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Honda's New HR-V Makes its Brazilian Debut with 1.8L Flex-Fuel Engine

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Brazil is the next major market to welcome Honda's new HR-V small crossover that was revealed today at the Sao Paulo Motor Show.

Swedish Mag Says AWD Honda CR-V is More Like FWD

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The folks at Teknikens Värld are at it again with SUVs, this time focusing on the Honda CR-V's suspiciously lax all-wheel drive system.

Honda's 2015 CR-V Facelift for Europe Gets New 160PS 1.6L Diesel

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It’s raining freshened-up Honda CR-Vs today, as after the release of the production 2015MY for North America, the Japanese firm has presented the European market model, albeit as a thinly disguised prototype.

Facelifted 2015 Honda CR-V with Updated Engine from $23,320* [146 Photos]

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Honda has released full details on its updated 2015 CR-V for the US market, with the big news being the heavily revised 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine that produces 11 percent more torque.

Revised 2015 Honda CR-V to go on Sale on October 1

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The weekend leak of a single photo of the facelifted 2015 CR-V prompted Honda to make it official, albeit without sharing many details.

2015 Honda CR-V Facelift Photo Leaks Out

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A leaked photo gives a sneak peek at the refreshed 2015 Honda CR-V ahead of the SUV's official debut, which could take place as early as next month at the Paris auto show.

Cyclist Rolls Through Stop Wrongly Thinking He's Sheltered by SUV

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A cyclist in downtown San Francisco (or so we're told) thought he would be protected if he rode alongside a Honda CR-V that rolled through a stop sign. Unfortunately, he was proven wrong.

Spied: Honda to Give CR-V a New Face for 2015

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This is our first look at the refreshed, fourth-generation Honda CR-V, which our spies captured while testing in Southern Europe.

Honda CR-V Tailgating Bicyclist Gets the Shaft from Police Officer

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The absence of marked bicycle lanes on the road can cause problems for both cyclists and motorists, but that doesn't mean drivers should act like tailgating fools.

Honda Goes for "Eye-Catching" with New CR-V Black and White Special Editions

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Black and/or white editions of so many cars are cropping up these days that you really wonder if copying is what all the manufacturers do now…

Honda CRV 1.6 Diesel Driven with a Light Right Foot Achieves 77.86mpg UK or 3.6l/100km

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Honda is very proud of its new 1.6-liter diesel engine that’s more in tune with the times than their traditional 2.2-liter unit that was often shunned in markets that taxed cars on displacement.

The smaller unit now equips the Civic, Civic Tourer and CRV, and even in the latter, which is noticeably bigger than the first two, it still achieves excellent economy figures in real world conditions.

Honda CR-V Gains New 62.8 mpg 1.6L Diesel in the UK

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Diesel powerplants are the way to go in Europe when it comes to mainstay models for the masses. If they're available in smaller displacements, even better. After launching its new 1.6-liter i-DTEC on the Civic hatchback in the beginning of the year, Honda UK has now confirmed availability and pricing for the diesel unit on its latest generation CR-V.

Two Russian Women Wonder What Went Wrong

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Here's a double Russian dashcam treat for you. Each of the two separate incidents that were caught on camera involve drivers who happen to be women and who are scratching their heads after they ended up crashing their cars.

Honda to Debut New Civic Wagon Concept and Updated NSX at Geneva Auto Show

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With the 2013 Geneva Auto Show being less than a month away, auto manufacturers are beginning to reveal details about the models they will debut in Switzerland.

Honda today announced that it has three premieres for the event. The first one is the Civic Wagon Concept, which the Japanese company says will provide “strong cues” for the production model that will be added to the European C-segment model’s line-up, likely within the next year or so.

Mugen Details New Honda CR-V Design Study, Could Enter Production

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Typically, with the presentation of a mainstream Honda model, the brand's tuning partner Mugen instantly comes out with its own package of goods, but in the case of the fourth-generation CR-V that was introduced in late 2011, that never happened.

This might change if Mugen decides to create a production version of its prototype CR-V Design Study that was unwrapped at this week's Tokyo Auto Salon.

First Photos of Mugen's New Honda CR-V Design Study

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Among the many new customized vehicles being prepared by Honda for a world premiere at the Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January, is the Mugen CR-V Design Study, which was announced, but not included, in the automaker's teaser photo gallery that we shared with you earlier today.

To satisfy our curiosity, we snooped around and found two photos of the Mugen-fettled concept that will most likely lead to a production model sometime next year.

Someone Should Find this Driver and Report Him/Her to the Police

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Making an honest mistake while sitting behind the wheel is one thing, being careless or to put it bluntly, a complete asshat, is quite another.

On Sunday, the driver of a previous generation Honda CR-V (possibly in Taiwan - if we're wrong, tell us in the comments) was filmed by a motorcyclist making an extremely dangerous move on the road when he or she drove between a Nissan Sentra and a scooter driven by a father with his child riding at the back, almost knocking them down.

Power-Window Related Fire Risk Prompts Honda to Recall 489,000 CR-Vs in the U.S., Europe and Africa

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Usually, water puts out a fire but when it comes to the Honda CR-V from the 2002 to 2006 model years, rain can eventually lead to a fire risk.

To explain, Honda discovered that if rainwater or other spilled liquids enter through an open driver's window and reach the master-power window switch, over time, it could cause electrical resistance. If that were to happen, the switch could overheat smoke, and cause a fire.

Honda Releases a Boatload of Photos of the European Market 2013 CR-V

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It was only in July that Honda gave us a second look at the European specification version of its new CR-V, but the Japanese carmaker wants us to take a better and closer glimpse at the compact crossover with a new batch of high-resolution images – 95 to be precise.

The new gallery also includes shots of the available range of genuine accessories such as the two-tone alloy wheels, aero kits (as pictured above), chrome trim parts and more.

Meanwhile in Russia No12: Splash Tank, Jumpy BMW X5, Crash Parking and Fast and Faster

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If you think SeaWorld's 12,000-pound orcas can make a splashing entrance, wait until you see what a tank can do to a crowd while jumping into a mud pond.

Talking about jumping, our second video from Russia shows why drivers should tone it down a notch – even though the person behind the wheel of the BMW X5 was saved from the worse of it.