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Fisker To Be Rebranded As Elux Under Its New Apple-Fighting Chinese Boss

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China's Wanxiang Group is going to reintroduce Fisker into the world under the name Elux by mid-2016, according to a report on Reuters.

Valmet Dismantles Fisker Karma Production Lines – Is This the End?

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Maybe Henrik Fisker was tempting fate when he decided to name his extended-range hybrid the Karma. On the other hand, maybe he should have made sure there was sufficient cash flow instead of relying, among other things, on a DoE loan that was rescinded.

ZR-1 V8 Destino to Cost Around $200,000, Deliveries Start Before Year’s End

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Bob Lutz is a car guy through and through, having served as a top exec in automakers like BMW, Ford, Chrysler and, more recently, General Motors. Even he, though, acknowledges that the new generation has no interest in driving and that soon cars will be self-driving transportation appliances.

The New Fisker Karma Could Be Just Like the Old Fisker Karma

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Time marches on unless it's the 2012 Fisker Karma we're talking about.

Plan to Restart Fisker Production Detailed after New Chinese Owners’ US Visit

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Wanxiang is the Chinese auto parts giant that acquired troubled automaker Fisker, and is now looking to improve and re-release the company’s sole model, the Karma.

Chinese Owners of Fisker Say Second Model Could Come in 2017

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It seems that the new Chinese owners of Fisker, parts giant Wanxiang, have discovered some 250 “bugs” that need tending to before the Karma is worthy for production yet again. It could have been some of these problems that caused the fires and general niggles that were reported on the first cars to come out.

Fisker Karma to Reenter Production in Mid-2015; May not be Called Fisker Any More...

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We initially reported that production of the Fisker Karma would be restarted “by the end of 2014,” but now it seems that it’s been pushed back again, closer to mid-2015, according to a new report.

Fisker Could Be Saved by Last-Minute Bid from China’s Largest Auto Parts Supplier

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Wanxiang, China’s largest auto parts company, made a last-minute bid for Fisker Automotive just days before the bankrupt company was to be sold to a Hong Kong tycoon.

Lutz Says ZR1-Powered Karma On Track for 2014 Launch, will Present New Body Style in Detroit

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When Fisker went down under earlier this year, questions arose about the future of Bob Lutz's latest venture with VL Productions, which had presented a Corvette ZR1 V8-powered version of the Karma saloon at the 2013 Detroit auto show.

And indeed, there were problems, however, Lutz told Automotive News on Thursday that the Detroit venture company has succeeded in buying 25 unsold Karmas while also settling a dispute with an Asian investor that had prohibited VL Productions from accessing the codes that operate the vehicle's infotainment system.

Fisker Karma May Live On Through Bob Lutz's V8-Powered Destino

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The Fisker Karma is a pretty car, further emphasizing Henrik Fisker's talent in designing great-looking automobiles. However, aside from the sexy shape, the car was let down by poor quality materials, finish and build. Furthermore, the range-extender powertrain, while competent, never offered the level of performance one would expect from a car looking like that.

Now, chances are we won’t be seeing any more Karmas being made, as the company has gone under bankruptcy, however, there still may be some hope, in the form of the Destino, which is basically the same car, but with a GM-sourced V8 engine shoehorned under the bonnet.

2014MY Fisker Karma Updates Purportedly Leaked by Laid Off Employees

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After years of troubles, Fisker Automotive lost its founder, laid off most of its employees and effectively shut down its operations as it seeks bankruptcy protection. Unless a miracle happens, the future for the California-based carmaker looks extremely bleak.

Until we see how this story ends or continues, we can share some different kind of news about the company as we received a tip pointing us towards the Fiskerbuzz forum where the automaker's laid off employees allegedly posted a picture and some details of the tweaked 2014 model year Karma.

Henrik Fisker Says he Dined and Wined at Least 500 Karma Buyers

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Even if you’ve bought the obscenely expensive Lexus LFA, chances are that you haven’t had dinner with Mr. Akio Toyoda. The same applies to any car owner and the CEO of the company that manufactured his or her vehicle.

Unless you are a Fisker Karma buyer, that is. Henrik Fisker told AutoblogGreen that, instead of a traditional campaign, the company is thinking of “more innovative ways of doing marketing”; and that includes meals with buyers and potential customers.

Fisker Looks for Strategic Partners in China, Hasn’t Built a Car in Six Months

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The Karma might look gorgeous but things aren’t looking very good for its maker, Fisker, right now. In 2012, despite having delivered some 2,000 Karmas, it’s had its federal loan frozen, issued a number of recalls on the Karma, saw its battery supplier, A123 Systems, go bankrupt and 16 of its cars being destroyed by hurricane Sandy and, to top it all, it hasn’t built a single car in the past six months.

So the company is looking for partners and investors. And what better place to turn to than a country that wants to acquire high-end EV technology? That would be China; according to a report from Reuters, Fisker’s top executives are trying to find a strategic partner that would help them get things started again.

Fisker CEO Says Carmaker is Looking for Partners, Shopping Out its Hybrid Technology

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Having cars like the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage and the BMW Z8 in your portfolio is quite an achievement. Building your own car company from scratch beats that – even more so, when you factor in that you haven’t celebrated your 50th birthday yet.

Henrik Fisker is the man who has done all of the above. Fisker Automotive may have rolled out its Karma luxury plug-in hybrid sedan but is facing some problems, the most pressing of which is the lack of finance.

Fisker Wraps Investigation of Karma Fires at New Jersey Port, Blames One Car's Vehicle Control Unit

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Last week, Sandy's furious tempest resulted in 16 brand-new Fisker Karma sedans and three Toyota Prius hybrids going up in flames at a shipping facility in New Jersey after being submerged in seawater for many hours.

While we have yet to hear from Toyota, Fisker's engineers finished investigating the incident and have just released their findings through a press statement.

According to the manufacturer, the culprit turned out to be a low voltage Vehicle Control Unit in one Karma, which after being under salt water for several hours, short-circuited and caused a fire that then spread to the other 15 extended-range plug-in hybrid models parked nearby due to the strong winds blowing at the time.

Mega Storm Sandy Submerges 16 New Fisker Karma EVs, which Then Catch Fire at New Jersey Port

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The bad news for Fisker continues. Among the many victims of Hurricane and then Tropical Storm Sandy are approximately 16 brand new Fisker Karma extended-range hybrids that were parked in Port Newark, New Jersey.

An eyewitness told Jalopnik (which like the rest of the Gawker websites, continues to be down after Sandy drowned its data center but is broadcasting temporarily from this site), that the Karma sedans “first submerged in a storm surge and then caught fire, exploded.”

Fisker Karma Gets Colorful Wraps for its First Visit to the SEMA Show

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Even Fisker cannot resist the lure of the SEMA aftermarket show, which it will be attending along with re-skinned examples of its Karma plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan.

To be honest, there's nothing really dramatic about Fisker's SEMA show Karma saloons as the California-based automaker has simply chosen to display a car dressed in protective film wraps from 3M to highlight its newly formed partnership with the company, and a second custom-painted model dedicated to synthetic motor oil brand Mobil 1.

Fisker Karma Once Again Lambasted by Consumer Reports in its Latest Tests

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With over 8 million subscribers and more than 50 labs, Consumer Reports claims to be the world’s largest independent product-testing organization. As far as the automotive industry is concerned, falling short of CR’s standards could spell bad news or at least bad publicity for any new model.

In its latest issue, the publication tested the Ford Escape Titanium and SE compact SUVs and the Infiniti JX, while also conducting two comparison tests: one in the compact upmarket segment, where the Acura ILX faced the Buick Verano, and the other in the luxury sedan category with the Fisker Karma placed against the Porsche Panamera S.

Fisker Says Karma Hybrid Luxury Saloon Already Surpasses 2025 CAFE Standards

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The launch of Fisker’s first product, the Karma, has not gone as smoothly as the automaker would have liked to. Delays in production and recalls over a battery-related fire risk wasn’t exactly the publicity company founder Henrik Fisker was expecting for the luxury hybrid saloon.

On Tuesday, though, the upstart manufacturer announced that the Karma already surpasses the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards that were finalized on August 28 by the NHTSA and EPA and will come into effect in 2025.

What do You Say About a Chrome-Wrapped Fisker Karma with Neon Underglow Lights?

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We cannot confirm if this Fisker Karma sports sedan does indeed belong to Justin Bieber as claimed by YouTube user "Speedracer39" who shared the video, but we can say that the owner of this six-figure plug-in hybrid has gone a bit overboard with the mods.

Besides the full-body chrome wrap, the blacked-out alloy wheels and heavily tinted windows, the owner came up with the bright (literally) idea of adding so-called "neon underglow lights" that change colors while the car is on the move.