by the firm in recent memory, the Sergio is based around the 458 Spider but features a bespoke exterior that includes a particularly stunning engine cover.

As if things couldn't get more special, the design mockup for Eric Clapton's SP12 EC was also there, combining the classic appeal of the 512 BB with the howling powertrain of the 458. With the British musician handing over $4.5 million, it's certainly one of the costliest cars built by Ferrari.

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Think You Can Handle This 800 HP Koenig Testarossa?

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If 20 or 30 years ago supercars were considered very demanding to drive, imagine how a heavily tuned one stacks up.

$2.7 Million Will Get You This 2003 Ferrari Enzo [60 Images]

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Ferrari assembled the Enzo in just 399 units, but despite the limited production, there's always a small number off them on the lookout for new homes.

Button, Alonso In Favor Of Red Bull's Aeroscreen, Massa & Grosjean Prefer Halo

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As opinions have started to come in regarding Red Bull's Aeroscreen cockpit protection concept, it seems that both McLaren drivers favor it from an aesthetic perspective.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Vs McLaren 650S Vs Nissan GT-R Sounds Like A Proper Drag Race

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With a Ferrari 458 Speciale, a McLaren 650S and a pre-facelift Nissan GT-R at their disposal, the journos from Autocar proved that a couple of runs down the drag strip will solve most disputes.

Latest Ferrari F1 Clienti XX Event Looks Spectacular

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Yesterday concluded day 2 of the free trials for the F1 Clienti & XX Programs on the Mugello track, where 34 Ferraris lined up next to 13 of their iconic Formula One cars.

This Ferrari 488 GTB Was Inspired By The Iconic 308 GR4

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Ever since it was announced, the 488 GTB’s philosophy was associated with the original mid-engine Ferrari “berlinetta” – the 308. Now, Ferrari has finally linked the two models with a truly unique and special model.

Another Social Experiment: Does A Ferrari Attract Women?

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While we're all familiar with the 'Gold Digger' prank videos, they usually involve a guy making the first move, and then a boatload of YouTube viewers crying fake.

Ferrari Introduces The GTC4Lusso To The East

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The latest supercar launched from Maranello has made its Asian premiere in China.

Can Tesla Model X P90D Outrun A Ferrari F430 Spider?

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When it comes to drag racing, having 'Ludicrous' resources at your disposal seems to be quite advantageous, even against genuine supercars.

YouTuber Damages Friend’s Ferrari 458 Speciale

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There are mishaps with loaners, and then there are mishaps with Ferrari loaners – and trust us, you do not want to be that person who damages an exotic Italian supercar.

Newly Weds Crash Rented Ferrari 458 Spider Into A Wall

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Renting a supercar for those special moments in life can turn into a very unpleasant experience very quickly.