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U.S. Won't Even Get The Sporty Ford Fiesta ST

We know that the latest-generation Ford Fiesta won’t be sold in the United States and now we’ve learnεδ that the automaker won’t even brin...

Ford's Frankfurt Show Offerings To Include All-New Fiesta, 2018 Mustang Plus Others

Ford's new Mustang, EcoSport SUV, Ranger Black Edition pickup and Tourneo Custom will all be making their European motor show debut ne...

Ford Hoping To Attract New And Existing Buyers With Latest Fiesta

Ford believes its latest-generation Fiesta will attract both new and existing customers.

Ken Block Defies Gravity In Terrakhana: The Ultimate Dirt Playground

Ken Block and Pennzoil have teamed up to release a new video called "Terrakhana: The Ultimate Dirt Playground."

Ford Launches Scrappage Scheme For Pre-2010 Vehicles, But Only In The UK

Ford is launching a new scrappage scheme for pre-2010 cars and vans in order to encourage prospective customers to trade-in their older ve...

India To Get A Bespoke Hyundai i20 Rival From Ford

Ford is preparing to launch a new vehicle platform for India and other emerging markets that will spawn a host of new models, including a l...

Watch A WRC Ford Fiesta Soar 164 Feet Through The Air

The World Rally Championship may not attract the viewership of Formula One but the sport is arguably just as exciting, if not more so.

Will Ford Keep The New Fiesta Out Of America?

Ford is in the process of rolling out a new Fiesta , replacing the B-segment supermini that had been around for nearly a decade. We were th...

Testing Carroll Shelby's $100 Dollar Bill Game With A DB11

Back in the glory days of the American muscle car, Carroll Shelby said the 427 Cobra was so quick that if he put a $100 note on the dashbo...

One-Off Fiesta ST Show Car Finished In Ford GT Blue Offered In Auction

This is apparently the world’s only, factory original Ford Fiesta ST finished in Liquid Blue, which is the Ford GT’s signature color.

New Ford Fiesta Is Much Better In Every Way, Says This Review

Ford is in the middle of launching the new Fiesta in Europe right now, with the first reviews already delivering their verdicts.

New Ford Fiesta Arrives In Europe With A Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Ford is finally launching the new Fiesta supermini in Europe, with the company claiming that the new generation will be the most technolog...

Drag Racing A Defender Against A Fiesta ST Never Looked More Intriguing

Pitting two wildly different cars against each other on a straight line is always a fun exercise. Maybe a bit pointless but still fun.

Ford Sued By Fiesta, Focus Owners Over Faulty Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Ford is being sued by nearly 7,000 Fiesta and Focus owners over defective PowerShift dual-clutch transmissions.

New Ford Fiesta Enters Production In Europe

Production of the new Ford Fiesta has begun in the company’s factory in Cologne, Germany.

Fiesta ST Driver Barely Avoids Head-On Collision, Crashes Anyway

Driving a speedy pocket rocket like an unlawful boy-racer in the wet , will almost certainly get you in trouble at some point.

Ford's High-Performance Lineup Is Attracting Young And Wealthy Buyers

Crossovers might be all the rage but Ford's high-performance lineup is attracting younger and wealthier customers to the Blue Oval.

Sturdy Guardrail Saves Rally Car From Tumbling Down Mountain

Unlike most motorsports, those brave enough to compete in rallies don’t have the added safety net of huge run off areas, making the sport ...

Ford And Lincoln Issue 3 Recalls Covering Nearly Half A Million Cars In North America

Ford has issued three recalls and one safety compliance recall for North America.

Two Friends Killed By Carbon Monoxide While Sitting In Modified Ford Fiesta ST

Two friends have died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK after sitting in a modified Ford Fiesta ST .