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This is What Edo Competition's Ferrari Enzo ZXX Sounds and Spins Like

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There are some rare people for whom a regular Ferrari Enzo would not be enough of a supercar. They can take it to any number of tuners these days, but one surefire way to inject more excitement is to have it converted into a ZXX by Edo Competition.

Is The Ferrari 488 GTB Better Than The Legendary Enzo?

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The latest Ferrari 488 GTB is the first turbocharged mid-engine V8 sports car from the Maranello factory since the Italian builder ended production of the Ferrari F40 more than two decades ago. Obviously, media outlets will compare the new 458 successor to the classic Ferrari icon. But what if we stacked the 488 GTB against something slightly more contemporary?

My Precious: Ferrari Enzo With Just 354 Miles For Sale

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It’s been 10 years since Ferrari ended production of the Enzo, so it’s only natural for used ones to crop up from time to time in the used market. They still make good money, too, and they’re all pretty much low mileage.

Perfect 10: More Videos and Pics of Ferrari FXX K Launch

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Is there too much of a good thing? When the subject is the Ferrari FXX K, which was launched this weekend at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, we guess not.

Ferrari F430-Based Enzo Replica Looks Awkward, Is Ridiculously Expensive

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11 years after its debut, the Ferrari Enzo continues to be one of the most sought-after supercars. It’s no wonder then that the Italian sports car frequently serves as a source of inspiration for builders of replica models.

Can Someone Please Save This 2003 Ferrari Enzo? [150 Photos]

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A 2003 Ferrari Enzo with only 2,215 miles (3,565 km) on the odometer for a little under $400,000 sounds like an incredible deal. But it isn’t quite like that. This is a crashed Ferrari Enzo, and the $376,000 price is not the final price but the current bid on auction site Crashed Toyz.

2000 Ferrari Prototipo is an Official Enzo Test Mule and it Could be Yours

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Just imagine someone you asking what car you drive and answering a Ferrari Enzo test mule - it can't get much cooler than that, can it now…

Ultra Rare Ferrari FXX Evoluzione will Have You Scratching Your Pockets

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Even if you disagree with most things that Ferrari represents these days, you can't but admire many of its creations and especially ones like the FXX Evoluzione, which in essence, is an unrestricted Enzo for the track.

Pump Up Your Volume: LaFerrari and Ferrari Enzo Drive Through Tunnels and Hills

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Even though the Ferrari LaFerrari is far quicker than its predecessor, the Enzo, a car that nowadays can be outpaced by a 458 Speciale, the two models are comparable in terms of exclusivity and, of course, noise.

Ferrari Enzo Drifts in Slow Motion Are Simply Fascinating

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Remember the crazy video from mysterious YouTube channel “Tax the Rich” featuring a Ferrari Enzo pretending to be a rally car in the mud? Well, the Enzo is back for a new series of powerslides and hoonage, but this time, the video is played in slow motion.

Michael Schumacher’s Unique Black Ferrari FXX Could Be Yours for €2.03 Million

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It goes without saying that, when the people at Ferrari offer one of their drivers a unique car as a gift, they don’t expect to find it later up for sale in online classifieds… If the folks at Maranello were to check the website of a Swiss exclusive car dealer called Garage Zénith, they would be surprised to find two very special Ferraris that belonged to Michael Schumacher.

Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution Born Again Following 2011 Dive Into the Atlantic Ocean [w/Videos]

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You may remember that in 2011, a Ferrari Enzo XX modified by Edo Competition ended up in the Atlantic Ocean at the Targa Newfoundland competition. Needless to say, the car was badly damaged and had to undergo extensive repairs.

In order to do that, its owner shipped it to Germany so that Edo Competition could take care of it. The removal of the salt water and all damaged parts represented the basis for the rebuild.

Listen to the Raw, Spine-Tingling Sounds of the Ferrari FXX Evo

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When it comes to obscenely expensive cars, few can compare with the track-exclusive Ferrari FXX Evoluzione. Imagine spending $1.8 million (€1.39 million) on a car you’re not allowed to drive outside race circuits – and even so, you can only drive it on special track days approved by Ferrari.

Based on the already exclusive Enzo, the experimental Ferrari FXX Evo cars are powered by a 6.3-liter V12 unit developing 848 horsepower (860 PS) at 9,500 rpm.

Is This the New Ferrari F150 Hypercar?

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Carscoops reader Colin P. just dropped a couple of tips in our email box, both regarding the spanking new Ferrari F150-codenamed hybrid supercar.

The first one is a Twitter picture shared by Charles Morgan, Managing Director of Morgan Motors, that shows a covered up car at Ferrari's Geneva Motor Show stand, with a man who…doesn't really look very pleased, running towards the person holding the camera.

Ferrari F150 Lousy Teaser Series Continues, What Are We Looking at Here?

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Unlike rivaling marques Porsche and McLaren, both of which have revealed their products in the hybrid supercar segment with the 918 Spyder and P1, respectively, Ferrari won't even tell us the name it has chosen for its new flagship, simply referring to it with its internal codename F150.

Ferrari Teases F150 with Lousy Shot, Confirms Geneva Motor Show Debut

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When it comes to Ferrari and new cars, it's all about its select clientele and not the press or fans of the brand. The Maranello-based carmaker has already shown the new F150-codenamed successor to the Enzo to potential owners, but for the rest of the world, all we get is this crude shot that looks like a photo taken with a poor camera phone from the past decade.

New Ferrari F150 to Cost €1.0/$1.3 Million Before Taxes, Fresh Rendering Previews its Looks

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You can now forget about that 0.0001 percent chance you thought you might have of being able to own Ferrari's next masterpiece, which we have come to know as the F150-codenamed replacement of the Enzo.

A new report from Autoweek citing "people familiar to the matter" says the new Ferrari hypercar will have a pre-tax starting price of around €1 million (US$1.33 million at today's currency rates). Add the taxes, and you're looking at €1.21 million or $1.6 million, if you live in Italy.

Ferrari F150 Announcement on Instagram Sounds Fishier than Cod…

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We need not tell you that you should be extra careful with what you read on the internet these days, as it's easy to fall victim to harmless pranks, sloppy journalism, or bloggers simply churning out one piece after the other like they're working in a Chinese bubblegum factory without ever questioning the source they found the information on.

Today, the net is abuzz with a posting on Instagram from a page called "oficialfFerrari" (did you notice the "f" missing from the name?) with a teaser showing the replacement for the Enzo, codenamed F150 (which we've already seen), and the following oddly worded statement:

Scoop: Ferrari F150 Sheds Even More Camo, Sounds Delicious at Fiorano

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It was about time Ferrari's people got rid of that ungainly front camouflage on the Enzo replacement test car that made it look like a startled catfish. Moreover, with the company having already teased the front and rear end of the car in its magazine, it was unnecessary...

Less than a month before its Geneva Auto Show debut, it was also time we saw and heard the F150 (the car’s internal code-name) testing. YouTube uploader Marchettino took care of that, as he filmed Maranello’s upcoming hypercar during testing at the Ferrari-owned Fiorano track – and as an added bonus, there was also a red Enzo doing the rounds, too.

New Details on Ferrari F150 Hit the Web after Private Preview, Said to have 950HP

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Ferrari has an old habit of showing off its future models to potential buyers (read extremely wealthy) behind locked doors well before it reveals the cars to the rest of the world.

One such private preview is rumored to have taken place on Wednesday, in Maranello, where Ferrari lifted the wraps off the F150 Project, which is the codename for the Enzo replacement that may or may not be called the F70 in production trim.

To prove that this event did indeed occur today in Ferrari's home town, one participant took a shot of a metal plate from the event, while at least two people have shared some very interesting details about the new mid-engine hypercar, though, keep in mind, there's no way of confirming the numbers (yet).