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New Photos of 2015 Honda Civic Type R; Keeps the Wing, Drops Wild Fenders

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The same "POW3 ROF" license-plated 2015 Honda Civic Type R that one of our readers saw in Croatia was also spotted in the neighboring country of Slovenia.

Is This the Production 2015 Honda Civic Type R?

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Our Croatian friend Luka C emailed us these two shots of what we believe could be the production version of the new 2015 Honda Civic Type R.

Honda Civic Type R Owners Have Their Say on the Type R Concept

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While we’ll have to wait until next year to see the production version of the all-new Honda Civic Type R, the concept previewing it has been around for quite a while.

Honda Teases Civic Type R in Wild Video

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The all-new Honda Civic Type R will arrive only in European dealerships in summer 2015, but that doesn’t stop Honda from trying to keep interest alive in its upcoming hot-hatch. The Japanese carmaker has launched a new teaser campaign for the Civic Type R, which unfortunately, features the concept car instead of the production model.

Why I Think You Should Buy a Honda Civic Type R EP3

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The choice of modern hot hatches we currently have in 2014 puts us in an unprecedented place in history, when you can now buy a car within the constraints of the class and have it be very different from its direct competitor. You can even go completely bananas and buy either a Mercedes A45 AMG or an Audi RS3, then go out and discover you can stick to the back of some supercars and wonder why you are able to do that…

Honda's Thinly Veiled Civic Type R Concept Looks Even Better in Real Life [w/Video]

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If Honda's new Civic Type R Concept doesn't bring the boy racer out of you, I don't what will… In preparation for next year's production launch of the new generation Civic Type R in Europe, and possibly select markets around the world, but most likely not in North America, Honda brought a thinly concealed concept version of the car to the Geneva Motor Show.

Honda Says New Civic Type R Concept is a Racing Car for the Road [w/ Videos]

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Well, Honda, we must admit, you have our attention with the new production-intent Civic Type R, seen here in official photos that were released just before the concept rolls down the Geneva Motor Show floors on Tuesday. You also have us wondering why you're letting Ford take over the hot hatch segment with the Focus ST by not sending the Civic Type R over to North America, but that's another story…

New Honda Civic Type R Concept Has Over 280HP and it Shows It…

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Raise your hand if you miss the days when performance variants of mainstream models (think BMW E30 M3, Lancia Delta HF Integrale etc.) showed their racing pedigree with puffed up bodies, air outlets and wings suitable for lift off. I, for one, do, and find Honda's new Civic Type R Concept, the first real photos of which we see here, a visual treat.

Honda Turns the Head-Lights On New Civic Type R Concept

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Signature head- and tail-lamp outlines are becoming increasingly more commonplace these days amongst automakers, a trend which, I remember from BMW's late 1980s cars like the E30 3-Series facelift's front lights, continued with the Bavarian brand's so-called "angel eyes", before it was taken to the next level with more recent Audi models.

Honda Civic Type R Racer Overturns into a River, Co-Pilot Briefly Freaks Out

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Tumbles and crashes are part of the life of being a motorsports driving racer. Nevertheless, there's something very scary about a car landing into a river or a lake and watching water seep through, filling the interior all while you're trapped inside.

Honda Teases Wild Civic Type R Concept ahead of Geneva Debut

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Honda has released a design sketch of the Civic Type R Concept that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Previewing the brand's production hot hatch, the Civic Type R Concept is billed by Honda as a “racing car for the road”. That is not surprising if we compare the concept’s looks with those of the Civic WTCC race car.

Honda Unveils Near Production 2015 Civic Type R VTEC Turbo [36 Photos & Video]

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In case you didn't notice it, the all-new 2015 Civic Type-R for the European, Japanese and possibly other markets around the world (aside, of course, from North America), which was revealed today in near production form having shed all of its camouflage and wearing a flat black coat, will come with Honda's newly developed VTEC Turbo engine.

The Civic Type R will actually be the first model in Europe to adopt one of Honda’s all-new VTEC TURBO engines (read more about that here), sporting a displacement of 2.0-liters and an output of over 280-horses.

2015 Honda Civic Type R from the Photoshopping Block

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After many years of axing sports cars from its range, Honda has finally laid down plans to add performance-orientated models in its lineup, starting from 2015 with the Civic Type R and the new generation NSX (Acura in North America).

Honda Confirms 2.0L Turbo for 2015 Civic Type R in Frankfurt, will Have at Least 280hp [w/Video]

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The upcoming 2015 Civic Type R was a no show at the Frankfurt Motor Show today, at least physically, because Honda used the press conference to share a fresh batch of details, new photos of the engineering prototype as well as a video of the hot hatch running some laps on the Nürburgring (see Carscoops' rendering of the production car here).

But first things first: Honda confirmed that for the first time ever, the new Civic Type R will be powered by a direct injection turbocharged 2.0-liter engine producing "at least 280 PS [276bhp]".

Future Cars: New 2015 Honda Civic Type-R with Close to 300HP

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Usually, when one utters the word 'Type-R', the origin of the spoken trajectory always seems to come from a voice box attached to either a pimply-faced teen or someone that has 'cap-fitting' issues - i.e., the backwards hat brigade. Now, it's easy to stereotype without investigating the actual draw card with this Type-R obsession. That being the bang-for-buck hot Honda's offer: good handling and high revving, VTEC-delivered performance.

New 2015 Honda Civic Type-R Scooped in the Flesh and Teased in Official Video

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Quad exhaust tips; Check. Bloated fenders; Check. Big rear wing; Check. Grippy, low profile tires; Check. Brembo brakes; Check. As you can see, there's no question that this hotted up Honda prototype is indeed the upcoming Civic Type-R.

Our last encounter with the Honda's VW Golf GTI / R and Ford Focus ST challenger may have been kind of a letdown since the Japanese brand's engineers were merely testing the hot hatch's mechanicals on the body of a normal five-door Civic, but this time, we've snagged the actual car testing both on open road and on the Nürburgring. Interestingly, there was an older gen Ford Focus RS and a current Opel Astra OPC (Vauxhall Astra VXR) tagging along.

And if that's not enough, Honda itself just published a teaser video in which it announces that the Civic Type R is coming, without actually showing the car. "We hope you're just as excited about the new Civic Type R as we are, why not watch the teaser film and take the Quiz to get access to exclusive content from the Frankfurt Motor Show - including the full length film as soon as it's LIVE," reads Honda's release.

Honda Civic Suffers a Crazy Pinball-Like Crash on the Nürburgring

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The Nürburgring racetrack may look like a ton of fun when you're driving a virtual car from the comfort and safety of your couch, but there's no reset and return buttons in real life when something goes wrong, only the potential for a lot of pain, life-threatening dangers and a huge hole in your pocket and ego.

After we showed you yesterday's crash with a Toyota GT 86 rent-a-racer, another video surfaced from the Nürburgring, one with a far more dramatic outcome.

More Extreme Driving Around the ‘Ring in the Blue Honda Civic Type-R

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We recently posted an article that featured an attached video showing a very brave driver and his Honda Civic Type-R, keeping up with a Nissan GT-R, on the banked twists and turns of the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It was a really impressive piece of driving, and showed just what it means for a good driver to get used to his/her car over time.

Watch a Tuned Honda Civic Type-R Keep Up with Nissan GT-R on the ‘Ring

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If there’s one thing we like here at Carscoops it’s exciting on-board footage from the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Even more so those videos where you think the driver is completely mad, driving something not particularly fast (at first glance) and keeping up with, and passing other more powerful cars, in a heroic attempt to prove that a modified model can compete with something that was purpose-built to go fast.

Honda to Produce New Civic Type R and Wagon in the UK, Next Jazz will be Imported to Europe

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At a press conference during the 2012 Paris Motor Show last week, Honda Motor Europe's President, Manabu Nishimae, announced the development and market introduction of two new Civic models, the performance Type R and the practical and roomier Wagon (estate).

Now, the Japanese automaker has confirmed that both of these two new derivatives of its compact model will be manufactured at the company's UK plant in Swindon, which also uniquely produces the Civic five-door hatchback that is then exported throughout Europe and globally.

The VW Golf GTI-rivaling Civic Type R hot hatch is scheduled for production in 2015 while the Wagon, seen here in a teaser picture, will make its global debut as a thinly disguised concept most likely at the Geneva Salon in March or the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 2013.