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Toyota's Pulling The Prius V From The US Market

Have you had trouble wrapping your head around the Toyota Prius V ? Well soon that won't be a problem, because Toyota's pulling tha...

In-Depth Review Finds Very Few Faults With 2018 Toyota Prius

If you're in the market a practical and fuel efficient hatchback, the only thing that might keep you from considering buying a Prius st...

Volkswagen To Invest $12 Billion For EVs In China

Volkswagen has announced that it will invest over 10 billion euros ($12 billion) on a fleet of new-energy vehicles in China .

BMW Trademarks Selection Of i-Branded SUV Models

It appears as if BMW is planning a dramatic expansion of its i-Performance sub-brand, recently trademarking the names of no less than nine ...

No Direct Replacement For Subaru’s WRX STI, Hybrid Tech Considered For New Model

Subaru has no plans for a direct replacement of the WRX STI but that doesn’t mean that we won’t get a new one at all.

Toyota Says ICEs Will Die By 2050

Toyota says the internal combustion engine will be dead by 2050 and become far less common than electric powertrains by 2040.

Ford Pulls The Plug On The C-Max Energi

Ford has quietly pulled the plug on the C-Max Energi .

EU Wants To Reduce New Car Emissions By A Third By 2030

EU regulators have announced their proposal to introduce a CO2 emissions reduction target by 30 percent for new cars and vans by 2030 while...

Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley All Planning Performance EVs

The Volkswagen Group is reportedly keen to expand its electrified plans to its range-topping brands. This could result in all-new, performa...

BMW Bringing New Electrified Model At LA Show, Likely The i8 Roadster

BMW seems to have put an end to reports surrounding the time and place of the i8 Roadster's presentation by announcing a new electrifi...

Hybrid Lexus LC500h Coupe Shows How Its Weird CVT Works Under Full Load

While the vast majority of press coverage is taken by the V8-powered Lexus LC , there’s also the hybrid version that deserves some attentio...

Most Car Buyers Are Still Resistant To Hybrid And Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are widely thought to be the future but that doesn’t mean they’re close to matching sales figures of diesel and petrol-po...

Beak-Less 2018 Acura RLX Facelift Priced From $54,900

Acura's 2018 RLX sports sedan will be arriving in U.S. showrooms November 7, featuring new styling and a simplified high-spec two mode...

VW Group Planning A Host Of Hybrid Hot Hatches

Aware that it will take many years for all-electric vehicles to become commonplace, the Volkswagen Group intends on launching a selection ...

Aston Martin Encouraged By Proposed 2021 F1 Regulations

Aston Martin says it is encouraged by proposed 2021 regulation changes to F1 engines.

BMW i8 Roadster To Finally Premiere At LA Auto Show

The long-awaited BMW i8 Roadster will premiere at the LA Auto Show later this month, BMW Blog reports.

FIA Proposes To Keep F1's V6 Hybrids Beyond 2021

The FIA has revealed its long-awaited proposals for the new F1 engines set to be adopted in 2021.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Gets Cheaper LE Grade, Priced From $28,130

Toyota has sliced $1,895 from the starting price of the RAV4 Hybrid , by offering a new entry-level version of the SUV, called LE.

BMW Slaps M Performance Parts On 740e Plug-In Hybrid For SEMA

With this year's SEMA Show already full of sporty BMWs , it made sense for the flagship 7-Series to get in on the action, showing up wi...

Lamborghini Huracan Successor To Be A Hybrid

Lamborghini says the successor to the Huracan will feature some form of hybridization.