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Fiat-Chrysler to Rebadge Next-Gen Mitsubishi L200

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Back in July, we reported on a rumor about Fiat Group Automobiles teaming up with Mitsubishi to add a pickup truck in their lineup back, and now it's official.

New Fiat 500X Crossover Shows its Butt in Fresh Photos

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Slowly, but surely, we're getting a more complete look at Fiat's new 500X small crossover that was now caught during a commercial shoot today by a reader of Alvolante.

This is Fiat's New 500X Small Crossover

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A single photo of Fiat's brand-new 500X small crossover that will be presented in Paris in a couple of weeks has surfaced online.

It's His Way or the Highway: Marchionne Says Ferrari Will Increase Annual Production

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It didn’t take long for new Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne to reveal his plans for brand after former chairman Luca di Montezemolo announced his resignation.

Ferrari Boss Announces Resignation, Will Be Replaced by Marchionne

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We knew that the relationship between Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne was far from warm, but we didn’t expect things to move so fast.

Ferrari Boss Reportedly Near Exit After Disagreeing with Marchionne

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A storm is brewing over the relationship between Ferrari boss Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and the firm's parent company Fiat and CEO Sergio Marchionne, with a report claiming that the former is one-step away from leaving the company.

Fiat Video Teases New 500X Crossover, But You've Already Seen it, Haven't You…

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Oh, the joy of building up internet-hype for a brand new model; the only problem with Fiat's 500X small crossover is that the Italians had…actually previewed it more than two years ago.

Fiat-Chrysler Eyes October Listing on New York Stock Exchange

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The next phase of Fiat and Chrysler's marriage is set to take place at the New York Stock Exchange on October 13, according to head Sergio Marchionne.

Alfa Romeo Reportedly Started Development of Midsize Sedan and SUV, Luxury Sedan

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Experience has so far taught us not to take Alfa Romeo’s product plans too seriously, so will the latest one unveiled on May 6 be any different?

Check Out this Quattroporte… Fiat 500 Quattroporte Rendering

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Since we now have a five-door variant of the all-new MINI, it’s justifiable to consider a similar variant based on its quasi-rival, the Fiat 500.

The little Fiat would definitely benefit from the addition of two extra doors plus wheelbase, and, for the first time since it was created, actually be any good at carrying more than two people and some shopping.

Yes, sure, Fiat already has the 500L, but that’s an MPV and thus could never really be as cool as the actual 500 that people have grown to know, but in slightly elongated form.

This rendered interpretation by AutoProjecoes, while slightly disproportionate-looking (probably due to the use of a photo that wasn’t shot dead on perpendicular), seems quite accurate and paints a picture of what a five-door 500 would look like if Fiat only made it longer than the three-door sans any other design changes.

By Andrei Nedelea

Rendering via AutoProjecoes


VW Would Have Bought Fiat-Chrysler but Had Internal Fires to Fight

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You’ve undoubtedly heard the rumors that the VW group is looking to change its name to Auto Union and that it was looking to either buy the entire Fiat group or just Alfa Romeo.

2015 Fiat Punto Evo for India is What You Get When the Doc Pulls Your Face Back

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Grande Punto, Punto Evo and Nuova Punto are just different names representing different markets and…facelift iterations of the same supermini Fiat has been offering since 2005.

Watch Marchettino's Nürburgring BTG Lap in First Person

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Marchettino is a YouTube user known mainly for his videos of Ferraris and other supercars caught off-guard by his HD lenses in different parts of the world. The Fiorano circuit is a good place where one could find the Italian car-spotter on a given day.

Spied: New Fiat 500X is the Jeep Renegade's Softer, Italian-Flared Sibling

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You (probably) won't be able to tell just by looking at them, but the upcoming Fiat 500X and the new Jeep Renegade are twins. In fact, they not only share their underpinnings and hardware, but they will also be manufactured side-by-side at Fiat's Melfi plant in central Italy.

Renault to Build Trafic-Based Fiat Scudo Replacement from 2016

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Last month, Renault announced it would build a light commercial vehicle for Fiat starting from 2016, without offering any details.

Fiat Goes Surfing with 500L-Vans Design Study

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Fiat debuted a surf-themed concept car called 500L-Vans during this past weekend at the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California.

Renault Will Build Light Commercial Vehicle for Fiat from 2016

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Renault and Fiat have signed an agreement under which the French carmaker will supply Fiat with a light commercial vehicle based on an existing Renault platform.

What's a 1967 Ferves Ranger? Basically a Fiat 500-Based Mini-Beach Buggy

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We won’t judge you for not knowing of the existence of the Ferves Ranger, because they never built that many (600 is the official number), and apparently only around 50 of them are still out there.

You Want This 1970 Fiat 500 Abarth 695 SS Replica, Don’t You?

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While not an original scorpion to start with, this 1970 Fiat 500 Abarth 695 SS replica would certainly deserve the little space it would take up on your driveway. It’s got a ton of cool mods on it, all of which contribute to its appealing and quite aggressive look.

Fiat Shows New Freemont Cross in 91 Photos and Videos

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Just as it did with the Panda Cross, Fiat has released a big photo gallery of the Freemont Cross as it prepares for the vehicle’s European launch this autumn.