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Novitec Rosso F430 Gets Fighter Jet Livery From ZR Auto

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Even though it's long gone, the Ferrari F430 is still one of the best supercars to ever come out of Maranello. This twin-supercharged Novitec Rosso version however is wearing some very cool aeronautical duds.

Another Ferrari Goes Down in a Glorious Ball of Flame [w/Video]

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Ferraris are known for their beauty, speed and magnificently sounding engines, but in recent years, also for a suspiciously high number of fiery incidents, one of which occurred in Malaysia today.

Ferrari F430 Spider Plunges Into a Pond

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Last we checked, Ferrari's supercars weren't made for underwater use, but a Croatian owner of a F430 Spider gave it a try anyway after he landed into a pond.

Ferrari F430-Based Enzo Replica Looks Awkward, Is Ridiculously Expensive

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11 years after its debut, the Ferrari Enzo continues to be one of the most sought-after supercars. It’s no wonder then that the Italian sports car frequently serves as a source of inspiration for builders of replica models.

Rocket-Propelled Bicycle Gives Ferrari F430 a Quick Lesson About Speed

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Francois Gissy continues to push the limits on his rocket-powered bicycle with the Frenchman breaking his own speed record last Friday while also thrashing a Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

Yes, Some Canadian Crashed a Rental Ferrari F430

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We guess crashing a rental car is better than ruining your own personal ride, especially if said vehicle is a prized Ferrari F430 – just as long as you didn't place your signature on any paper that will force you to sell your…house to pay for the damages afterwards.

Ferrari F430 Trying to Squeeze Through Narrow Medieval Path is Pure Greek Comedy

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A beautiful retreat it may be, but the Zagorohoria, a cluster of 46 traditional settlements tucked away in the mountains of Epirus in northwestern Greece, is no place for driving a Ferrari inside the medieval villages. Unless, that is, you don't mind using your ride as a paintbrush for the stonewalls...

Ferrari Tailgater of the Creepy Ford F-Series Kind

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Feel free to blame Hollywood, but whenever I see GM and Ford vans and trucks from the 1970s on the road, my mind travels to eerie movie scenes with serial killers and psychopaths. And the driver of this Ford-F-Series isn't really helping to overcome those creepy (fictional?) stereotypes we have, is he now…

Quiz: This Ferrari F430 Scuderia Replica is Based on the… [Answer]

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We love ourselves some auto-quizzes and admittedly, this author had to dig deep into the details of this fine replica of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia to pin down the marque and type of model that it rests upon.

A Poor Man's Ferrari F430 Stretch Limousine [w/Video]

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"What to do, with a Peugeot 406 Coupe, what to do…" is something we imagine was spinning around in the heads of Ukrainian limousine specialists "Vip-Lim" when they got their hands on a Pininfarina-designed and -manufactured Peugeot 406 Coupe, one of the best looking coupe models of the 1990s.

Watch a Ferrari F430 Race Around Mountain Roads In Mexico…or Not

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Let's be honest; unless you feel that cars are no different from household appliances or simply, status symbols to impress your peers, if you ever own a pure sports car like a Ferrari, you're going to find places to stomp the pedal to the metal more times than you can fathom. Whether you're going to do legally or not, is another matter…

BMW M5 Races Ferrari F430 Scuderia Through the Streets of NYC

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We’d all love to own a car with over 500 hp, and drive it every day – there are lots of vehicles to choose from which fit these two criteria, at increasingly affordable prices. However, the danger is that you won’t have anywhere to really drive them, aside from a racetrack, which requires booking and is not necessarily cheap.

Lamborghini, Ferrari and Other Luxury Cars go up in Flames on Thai Trailer [w/Video]

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Here's a story that's being making the news rounds in Thailand today, and all for good reason, because, while it's not uncommon for exotic supercars to catch fire on the road individually, having four of them turned into useless scrap metal on a transport trailer is a rare occasion, to say the least.

Yet it happened on a road in the resort district of Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, in Thailand when a fire that is said to have started on a BMW, which spread on a Lamborghini Mucilageo and then onto a Ferrari F430 and a Bentley Continental. A motorist from the opposite lane purportedly alerted the driver of the truck about the fire.

Not Much Remains After Ferrari F430 Crashes at Over 300 Km/h – 186mph

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Tires are one of the main factors limiting a high-performance car’s top speed. Even if you have the latest and best models, driving at high speed puts a lot of strain on them, and one could easily burst at any time.

We imagine that Ferrari owners are aware of the performance potential of their vehicle, particularly the newer cars they’ve been churning out, and they always have the best rubber on. Even so, things can go south in an instant, as 41 year-old Markus R. and his wife Angela, 39, found out on May 1.

More Extreme Driving Around the ‘Ring in the Blue Honda Civic Type-R

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We recently posted an article that featured an attached video showing a very brave driver and his Honda Civic Type-R, keeping up with a Nissan GT-R, on the banked twists and turns of the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It was a really impressive piece of driving, and showed just what it means for a good driver to get used to his/her car over time.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Revisited by Autocar

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It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that the Ferrari 458 Italia rules its segment as it has brushed off each and every gauntlet its rivals has thrown at it, beating even the ultra-sophisticated, and more powerful, McLaren MP4-12C.

That’s because it ticks all the right boxes: looks, handling, performance, sound, you name it, and the 458 Italia has it in spades. Surely, there’s no one out there who would dare call it dull, right?

Indian Father Who Let Kid Drive Ferrari Could End Up in Jail

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I am sure you'll agree with me when I say that there are many reasons why the wealthy Indian dad who recently made headlines after sharing a video of his young son driving his prized Ferrari F430 on a public street, shouldn't have done what he did.

Number one, his son could have been seriously injured in the V8-powered supercar, the pedals of which were almost out of reach – he could barely see over the steering wheel. Number two, the child could have panicked and killed somebody on the sidewalk. Number three, the risk of getting caught in the act and having to face the harsh punishment of the law, and number four: why on earth would you upload such a horrifically-illegal act on YouTube?

Drift King Compares Philosophy Behind Honda NSX to that of Ferrari’s F430

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Aside from a very insightful opinion into what makes a sports car great, by comparing an old Honda NSX to a Ferrari F430, the so-called "Drift King", Keiichi Tsuchiya, can also drive both of these cars closer to the limit than most of us could ever dream of. This is probably going to be some of the best onboard driving footage you’ve seen recently, all thanks to the all-important footwell camera, which captures each heel-and-toe downshift and really shows the skill that goes into it.

Look at These Indian Kids Drive Around in a Real-Life Ferrari F430!

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We had to rub our eyes and watch this video a couple of times just to make sure that what we're looking at here is real and not made up. If you're wondering why, just ask yourself, how many times have you seen kids – again, not teenagers, kids…- riding around in what looks and sounds to be a real Ferrari F430 (unless it's a very good replica) ?

This is the first time we've seen something like this, and one hand, we're completely dumbfounded by the recklessness of the adults supposedly supervising the two young boys, but on the other hand, there's also a little devil inside us saying, "wow, these youngsters are sure lucky…".

Another Mitsubishi 3000GT Dressed Up as a Ferrari Pops Up on eBay

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Well, well, well, imagine that; a second Mitsubishi 3000GT coupe that has been converted to look like a Ferrari F430, though, we must say, we're having trouble seeing the resemblance.

Perhaps we're missing something here, but putting aside the air scoops positioned on top of the rear fenders and to some extent, the door mirrors, the rest of the cosmetic enhancements don't remind us of the F430.