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Team Galag Brought A Batmobile To Gumball 3000 Rally [w/Video]

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It’s not the prettiest thing you’ll see at this year’s Gumball 3000, but Team Galag’s Arkham Knight-based and Lamborghini-powered Batmobile sure as hell is one of the most unique rides to take part in the annual 3,000-mile celebrity motor rally.

Check Out MINI's New JCW Convertible In 92 Fresh Images

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MINI is celebrating the launch of the 2017 Convertible JCW by dropping a boatload of new pictures.

A Visual Comparison Between The 2017 Lexus IS And Its Predecessor

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The IS’ original design didn’t last more than three years, as Lexus reckoned a dash of aggressiveness was in order to keep its compact executive model afloat.

Ferrari's Special Projects Museum Display Is From Another Planet

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Sure, Modena, the hometown of Enzo Ferrari, has an impressive museum, but the true home of the Italian automaker is in an industrialized area of Maranello.

Beyond supporting the marque's factory, this small town also has a massive museum dedicated to the brand within it and in this museum, one area stands out. Dedicated to the finest pieces of modern Ferrari design, this display would take the breath away from even the most prolific Prancing Horse connoisseur.

During our visit, taking pride of place were two LaFerraris: the original design concept precisely carved out of clay and the very first production-spec model created. Yet, even they seemed to fade into insignificance compared to the other models displayed.

Perhaps the highlight was a rare FXX K finished in Rosso Corsa. As with many of the models turning heads, it wasn't a running car but a completed design study, looking identical to the 32 track-only examples bound for customers, apart from for the blacked out windows. Anywhere else in the world, the LaFerrari makes other cars seem tame but here, the FXX K manages to make even the company's road-going hybrid seem almost unremarkable.

Some other extremely eye-catching cars displayed were three of the limited-run F12 models created by Ferrari's Special Projects programme, the F12 TRS, the SP America and the F60 America. Three units of the TRS, painted in red, silver and black, were created for one wealthy client and the car on display was the life-size mockup that was given the tick of approval by the customer. With the exception of the cardboard brake calipers, it is indistinguishable from the completed cars and oh-so-beautiful.

As just one unit of the SP America was created, the unit present was again a design mockup and even though it's based around the same car as the TRS, it looks radically different, adopting a more curvaceous and subtle design. Perhaps the highlight of the trio was the blue F60 America as it was indeed one of a mere 10 customer cars produced - and, in a sea of red, it stood out in the best way possible.

Another amazing model was the Ferrari Sergio, among six units produced to pay tribute to Sergio Pininfarina and worth well over $2 million. One of the most beautiful cars designed by the firm in recent memory, the Sergio is based around the 458 Spider but features a bespoke exterior that includes a particularly stunning engine cover.

As if things couldn't get more special, the design mockup for Eric Clapton's SP12 EC was also there, combining the classic appeal of the 512 BB with the howling powertrain of the 458. With the British musician handing over $4.5 million, it's certainly one of the costliest cars built by Ferrari.

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Tesla Model S "Elizabeta" By LARTE Design Underscores Lightning Performance

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No matter how you look at it, the Model S is a sleeper, its unassuming looks hiding an electric powerhouse waiting to be unleashed.

$2.7 Million Will Get You This 2003 Ferrari Enzo [60 Images]

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Ferrari assembled the Enzo in just 399 units, but despite the limited production, there's always a small number off them on the lookout for new homes.

New Fiat 124 Spider Starts From $24,995, Abarth From $28,195

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We don’t know if you should be surprised or not, but Fiat’s new 124 Spider has roughly the same starting price as the car it’s based on, the Mazda MX-5 in the USA, at $24,995, excluding a $995 destination for the manual model.

This C6-Based '67 Corvette 427 Replica Costs Nearly Twice As Much As The Original

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Can a replica ever be priced more than the real deal? It can if you’re this eBay seller from Ohio that’s asking for a whopping $199,990 for a C6-based replica of the 1967 Corvette Stingray 427, when there’s an original for sale at $119,000!

We Drive: 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Is Light Art Shaped Like A Car

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The 2016 Honda Civic Coupe is the equivalent of a shiny object waving in front of you. It exists because looks are important, even on a mainstream car.

Visual Comparison: Mazda CX-4 Vs Koeru Concept

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China is the world’s largest car market, coupe-crossovers are all the rage right now, so, tap into these two trends and you have a winner.

New DS 4S Hatch Brings Euro-Swag To Beijing [108 Pics]

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Made to tone up the DS line-up in China where it will be sold exclusively, the new 4S seems to have already gotten out to a good start. By that we mean it has received a generally positive reception among online media, which have everything to do with its appearance, as shown here in these pictures from Autohome.

Maxus D90 Concept Previews Upcoming Full-Size SUV

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The D90 was among the many new models and concepts launched during this year's Beijing Auto Show that also announced the arrival of a production model.

IAT Kalman Is A $1.9 Million Ford F-Series-Based SUV Out Of This World

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Of all the weird and wacky cars we’ve seen at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, nothing comes even remotely close to IAT’s Kalman SUV. With more angles than a spiral staircase, this 6-meter long beast was designed to make extreme SUVs like Hummer’s H1 and Dartz’s Kombat look utterly banal.

Renault Instills New Design Language To All-New Koleos

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After multiple teasers and a clear-as-daylight leaked image, the all new Renault Koleos showed up to the 2016 Beijing Auto Show sporting a seriously familiar figure.

Austin Yellow BMW M3 Bathes In AC Schnitzer & M-Performance Bits

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BMW's Abu Dhabi showroom hosted this Austin Yellow M3 recently, packing all sorts of exterior modifications from AC Schnitzer.

Acura Says It Has No Current Plans To Offer CDX In The USA

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If we had to pick one China-exclusive model introduced at this week’s Beijing show with the best chances of making the journey to America, that would have to be Acura’s new CDX small luxury SUV, but it’s not happening - at least not now.

New 2017 Smart Brabus Models Looking To Make Chinese Traffic Lighter

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Both the Brabus ForTwo and the ForFour showed up at this year's Beijing Auto Show, bringing with them a more aggressive look and a little bit of turbocharging to settle the nerves.

2017 Audi TT RS Roadster & Coupe Bring Five-Cylinders With 400 Horses

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Audi chose China’s Beijing Motor Show to set free its new generation TT RS models in both coupe and Roadster body styles.

VW T-Prime Concept GTE Previews New Full-Size SUV

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Volkswagen is going full speed ahead with plans to grow its SUV and crossover portfolio presenting a new concept in China named the T-Prime GTE, which will inspire a full-size model sitting atop the Touareg.

New Mazda CX-4 Puts A Sexy Outfit On CX-5 For China

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The new Mazda CX-4 compact crossover, or shall we say, compact crossover coupe, as carmakers like pointing out, has been revealed at the 2016 Beijing motor show.