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Honda S2000 Driver Says Dashcam Saves Him When Lady Runs Red Light And Lies to Cops After Crash

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True, dashcam-videos can be entertaining, but their real function is to provide valuable evidence of what actually happened during an incident or accident.

This Viper V10-Swapped Honda S2000 Doesn’t Care What VTEC is

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As far as implausible engine swaps go, this one isn’t quite at the top of the tables, but it’s close. However, the Craigslist ad description for this Viper V10-swapped Honda S2000 puts it in a different light.

VW Golf R32 Bangs Honda S2000 From Behind

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I know some of you might be tempted to lock your eyes on the BMW M3 E30 racing through, but what you should be doing is focusing on the blue VW Golf R32.

Honda Could Create Mid-Range Sports Car; Spiritual Successor to the S2000

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While not technically a successor to the desirable S2000, the car that Honda is reportedly discussing behind closed doors will be the closest thing to it. The car would sit right in between the small three-cylinder S660 and the flagship NSX, with suitable performance for its place in the range.

Craigslist 2008 Honda S2000 Club Racer Edition Has Only 4,235 Miles

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One may be tempted to quickly dismiss the aero package seen on this black Honda S2000 as an aftermarket conversion with a poor taste in rear wings, but this is actually a limited edition named CR for Club Racer, offered by the Japanese brand during the roadster's last two years on the U.S. market with less than 2,000 cars produced.

Hear the VTEC Scream in a POV Test of a Honda S2000

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The Honda S2000 is one of the cars I like most, even though I haven't had the chance to drive one myself - yet. I do know enough about the brand, and have driven other Hondas before, to understand what this car is all about, and even after production ceased in 2009, it didn’t stop being the coolest two-seater one could realistically hope to own and run with not a huge amount of cash on hand.

Help This Saab Owner Choose Between a Used Honda S2000 and a New Subaru BRZ

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Why would a Saab enthusiast want to give up his rare 2002 Saab 9-3 Viggen and consider going Japanese? Well, let’s just say he wants to try something different. As someone who has owned several Saabs in his life, his wish is understandable.

Featured in the “BRZorthat” segment of the After/Drive show on the Drive online video network, the discussion between Mr. Saab and the host of the show, Mike Spinelli, gets pretty interesting when the guest explains why he would consider a used Honda S2000 as a replacement for his Saab.

What Were You Doing in High School? Certainly Not Converting a Honda S2000 into a 920 hp EV

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The Honda S2000 is one of the last great modern sports cars built. That means it’s a good base to start a project on, however, throwing away the incredibly rev-hungry two-liter engine, which up until the introduction of the Ferrari 458 Italia, had the highest horsepower per liter for a naturally aspirated production unit, is not something we would immediately consider doing.

Watch Comparo Between the Scion FRS, Mazda RX-8 and Honda S2000 - Which One Do You Like?

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Our obsession with everything new and cutting-edge is a very damaging one, simply because it limits our horizon in so many ways. For instance, why would you buy a Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS when there are two perfectly good (older) sports cars that share all the right ingredients – front engine, rear wheel drive and excellent dynamics?

The two models I'm talking about are the smooth Mazda RX-8 (find out all you need to know about it here) and the screaming Honda S2000, which is my personal favorite, because I still think it looks good and sounds even better. All three cars were pitted against one another by Everyday Driver, and in the end a winner was chosen.

Honda Gets Super Busy for 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon with a Barrage of Concepts and Tuned Models

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Honda will be unleashing a host of new production and prototype vehicles and motorcycles at Japan's largest aftermarket event, the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 that runs from January 11 to Sunday, January 13, 2013.

The first car that caught our attention is the S2000 Modulo Climax study of Honda's roadster model that ceased production in 2009.

It's featured in a Candy Red paint and sports a newly designed front end with a chrome brace-like strip, a new rear bumper and a series of other customizations both inside and out.

As one of its newest model series, the "N" family of mini cars that includes the tall, van-like N BOX and N BOX + models and the retro-inspired N ONE hatch, will be under the spotlight, with Honda to display the cars dressed in both production and concept parts from the likes of its in-house tuners, Modulo and Mugen.

Breaking: Honda Confirms New Civic Type R, Jazz / Fit Based Small SUV and Sports Roadster

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There's a whole lot of news - but unfortunately, no pictures, coming out today from Honda's headquarters in Japan where the company's CEO Takanobu Ito outlined the product, technology and business developments through 2015.

We are going to start with the new Honda Civic Type R sports hatchback based on the European market model that is currently undergoing development for an introduction in 2015.

Honda said that this model is designed specifically for the European market, though we could see it being exported to Japan at some point. More importantly, the Japanese carmaker's CEO stated that the Type R is being developed "with the goal of becoming the fastest front-wheel-drive vehicle on the Nürburgring race course".

On a more global note, Ito said that Honda will roll out an all-new replacement for the Fit, also known as the Jazz in Europe, in 2013. Within two years after the initial market presentation, the Japanese automaker will launch a small SUV model based on the underpinnings of the new Fit/Jazz as well as a replacement for the related City small sedan.

Design Student Envisions New Honda S2000 Roadster for 2020

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Back in the 1995, when Honda was still producing and developing cars that drivers liked to drive, the automaker displayed a concept model called the SSM (for Sports Study Model) at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Three years later, Honda revealed the production model of that concept named the S2000 in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

The rear-wheel drive roadster with the manically revving 240hp (243PS) F20C 2.0-liter 4-cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine went on sale in 1999 and remained in production for a decade selling more than 112,000 units worldwide.

We've heard many rumors about a replacement for the S2000, but unfortunately, nothing concrete. Naturally, design students are not bound by any production plans and are free to visualize their ideas like Michael Mcgee who took part in a Honda sponsored project for the creation of an S2000 for the year 2020.

Straight Line Duel Between Subaru BRZ and Honda S2000

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Can a roadster powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated (n/a) engine from the past like the (Euro-spec) Honda S2000, which traces its roots back to 1999, compete with a modern day sports car featuring a similar type of engine (albeit a flat-four) like the Subaru BRZ that was only just launched onto the market this year?

Some of you may already suspect the outcome in this "drag race" from French magazine Motor Sport, but why spoil the fun for the rest?

Head past the jump to watch the video.

Honda S2000 Does Crazy Wheelies but Loses the Race

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In one of those "wait for it moments", a heavily modded Honda S2000 gave the crowd something to talk about at the TX2K12 drag race event in Texas this past weekend.

The tuned Japanese roadster model was up against a Toyota Supra in a quarter mile drag race. The S2000 shoot off as if someone put a firecracker up its tailpipe performing not one, but several wheelies.

As impressive as they were, the wheelies not only cost the driver the race but he almost lost control of the car. Videos follows after the break.

More Rendered Speculation on Honda S2000's High Performance Hybrid Coupe Successor

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Truth to be said, we've lost track of the number of inside stories and rendered scoops concerning Honda's rumored, but never officially confirmed, S2000 successor that have made their way on the internet from various Japanese magazines the past year or so.

We've no idea if Best Car's latest story on a high-performance hybrid sports coupe that would essentially replace the S2000 is based on facts or fiction, but the Japanese magazine is once again claiming that Honda is working on what could be best described as the CR-Z's big brother.

From Concept to Reality: Honda S2000 Roadster

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Japanese manufacturers, residents of the BLAND unit in the trauma ward that is the modern auto industry (for the most part), put out some huge and extremely popular sports cars in the 90's.

Toyota had the twin-turbo Supra; Mitsubishi had the 3000GT VR-4; Mazda had the twin-turbo RX-7 and Nissan had the twin-turbo 300ZX and Skyline GT-Rs. And Honda? Well, they tried to pick a fight with Ferrari with their naturally-aspirated V6-powered NSX, but as for the common man? That's where the SSM concept stepped in, foreshadowing the S2000 roadster.

Honda S2000-Powered 1977 Toyota Celica GT Coupe

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If you opened the hood of a 1977 Celica GT, you'd normally find a Toyota four-banger, but not on this one. This first-generation Celica packs a modern-day Honda S2000 engine complete with a 6-speed gearbox. The seller of the vehicle claims that the high-revving S2000 engine has been upgraded and now develops around 268-horsepower which should be more than enough output for such a lightweight coupe.

The owner of the car took the build a step further adding a Honda S2000 digital instrument panel, a pair of 2005 Celica GT sports seats and a four-point roll cage, just to mention a few of the mods.

If you're interested, the 1977 Celica GT with the Honda heart is up for sale over at Hemmings for a "negotiable $18,000".

Link: Hemmings - Kudos to Greg for the tip!

Honda S2000 Coupe Independent Concept Study Looks the Part

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Not many of you were excited with the prospect of an all-wheel drive, 2+2 hybrid coupe replacement for the Honda S2000 as are the rumors currently circulating in Japan. Then how about an evolution of today's S2000 roadster with a fixed hardtop and some serious styling changes that include a Nissan GT-R-like snout, a rounded but, concave body surfacing and a pair of xtra large side air-vents? Pretty cool, wouldn't you agree? The artist responsible for creating these computer generated images of the S2000 Coupe Concept is actually the same person that crafted the alluring Subaru Impreza WRX STI three-door study that we showed you earlier today and who goes by the alias 'Grid'. Hit the jump to view the complete gallery.

Source: 3dluvr/Grid

Honda S2000 Coupe Concept - Carscoop
Honda S2000 Coupe Concept - Carscoop
Honda S2000 Coupe Concept - Carscoop
Honda S2000 Coupe Concept - Carscoop
Honda S2000 Coupe Concept - Carscoop
Honda S2000 Coupe Concept - Carscoop

Honda S2000 Successor Rumored to Get AWD and Hybrid Powertrain

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Earlier this year, Honda announced that the S2000 Roadster's decade-long production run will come to an end this year, leaving the company without a proper sports car. However, in addition to the launch of the production version of the front-wheel drive CR-Z hybrid small coupe in 2010, Japan's Best Car is now reporting that Honda is also working on a larger and more powerful coupe that would essentially act as a replacement to the S2000. The magazine claims that the 2+2 coupe would ditch the S2000's rear-wheel drive layout for the firm's Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system (SH-AWD).

Furthermore, it is said in the report that the sports coupe will benefit from a hybrid system similar to the ones used on Honda's Insight and Civic IMA hybrid cars. No word on if the S2000 replacement would use a high-rev 4-cylinder or go for a larger displacement V6 petrol engine.

Officially, Honda has given the green light to the CR-Z hybrid sports car while the Japanese firm announced the cancelation of its V10-powered NSX successor at the end of 2008 due to the economic crisis. Honda has made no announcement whatsoever on a S2000 replacement.

So what do we think about Best Car's report? It isn't the first time we've been hearing rumours about a Honda sports car of this type, and it sure ain't the last. A high-performance 2+2 Hybrid Coupe with AWD does sound interesting and more vitally, feasible, but for the time being we'll keep this story in the grapevine.

Via: Best Car

Video: Smoking Hot 701-WHP Turbocharged Honda S2000

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Honda's S2000 may be reaching the end of its life this year, but we're pretty sure that the rev-happy roadster will continue to draw our attention in the future with proposals such as this modified version that cranks out a jaw-dropping 701 wheel-horsepower. Built by T1 Race Development, the S2000's stock 4-cylinder engine benefits from a Borg Warner S372R turbocharger, a T1 race manifold and 1,000 cc Bosch Injectors. As you can see, T1 also rerouted the exhaust pipes to the side of the S2000.

In this video that ends in with a humoristic notice from the behalf of its creators, the Honda-licious S2000 Roadster smokes about anything that it meets on the road, including a Suzuki GSXR 1000 sportsbike - though it does seem that the latter kinda let off in the end.

Via: Diariomotor