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Google Assistant Heads To Android Auto To Battle Amazon's Alexa

A number of automakers have recently announced plans to integrate Amazon's Alexa into future models but Google is fighting back by a...

Is Fiat's 124 Abarth Really Different Or Just A Miata In Drag?

If you're a fan of the Mazda MX-5, aka Miata, but you'd also like something that looks more like a traditional roadster and sounds ...

Fiat Launches Special Mirror Edition For The 500 Family

Fiat has opened the order books in Europe for the special Mirror series of the 500 model family.

Fiat Reveals The Interior Of South America's All-New Cronos Sedan

Four weeks after it took the covers of the Cronos sedan in South America, Fiat has released its first images of the interior of the Linea ...

Cinquone Qatar By Romeo Ferraris Is A 248HP Fiat 500 For The Persian Gulf

We've seen some Fiat 500s stripped out and powered up . We've seen others that were luxed out to the gills . We wouldn't think ...

Consumer Reports Says The Mercedes GLA Is The Least Satisfying Car In America

New vehicles are typically one of the largest purchases that consumers make so it's important that you buy something that you'll en...

FCA Discussing Settlement Over Diesel Emissions Cheating

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is engaging in settlement talks with owners of certain diesel-powered vehicles from the brand.

Seven Impossible Car Mashups That'll Make Or Break Your Day

Some car designs just don't mix , and trying to force them together could make you lose your appetite. You've been warned.

Fiat Punto Slapped With Zero Stars In Euro-NCAP’s Latest Safety Ratings

The Fiat Punto became the first model to receive a disappointing zero-star safety rating by Euro-NCAP.

Get Your Own Popemobile And Help A Catholic Charity

Celebrity provenance can add a lot to the value of a car on the open market. And for some, this might be the ultimate.

New Fiat 500L Arrives In The UK, Priced From £16,195

The updated Fiat 500L hits the UK market, bringing a refreshed range and more new features than meets the eye.

Would The New Fiat Cronos Make It In North America As A Dodge?

FCA rolled out a new small sedan in South America a few days ago called the Fiat Cronos . And we apparently weren't the only ones who w...

Fiat Reveals All-New Cronos Sedan In South America

Fiat is an Italian brand first and foremost, but it's a major player (and manufacturer) in the Latin American market, where it's ju...

Custom-Made Fiat 126p Now On Its Way To Tom Hanks

While this bespoke Fiat 126p has been in the works for some time, it has just recently started its journey to the States, where it will me...

Giannini 350 GP4 Is A Fiat 500 On Steroids

Range-topping Fiat 500 Abarth models are pretty cool but compared to this, they seem tame.

Fiat Linea Sedan Has A Successor In South America, And It's Called The Cronos

Fiat has released a teaser video with the new Cronos, a compact sedan that serves as a replacement for the Linea .

Heads Or Tails? Fiat 500 Gets Its Face Stamped On A Silver Coin

Since it has no successor to its 500 yet, Fiat continues to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original model by releasing a silver coi...

Unique Project Sees Vilner Boost Abarth 595's Sporty Character

After getting their hands on an Abarth 595, art studio Vilner decided to enhance the car's Italian theme and make this sporty 500 look...

Jeep Compass Spawns Next-Generation Fiat Freemont

If you were to interview 100 people and ask if they think the Fiat Freemont looks good, chances are 99 would say it is as ugly as sin.

Updated Fiat Argo Gets Morphed Into A Station Wagon

Unveiled a few short months ago for the Brazilian market, the new Fiat Argo actually looks relatively nice. However, after seeing these re...