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Ford Increasing Fiesta, Focus and C-MAX Production in Germany

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Ford announced it will increase production at its assembly plants in Saarlouis and Cologne, Germany, due to growing demand for several top-selling models.

Ford Mulls Selling U.S.-Market Plug-In Hybrids In Europe

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Given the praise Ford's hybrids have received in the States, it's interesting the company has only just announced they'd be available in Europe.

Ford Shows off Updated Range and Mustang in Paris

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No surprises over at the Ford’s Paris motor show stand. Main attractions here are the refreshed Focus and C-Max, as well as the production-spec Mondeo and S-Max. The new Mustang is probably the highlight, though, since it now is a sports car that Europeans can consider.

Ford Recalls 850,000 Vehicles in North America for Airbag Issue

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Ford has announced it is recalling 850,050 2013-2014 C-MAX, Fusion, Escape and Lincoln MKZ vehicles in North America for a “potential issue” with the restraints control module.

Ford’s Never going to Make a C-MAX ST

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Even though it’s probably a formula with some potential behind it, you won't see a C-MAX ST - sorry folks. Maybe it would, by the way of aggressive sportiness, inject some verve into the compact MPV sector, where the (freshly facelifted) Ford C-Max resides.

2015 Ford C-MAX Facelift Family Revealed in 43 Photos

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Ford is taking its minivan-business quite seriously in Europe (as opposed to the US), as following the presentation of the all-new S-MAX, it has now unwrapped the refreshed five-seat C-MAX and seven-seat Grand C-MAX.

Ford Gives Us a Sneak Look at 2015 C-MAX Facelift

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Ford's updated 2015 C-MAX and Grand C-MAX were teased today ahead of an online debut this Wednesday, September 17.

Scoop: Ford Focuses on 2015 C-MAX Minivan Facelift

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After refreshing the hatchback, sedan and estate versions of its Focus family, it’s time for Ford to give the C-MAX minivan its own mid-cycle facelift.

IIHS Crashes Small Cars with Greatly Varying Results

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It goes without saying that, one of today’s cars’ selling points is safety. However, since it’s no longer just about the passive stuff (crumple zones, seatbelts), and the active (sensor-assisted, self-braking, self-steering) end of the spectrum is where it’s at, the concept itself has become far more nuanced.

Ford Lowers Fuel Economy Rating for Six Models After EPA Found Discrepancies

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Ford has confirmed the lowering of efficiency ratings for six of its models, after the EPA retested the vehicles and discovered a significant discrepancy between what the manufacturer had declared and what the cars were actually capable of achieving in the real world.

Ford Mocks Cadillac ELR's Poolside Spot with Upside C-Max Ad

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Remember the first commercial for the Cadillac ELR featuring actor and producer Neal McDonough? Of course you do, it was considered arrogant and annoying by many international viewers due to its portrayal of an arrogant rich businessman who confuses patriotic statements with laughing at other nations.

Spy Shots: 2015 Ford Grand C-Max Tries on Latest Focus' New Face

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Thanks to a mechanical failure that ultimately led to a Jeep Wrangler coming in to rescue the day, our European spies were able to point their cameras on a prototype for the facelifted Ford Grand C-MAX, which is the longer, three-row, 7-seater version of the C-MAX with sliding rear doors (not offered in North America).

Ferrari FF Hits Ford C-MAX Taxi Then Fence in Boston

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Regardless of where the blame lies – be that the freezing conditions in Massachusetts, the driver of the Ferrari and/or the other car reportedly involved in the accident with the gunmetal FF seen in the above photo, a crashed Ferrari is never a pretty sight.

Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept Can Fully Charge Battery via Sun in One Day

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The name leaves no room for confusion: the C-Max Solar Energi Concept harnesses the power of the sun through a solar panel roof and uses it to charge the batteries of the plug-in hybrid vehicle. Ford will debut the concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (January 6-10).

The study’s solar panel roof draws power from a special solar concentrator lens similar to a magnifying glass that directs intense rays to solar panels on the vehicle roof.

Ford Hybrid Sales in the First Five Months of 2013 Beat 2010 Full-Year Record

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Ford announced it has surpassed its previous full-year hybrid sales record set in 2010 of 35,496 vehicles in the first five months of 2013. Through May, Ford is projected to sell around 37,000 hybrid vehicles, accounting for an increase of around 375 percent over the same period last year.

Ford Sued Again for its Hybrids’ Economy Figures

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Ford has been selling its Fusion and C-Max hybrids in the US quite soundly, despite the fact that their image suffered a mild blow after being hit with lawsuits regarding their efficiency claims, three of which were quite major.

Now, Marianne Cibeu from Massachusetts adds to that number, with a new suit asking for $5-million in damages for herself and the rest of the Ford hybrid buyers in the state.

Spy Shots: 2014 Ford C-MAX Looks Like it will be Getting the Full Aston Martin Grille

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Not that most of the front grilles found on numerous current Ford models don't already hold a strong resemblance to the classic six-point Aston Martin front piece, but the Blue Oval seems hell-bent to make sure we don't have any doubts about that assessment….

After the new North American Fusion, known in the rest of the world as the latest Mondeo, and the facelifted Fiesta, Ford is working on refresh of the front end of the C-MAX, while we will remind you that our spies also recently captured a prototype of the Focus hatchback with its front end masked up (though, as we pointed out at the time, it could be a mule for the RS).

Ford Faces Federal Class-Action Lawsuit Over C-MAX and Fusion Hybrids MPG Numbers

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It was probably a matter of time before someone picked up the Consumer Reports review that accused Ford of misstating the 2013 C-MAX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid fuel economy numbers and filing a lawsuit.

The publication contested the 47 mpg city/highway/combined figure and said that the two Ford hybrids had the “distinction” of recording the greatest difference between the EPA-approved mpg and the ones it achieved during its own tests.

2013 North American Car and Truck of the Year Finalists: Which Ones Do You Think Will Win?

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Last year, Ford, with its Focus, was the sole U.S. manufacturer included in the final list for the North American Car and Truck of the Year award and it finished in third place, behind the VW Passat and the winner, Hyundai’s Elantra.

Even more surprising was the truck class where the Range Rover Evoque beat the Honda CR-V and the BMW X3. Where is this world coming to if U.S. manufacturers can’t build an SUV or truck to make an impression in their own market?

Ford Says C-MAX Hybrids Outsells Toyota Prius Plug-in and V in its First Full Month of Availability

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Ford has taken yet another swipe at Toyota in the battle of the hybrids. The Blue Oval announced that in November, their first full month of availability, combined sales of its C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrid in the U.S. reached 4,846 units beating the 4,456 deliveries of the Prius Plug-in and Prius V hybrids delivered by Toyota.

“The C-MAX hybrids are off to a great start and our dealers and customers, especially in California, cannot get enough of them early in the launch”, said Ford general marketing manager Dave Mondragon.