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Mazda MX-5 Turbo vs BMW M3 E46 vs Jaguar XE S Is A Fun Drag Race

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Can a turbocharged Mazda MX-5 NA compete with a BMW E46 M3 and a Jaguar XE S on a straight line?

Haas F1 Driver Romain Grosjean Puts Jaguar XF Through Its Paces [w/Video]

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Jaguar has asked F1 star Romain Grosjean to be the first to try out their new Smart Cones tech, to be featured in the company's 'Art of Performance' tour.

Jaguar E-Pace Early Mule Scooped At The 'Ring

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The expansion of Jaguar's SUV family, which started with the F-Pace, will continue with a smaller vehicle.

First Reviews Say Jaguar's F-Pace SUV Might Just Hit The Segment’s Sweet Spot

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The first crossover from Jaguar has a lot to prove as it enters one of the hottest segments of the market.

This 575HP LS3 V8-Swapped Jaguar XJ8L Is A Project Done Right

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If this brown Jaguar doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you should check if your heart is beating.

Jaguar Makes The F-Type SVR Roar In Park Avenue Tunnel in New York [w/Video]

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Jaguar went to great lengths to prove just how magnificent its F-Type SVR model sounds, using New York City's Park Avenue Tunnel as the perfect amplifier.

Michelle Rodriguez Takes Jaguar F-Type SVR To 201 MPH [w/Video]

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Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez got behind the wheel of the new F-Type SVR and went faster that she's ever gone before.

Stephen Hawking Stars In Jag's Latest "Villains" Commercial

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Jaguar’s latest “British Villains” ad sees the brand new F-Pace SUV and Stephen Hawking as the main protagonists.

New Jaguar F-Type SVR Roars Its Supercharged V8

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With the Geneva show in mind and the open road in front, the new Jaguar F-Type SVR made its video debut.

Jay Leno Reminds Us Of The Jaguar XJ220's Greatness

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In its heyday, the XJ220 was not only the world's fastest production car, but also held the record around the Nurburgring. Nevertheless, it hasn't gone onto become a collectable or an automotive icon quite like the McLaren F1.

Ex-Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Goes Ice-Driving With Jaguar [w/Video]

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On a 60 kilometer frozen lake in Arjeplog, Sweden, former Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho put the new Jaguar F-PACE S through its paces as part of an extreme driver training experience.

Jaguar F-Type R Pounces At Mercedes-AMG GT S

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The two 500+ hp sports cars are getting together to resolve their differences once and for all.

Jaguar F-Type SVR Roars In Official Launch Film

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"Lighter, faster and more powerful" is what Jaguar has to say about its new F-Type SVR, which was just confirmed for the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Reviewed By Harry Metcalfe

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Jaguar is fighting the very best from Germany with the roll-out of new models and special, performance-focused variants.

Jaguar's Ian Callum Story Is A Must-Watch For Aspiring Car Designers

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Ian Callum, undoubtedly one of the most evocative, modern automotive designers, just shared his saga with the rest of the world.

Martin Brundle, V8 Jaguar XJR Take On The Jetman

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While this is the sort of stunt "old TopGear" would pull, watching Martin Brundle pin the 550 PS supercharged Jaguar XJR against a real-life 'Centurion' is pretty fun.

Remember that old sci-fi animated TV series called 'The Centurions'? It was about a bunch of guys wearing these cool power suits that basically allowed them to fly and do all sorts of other stuff that you could only do while playing pretend.

The thing is, don't tell Yves Rossy that he's pretending to do anything, because this man has a genuine multi-engined jet-pack/wing strapped to his back, which pretty much makes him the fastest man in the sky.

Rossy describes his "powered wing" as being able to hit 300 km/h (186 mph) thanks to the four Jet-Cat P200 engines and the carbon fiber construction. The Jaguar XJR isn't far off its pace, but with a top speed of 280 km/h (173 mph), it's obviously at a disadvantage.

Besides, after jumping out of the helicopter and giving Brundle the old "3-2-1 Go" routine, the powered wing was already accelerating a lot faster than the automobile (which was stationary). In fact, no car on Earth could get up to speed that fast, compared to an object that's suddenly accelerating forward as it's falling from the sky.

There's no way to tell for certain how fast the Jetman was accelerating once he began moving horizontally, so just enjoy the race.


New Jaguar XF Is Fun To Drive But Could Use A Quieter Cabin, Says Review

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The new Jaguar XF is taking full advantage of the company’s new modular architecture shared with the smaller XE, dropping its weight up to 190kg (419lbs) when compared with its predecessor.

Jaguar Showcases New Led Headlights On Silverstone [w/Video]

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Things quickly change in the motoring industry, and what was once considered unthinkable, nowadays passes as mundane.

Jaguar 'Approved' Spot Makes Owning A Certified Used One Sound Delightful

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This is clearly one of those instances where we can't really accuse the car manufacturer of going a little bit overboard with their message.

KBB Tries Out The New Jaguar XF At Launch Venue

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The all-new Jaguar XF impressed journos present at its launch venue in Spain. It was appreciated for its firm but not uncomfortable ride, characterful V6 engine, excellent infotainment and the promise of great efficiency depending on power plant choice.