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GM Design Studio Visit Reveals Awesome Futuristic Renderings

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Velocity's Americarna recently visited the General Motors design studio and walked away with a couple of very interesting shots of what appears to be a futuristic Camaro and a mid-engine Corvette drawing.

Future Cars: Transforming Hyundai’s Santa Cruz Concept Into A Pickup Truck For The Masses

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There are many combinations in life that should never happen; ice cream and raw mince, guns and children, Kardashians and…well anything - all things we’d rather not think about. Yet there are some matches that should be considered; and in this instance, I’m talking about a Hyundai illustrated in ‘Pickup Truck’ format.

Scoop: New Mercedes GLC Plug-in Hybrid Coming This Fall

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It’s no secret that Mercedes is currently working on the overhaul of its SUV line-up, with our spies catching the Germans during some winter-testing of what appears to be the new GLC.

Future Cars: 2018 Lincoln Continental as a BMW 7 and Cadillac CT6 Fighter

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Quickly name a few luxury large sedans on the market and ask yourselves this; out of the established BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar offerings, did you recollect an American luxury automaker?

New 2016 MINI Clubman Scooped and Rendered

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As MINI continues to peel off the camouflage from its next Clubman, we took advantage of these new spy shots to create a render of the production model.

Future Cars: BMW’s All-New 2016 7-Series Struts its M-Sport Cloak

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Recently, we brought you the scoop on the 2016 BMW 7 Series, snapped completely undisguised. Unfortunately, the nature of such spy-shots is that the photography can sometimes be a tad unflattering; with odd-lighting, low image quality and angles that can skew the overall proportions.

Future Cars: Mini Superleggera Roadster in Production Clothing Eyes MX-5

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It’s hard to believe that the Mini sub-brand has become so diverse in its offerings. Compared to when the British icon was first launched, the BMW-owned automaker now has a vast array of models to suit the needs of most people.

Future Cars: Mercedes's 2016 GLC Compact SUV

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School runs these days are often battlegrounds for those who like to flaunt their social status. You’ll see double-parked SUVs ranging from humble Ford Escape’s up to towering behemoths like Cadillac’s Escalade and Mercedes-Benz’s GL-Class.

Future Cars: Nissan’s New 2016 Maxima from Concept to Reality

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When Nissan revealed its stunning Sports Sedan Concept back at the 2014 Detroit Show, I was genuinely intrigued with where the Japanese brand was heading in terms of corporate design language.

The 2015 Murano CUV was one of Nissan’s first models to showcase a change in styling direction, and news of the next Maxima adopting this new corporate aesthetic sounded tantalizingly promising. Finally, a carmaker with the plums to stand out from a sea of beige FWD large sedans.

With that in mind it was decided to remove the horrible tape, cladding and camouflage of those spy-shot caught test mules and digitally reveal the Maxima of 2015.

Brash New Design:

Comparing old with new, one will immediately notice its sleek, avant-garde styling. While the outgoing ‘max’ was never really a bad looker, its Volvo-like grille and awkward headlights could have been better resolved.

For 2016, the look is much more dramatic at the front end; with redesigned boomerang headlights, ‘V-shaped’ grille and air intakes. Much of the show-car’s character lines starting from the fenders leading into the doors have made production, as has the floating roof.

On The Inside:

Whilst many of the Sports Sedan Concept’s elements have made production, the overall proportions are less coupe-like in exchange for better interior packaging.

Cue better rear head and legroom with an overall ambience of improved perceived quality, materials and switchgear. Along with a raft of technical goodies to be best in class, one can only hope the fresh exterior theme is mimicked on the inside.

What Could Drive It:

Powertrain options should follow on from the MY2014’s; so cue a 3.5-liter V6, mated to an Xtronic CVT for optimum fuel economy…and not much else. Sadly, power will still be fed to the front wheels, however expect Nissan to tweak suspension geometry for an more engaging driving experience.

There also has been rumor of the Pathfinder’s hybrid system making an appearance. This setup would combine an supercharged 2.5-liter, four-cylinder petrol with an electric motor for an output of 250 horsepower plus.

Market Positioning:

Nissan potentially has a major advantage compared to the opposition; the larger sedan market is not the healthiest, with opponents merely making do with staid redesigns and little boundary-pushing. The 2016MY Maxima could carve out an niche, with stunning sports-car inspired styling that breaks from tradition.

Competitors such as Toyota’s Avalon, Hyundai Azera, Ford Taurus and Buick LaCrosse aren’t exactly the most inspirational sedans out there. Sure, they’re roomy, however they’re more for those whom prioritize golf clubs and cigars than carving up mountain roads. This is Nissan’s opportunity to pounce and lure people back to the sedan segment.

A full reveal is expected early next year, before it goes on sale in the third or fourth quarter of 2015.

Tell us your thoughts in the discussion area below.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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Future Cars: A Modern Take On Aussie Ford Falcon Coupe

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When people think muscle cars, generally, icons of America’s most noteworthy V8’s come to mind - Camaro, Mustang and Challenger to just name a few. However down under in Australia, where most things that crawl into your shoes will try and bite you; there are two RWD V8 arch rivals. Holden’s Commodore and Ford’s long-serving Falcon.

Sadly for our Aussie fans, both are a dying breed; Ford is stopping local vehicle production in 2016 and Holden in 2017. In Ford’s case it means killing the Falcon nameplate (one of the longest running in automotive history) and bringing an end to the blue oval’s last RWD V8-powered sedan.

Obituaries aside, what if Ford reversed their decision and even better still, revived Mad Max’s most favoured drive - the Ford Falcon Coupe? Great you say? So let's illustratively explore with a proposal I’ve put together:

Future Cars: Could Subaru Grow a Pair and Develop a 911-Rivalling Supercar?

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In the world of questions that should never be asked, some things are better left unexplored. For example why do the Kardashians exist? Is it ok to deep-fry footwear and how many Hamsters do you need to fill a Kia’s fuel tank? Things we don’t care about aside; there is one question I’ve always pondered - should Subaru make an all-out Supercar?

Forget the BRZ Coupe, rally-bred WRX STI and long lost SVX; I’m talking about a competitor that can square up against the likes of Nissan’s GT-R and Porsche’s 911 Turbo S.

With that in mind and Toyota’s development of the FT-1 Supercar Concept, I've decided to delve deeper into the possibility of an hero car loosely based on Toyota’s upcoming, modern-day Supra replacement.

Firstly, let's start with the design; the donor FT-1 has stunning organic and curvaceous surfacing. Where the Subaru differs, is in its own design language. As with my rendered example, the styling is more geometric, angular and upright. For a strong point of difference, the rear takes on a shooting-break aesthetic with an upwards-wrapping C-pillar that incorporates inlet scoops within the rear quarter windows.

The front carries Subaru’s universally used trapezoidal front grille, flanked by horizontal intakes and a race car-inspired front splitter. Large side inlets intersect aggressively against the doors, with crease-work that runs along the sills then shoots upwards to create a visual link with the A-pillars.

Within the cabin should be an environment devoid of any current Subaru design traits; instead utilising more expressive styling, quality materials and exotic finishes cosseting a 2+2 layout.

Underneath the angular aesthetic cloak, would lay front engined, all-wheel drive fundamentals - albeit with a hybrid boxer twist. Electric motors sending power to front and rear axles, coupled to a turbocharged 3.6-liter flat six, could yield supercar performance with a distinctive soundtrack.

While the traditionalist within me would wish for a manual transmission, the logical approach for such a maniacal vehicle would utilise a quick-shifting 8 or 9-speed dual-clutch unit. Sorry rubber band lovers - no CVT’s allowed in this segment.

Subaru’s offering would need to carve up corners like a laser-guided weapon; rivals such as Porsche’s 911 Turbo S and McLaren MP4-12C, are considered some of the best handling exotics out there. Add other great alternatives to the mix like Mercedes-Benz’s AMG GT, Jaguar F-Type R and 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06; then suddenly one realises the daunting task Subaru would face.

Unfortunately, it’s at this point where reality sets back in; does Subaru have the capital, R&D and willingness from a potential partner like Toyota to make it happen? Odds are… well probably not. Although never say never and who knows - Fuji Heavy Industries may just one day surprise us.

Feasibility issues aside, would you like to see Subaru develop a 911-basher?

Share your views in the comments below.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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Future Cars: Hyundai’s All-New 2016 Elantra Compact Sedan

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Compact sedans don’t usually stir the soul for us motoring-minded enthusiasts out there, as buyers of models like the Toyota Corolla, tend to tick boxes labeled ‘economy, price, a-to-b transport and follow the sheep’.

Future Cars: Propelling Lincoln the Right Way with Mustang-Based Coupe

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Fans of the Lincoln Motor Company have had little to rejoice over in recent years; however, slowly but surely, the brand is making good on its promise to reinvent itself. Attractively styled CUVs and mid-sized sedans have helped lure back buyers into the blue oval’s luxury division.

Future Cars: Chevrolet Amped For Next Generation 2016 Volt

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Hyper-milers rejoice! Do you love coasting from stoplight to stoplight, driving sedately as possible and racking up vast mileages between refueling?

Future Cars: Alfa Romeo’s Next GTV Coupe Takes on the Italian Job

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Alfa Romeo is a special breed to many car enthusiasts; automotive objects of desire with Italian flare and great driving attributes.

Future Cars: Audi Sharpens its Scalpel for New Q7 SUV

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When the name Audi is mentioned, usually images of the carmaker’s legendary Quattro and RS models come to mind. Rarely will a fleeting thought go towards envisioning any SUV variant; however, for some, a large luxury SUV will tick all the appropriate boxes.

Future Cars: Kia’s Next Sorento SUV Bulks Up for the School Run

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In the land of sport utility vehicles, the segment is generally associated with soccer moms piloting their trucks for the school run, grocery-grabbing and visiting that pool-cleaner guy who lives eight blocks away. Car enthusiasts like myself usually detest these lumbering people haulers, yet I do appreciate the versatility that they exude.

Future Cars: Nissan's Next Z Coupe Takes On An Illustrated Diet

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Nissan’s renowned ‘Z’ line of sports coupes have always gained vast respect amongst many car enthusiasts; two doors, V6 performance and rear wheel drive - all ingredients for an fun drive. Nonetheless, successive generations of ‘Z’ have tended to be a bit of a hit and miss, so why?

Future Cars: 2016 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Hits The Redline

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There are two legendary names that come to mind in American automotive history; one of them is Mustang and the other is Shelby. Since 1965, Carroll Shelby worked magic into Ford’s pony car offerings - creating fire breathing, hi-performance versions and amassing legions of fans in the process.

Future Cars: Crystal Ball-Gazing Porsche’s Next 928

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When you think of Porsche, images of its racing heritage, the Carrera GT and the iconic 911 usually come to mind - and of course some will think ‘glorified beetle’ as well.

One of the German manufacturer’s more forgotten models is the Porsche 928 - a response to dwindling 911 sales back in the late 1970’s. It was a car that never quite emerged out of the 911’s shadow, even though it did survive an eighteen-year production cycle.