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1966 Ford Bronco Prepares For SEMA With Yellow Lipstick

A heavily modified 1966 Ford Bronco has been previewed before its global premiere at SEMA later this year.

Ford Looking To Add Augmented Reality To Car Design Process [w/Video]

Ford is hoping to make vehicle design easier by mixing a new technology such as augmented reality , with traditional techniques like clay m...

Ford To Speed Up Vehicle Development With Microsoft HoloLens Technology

Ford is aiming to speed up the development of future models by expanding the use of Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Ford To Idle Production At Five North American Plants

Ford will idle production at five of its North American factories in order to reduce inventories for a number of models.

What's Ford Doing Testing A Fusion (Mondeo) Station Wagon On U.S. Soil?

An intriguing Ford Mondeo Estate has been spied testing in the U.S. by Carscoops reader Brett Borgard.

Ford Interested In Outright Le Mans Victory

Ford says it is interested in winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans outright if common rules between IMSA and the FIA are established.

Ken Block's Climbkhana Finally Launching September 25

Eleven months after being teased , Ken Block’s wild Climbkhana video will be released on September 25.

Check Out Ford's Iconic U.S. Police Cars Throughout History

With Ford's high popularity among Police Departments in the U.S, it's no wonder that some of their Interceptors have become so wel...

Ford Joins Forces With Mahindra For India And Other Emerging Markets

Ford has its eyes on the Indian market, announcing that they will work with Mahindra Group in order to explore a strategic alliance for a s...

Liberty Walk Ford Mustang Heading To J Nation For October 9 Unveil

Renowned Japanese tuner Liberty Walk has applied its flashy upgrades to the sixth generation Ford Mustang.

Ford Shakes Up Mondeo Lineup In UK With Price Cuts Of Up To £3,000

In an attempt to keep it competitive in a market dominated the crossovers and SUVs, Ford has realigned its Mondeo lineup in the United King...

U.S. Won't Even Get The Sporty Ford Fiesta ST

We know that the latest-generation Ford Fiesta won’t be sold in the United States and now we’ve learnεδ that the automaker won’t even brin...

Ford's Recalling A Handful Of Vehicles In Three Campaigns

Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have issued three recalls . None of them are particularly large, but combined, ...

Dealership Builds The 650 HP F-150 Lighting That Ford Won't

The Ford SVT Lighting went out of production nearly 13 years ago but the high-performance truck hasn't been forgotten by the folks at ...

Ford Explains Its Involvement In The Car Seat Guy Incident

The world's worst Transformer has returned as Ford has revealed it was behind the bizarre 'car seat guy' incident in Arlington...

Enjoy An Enhanced Driving Experience With The New Ford Focus RS Edition

Ford has equipped the Focus RS with a mechanical Quaife limited-slip differential, plus a bunch of other features, and is now selling it i...

117k Is Just A Drop In The Bucket When It Comes To Ford Trucks

You think you have an idea of how many trucks Ford makes? Think again, because it's hard to wrap your head around it. Just look at this...

Shelby Baja Raptor Boasts Off-Road Tweaks And 525+ HP

Shelby American has introduced its new truck based on the 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor .

Europe's 2018 Ford Mustang Comes With More V8 Power, But Downgraded 4-Pot

Crowned as the best selling sports car in several European countries last year, the Ford Mustang has received some much-desired updates, ...

2018 Ford EcoSport Tries To Pass As A New Subcompact SUV

It took Ford some 4 years to facelift the second generation EcoSport, only to bill it as an entirely new model.