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2018 Fiat 124 Coupe Render Revives Classic Nameplate

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Our friend Theophilus Chin has been at it again, manipulating the latest Mazda Miata-based Fiat 124 Spider into a fixed-roof, fastback style coupe.

Fiat Fullback Arrives To Geneva In Show Car Form

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While the Fullback was presented at last year's Dubai International Motor Show, this Geneva version can certainly attract more attention.

This Sporty Fiat XXX Concept Is 100% Retrofuturistic [w/Video]

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This study from IDECORE depicts a sporty little Fiat that revives the spirit of the Bertone-designed Fiat X1/9 from the 1970s and early 1980s.

Fiat 500X Chicane And Mobe Are Two Different Takes On The Same Subject

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Fiat brought a pair of Mopar-prepped 500X Concept cars to the SEMA Show, including the slammed Chicane street racer, and the high-riding Mobe. The customizations on both cars are mostly skin deep, lacking any substantial performance or chassis improvements.

Fiat 500 Five Door Rendered As A Replacement For The Punto

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We’ve known for quite some time that Fiat plans to replace the aging Punto with a new model that will be part of the extended 500 family.

Fiat Aegea Station Wagon Renderings Look Spot On

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In addition to the sedan previewed by the Aegea concept car, Fiat’s upcoming compact family will also feature hatchback and estate body styles.

Fiat Aegea Drops Boring Production Outfit For Flashy Abarth Kit

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The design of Fiat’s new Aegea sedan has prompted one Photoshop manipulator to compare it with a BMW, but what would the new model look like with a styling and performance treatment from Abarth?

Fiat 500X Black Tie Study Made By Lapo Elkann's Garage Italia Customs

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Fiat's 500X small crossover has travelled to the Geneva Motor Show wearing a Black Tie conceptual outfit. This show car model is the work of Garage Italia Customs, Lapo Elkann's pet latest customization project.

Fiat 500 Plus Imagined as a Punto Replacement

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Fiat is still selling the Punto, a vehicle launched in 2005 that badly needs a replacement. Until one comes, Photoshop manipulator Remco Meulendijk from the RM Design has come up with a suggestion for Fiat, called 500 Plus.

Fiat's Re-Badged 2015 Mitsubishi L200 Truck Conceptualized

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Back in September, Mitsubishi confirmed plans to build a Fiat-badged version of its new L200 or Triton pickup truck that was formally introduced in Asia earlier this month.

Fiat's Lapo Elkann "Loves This Fiat 127 Prototype"

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Lapo Elkann, the grandson of Fiat scion Gianni Agnelli, brother of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Chairman John Elkann, and heir to Italy's biggest industrial dynasty, has given his seal of approval for David Obendorfer's independently-made 127 concept.

New Fiat 600 Design Concept for a Punto Replacement

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If the Fiat 500 is an A-segment city car, then what would be the modern equivalent of the classic 600? Why, a B-segment sub-compact hatchback, of course.

FCC4 Concept is Fiat's Idea of a…Four-Door Pickup Truck Coupe Crossover

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Fiat is trying to either impress or confuse visitors at the Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil with its new FCC4 Concept model.

Fiat's 500X Crossover Gets a Three-Door Rendition

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Sportier looking three-door body styles might just the next big thing for carmakers as they try to make the most of increased customer demand for small SUVs and crossovers.

Mopar Spruces Up Fiat 500 Abarth and 500L for SEMA

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While the standard Fiat 500 Abarth is a pretty hardcore thing, Mopar thought it can make it even spicier for this year’s SEMA Show.

Fiat 500X Rendered as an Abarth Doesn't Look Bad at All

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The Fiat 500 is a natural fit for Abarth’s lineup of souped-up models, but could the 500X become a target too for the high-performance brand?

Fiat 500 Ron Arad Edition Is Haunted by the Original 500

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Fiat has unveiled the 500 Ron Arad Edition at the Paris Fashion Week, a model that pays tribute to the original 500 in an unusual way.

Check Out this Quattroporte… Fiat 500 Quattroporte Rendering

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Since we now have a five-door variant of the all-new MINI, it’s justifiable to consider a similar variant based on its quasi-rival, the Fiat 500.

The little Fiat would definitely benefit from the addition of two extra doors plus wheelbase, and, for the first time since it was created, actually be any good at carrying more than two people and some shopping.

Yes, sure, Fiat already has the 500L, but that’s an MPV and thus could never really be as cool as the actual 500 that people have grown to know, but in slightly elongated form.

This rendered interpretation by AutoProjecoes, while slightly disproportionate-looking (probably due to the use of a photo that wasn’t shot dead on perpendicular), seems quite accurate and paints a picture of what a five-door 500 would look like if Fiat only made it longer than the three-door sans any other design changes.

By Andrei Nedelea

Rendering via AutoProjecoes


Fiat Goes Surfing with 500L-Vans Design Study

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Fiat debuted a surf-themed concept car called 500L-Vans during this past weekend at the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California.

Fiat 500L Gets Sporty Abarth Look via Rendering

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It would not be at all out of place if Fiat made this exact car, a sportier variant of the already released 500L, the family-friendly child seat-bearer with a cute Italian face. The maker’s history is peppered with mundane cars that gained fame by dropping their Fiat badge and adopting an Abarth one, along with performance mods.