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Predominantly White Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Looks Truly Extravagant

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Dutch company Prins Esclusivo has managed to sell this used 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider to somebody who we can only presume is now one very lucky owner.

Ferrari 250 LM with a Weird Past Sold for a Cool $9.6 Million

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A 1964 Ferrari 250 LM was sold for an impressive $9,600,000 during an auction held in Arizona, Phoenix.

The historic mid-engined successor of the 250 GTO is driven by a dry sump 3.3lt 320hp V12 and depending on its axle ratio, it could top 178mph or 286km/h. In 1964.

Ferrari made some stunning machinery during the ‘60s and classic car auctions during the last decade prove this every time. From the Crown Jewel 250 GTO to the mesmerizing 250 GT California Spyder, Enzo Ferrari was not only building exotic cars for the rich enthusiasts of that time but also some of the most rewarding and safe havens for money ever to exist.

But the blue chip investment status this Ferrari possesses isn’t the only interesting story to be told. This particular 250LM (Chassis No. 5899) is the 9th of 32LMs ever produced and comes with a thoroughly detailed and rich background history.

During its lifetime, it participated in 5 years of hard but successful racing, one engine swap from a 330P, two major crashes during racing of which the latter eventually led the then owner to re-shell it with a Porsche 904’s fiberglass bodywork instead of repairing the original one. Apparently, this weird and perhaps sacrilegious modification was taken with weight in mind. The car after the surgery was about 200kg (~440 lbs) lighter.

Chassis No. 5899 remained at this transgender state from 1966 until 1977 when its first restoration process began, in order to bring it back to factory specs. The restoration also included its matching numbers engine fitted back in and the recreation of the original bodywork.

Back in 1997, it was restored again for the last time with no expense spared, and the end result came from the factory when this 250LM gained the official Classiche Certification, cementing its status among the purebred Ferraris of the 1960s.

There is no such thing as a dull moment in the classic car auctions.

By Michael Karkafiris

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New Tailor-Made Ferrari F12berlinetta Pays Tribute to 250 GTO

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At the 2015 Dream Cars Show in Brussels, Ferrari presented a bespoke version of the F12berlinetta made through its Tailor Made personalization program.

This is How You Give Your Ferrari F40’s Paint its Shine Back

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So, you’ve all probably heard the stories about how you actually see the weave of the carbon fiber on a Ferrari F40’s body because the paint is so thin. But how do you actually polish the original paint back to its former glossy glory without burning a hole clean through?

Marussia to Make a Miraculous Last Minute Comeback in F1?

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Having missed the last three races of 2014 due to financial problems, the Marussia F1 team went into receivership in October and, last month, auctioned off some of its assets to pay its debts.

Le Mans-Winning Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Sold for $9.4 Million

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The Le Mans-winning 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione changed hands for $9,405,000 (about €8.12 million) at the recent Bonhams auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, setting a new world auction record for the model.

5 Intriguing Questions for the 2015 F1 Season [w/Poll]

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If you're thinking that the 2015 Formula 1 season is this far into the future event, you might be mistaken. In fact, teams and drivers will get back to being busy in less than a month when the pre-season begins.

Ferrari Invests €40 Million in Off-Track Testing Tech, Finds Engine Rules Loophole

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Everyone at Scuderia Ferrari knows that the 2015 F1 season will be hard for them as they will try to catch up with frontrunners Mercedes, who have dominated the last season.

Spotted: A Ferrari FF Mule Driven Hard Around Fiorano

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While it is true that Ferrari quite often tests new models or new parts in its own private track, Fiorano, the last one caught on camera by Marchettino was quite strange.

Place Your Bets: Veyron vs LaFerrari in Quarter Mile Race

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Ladies and gents, this is a drag race worth its money, and we mean that both metaphorically and literally. How often is it that you see two hypercars costing more than a million bucks racing each other?

Ferrari Testarossa Sums up Daring, Decadent 80s Perfectly

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While half the world was all austere and trying to shed communism to actually free the people, the developed west was thriving and building mad sports cars. In the mid 1980s, wealthy industrialists and/or businessmen could get their hands on flamboyant and decadent automobiles like the Ferrari Testarossa.

Fiat-Chrysler Looking to Hook Up With Another Big Manufacturer Like VW or Ford?

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Merging Fiat and Chrysler to create FCA Automobiles in 2014 and deciding to spinoff Ferrari this year to raise the cash necessary to fund new products has kept CEO Sergio Marchionne quite busy.

Fernando Alonso Heralded as Being More Adaptable than Raikkonen

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The claim was made by recently ousted Ferrari F1 technical chief Pat Fry, who indicated that Alonso can cope with a difficult car better than his now former teammate.

Google VP Benjamin Sloss Takes Delivery of Giallo Tristrato LaFerrari

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Giallo Tristrato sure sounds a lot better than 'yellow' and by the looks of the car, and of course its specs, Benjamin Sloss, a known Ferrari collector, is surely happy with his purchase.

R8 Plus Chases 918 Spyder and F12berlinetta on Italy’s Mountain Passes

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Driving a 542hp, V10-powered Audi R8 Plus on some of Italy’s twisty mountain roads on a sunny day must rank as a heck of a drive, right?

Ferrari of Newport Beach Event Hosts Tiffany Blue 458 Speciale

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There's nothing like going to a Ferrari gathering and standing out. It's probably the only reason why somebody would order their 458 Speciale in anything other than red or yellow.

Le Mans-Winning Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Goes to Auction on January 15

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Ferrari only built 12 275 GTB Competizione race cars in 1966 specifically for the great GT races of the day, including the mother of all endurance races, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The 11th car built is the one you see in the photos, chassis number 09079, which will go under the hammer on January 15 at the Bonhams sale in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ferrari Presents Another LaFerrari Customer, Painter Cornelia Hagmann

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I’m sure many of you have wondered who are the people that have bought all 499 LaFerraris even before the official reveal of the hypercar.

Well, Ferrari has started presenting some of these customers lately, and this week, we get to meet Cornelia Hagmann, an Austrian-born painter and sculptor who has been living in Switzerland for many years.

Ferrari F1 Principal Expects a Difficult 2015 Season

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After another disappointing year, in which it finished fourth behind Williams, Ferrari announced the appointment of ex-Philip Morris liaison Maurizio Arrivabene as its F1 team principal.

Ferrari M458-T Rendering Has a Lot of Flair

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Since we love renderings (well, good ones at least) but hate waiting around and speculating, we can't help but thank the guys over at Car Passion for their take on the upcoming facelifted turbocharged Ferrari 458.