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This 575HP LS3 V8-Swapped Jaguar XJ8L Is A Project Done Right

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If this brown Jaguar doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you should check if your heart is beating.

Next Jaguar XJ Will Turn Into A Super-Luxurious Hybrid

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Jaguar’s next-generation XJ flagship saloon is set to evolve from its current form in order to survive in an ever-changing world.

Jaguar F-Pace Will Make Canadian Debut At International Show

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Jaguar will showcase the F-Pace medium luxury SUV at the 2016 Canadian International Show, held February 12 to 21, 2016, in Toronto.

Someone Converted A Jaguar XJ Into A Pick-up And Is Now Selling It For $8,999

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Ever wanted to combine your passion for pick-ups / ute with the style and panache of a British limousine? Well, then here’s your answer.

New Jaguar XJ Will Be Just As Stylish But Even More Advanced

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The 2016 version of the XJ was introduced in mid-2015 with numerous improvements in its first major update since 2010.

Martin Brundle, V8 Jaguar XJR Take On The Jetman

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While this is the sort of stunt "old TopGear" would pull, watching Martin Brundle pin the 550 PS supercharged Jaguar XJR against a real-life 'Centurion' is pretty fun.

Remember that old sci-fi animated TV series called 'The Centurions'? It was about a bunch of guys wearing these cool power suits that basically allowed them to fly and do all sorts of other stuff that you could only do while playing pretend.

The thing is, don't tell Yves Rossy that he's pretending to do anything, because this man has a genuine multi-engined jet-pack/wing strapped to his back, which pretty much makes him the fastest man in the sky.

Rossy describes his "powered wing" as being able to hit 300 km/h (186 mph) thanks to the four Jet-Cat P200 engines and the carbon fiber construction. The Jaguar XJR isn't far off its pace, but with a top speed of 280 km/h (173 mph), it's obviously at a disadvantage.

Besides, after jumping out of the helicopter and giving Brundle the old "3-2-1 Go" routine, the powered wing was already accelerating a lot faster than the automobile (which was stationary). In fact, no car on Earth could get up to speed that fast, compared to an object that's suddenly accelerating forward as it's falling from the sky.

There's no way to tell for certain how fast the Jetman was accelerating once he began moving horizontally, so just enjoy the race.


Jaguar Showcases New Led Headlights On Silverstone [w/Video]

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Things quickly change in the motoring industry, and what was once considered unthinkable, nowadays passes as mundane.

Review: Will Jaguar's Value-Pricing Highlight The Real Values Of The XJ?

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What is the value of a Jaguar? It’s worth talking about more than the value proposition of their cars, even though the company is making a point of that by adding features and lowering prices of their 2016 models.

Jaguar Thumps Its Chest In Lastest Ad

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With a lineup covering the bulk of the premium market, Jaguar might be right to feel confident as long as their cars keep putting up a good fight against direct rivals.

John Steed's Jaguar XJ12-C From The New Avengers TV Show Offered For Sale

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This is your chance to buy a cult classic that featured in the hit UK TV show “The New Avengers”.

Future JLR Vehicles May “Read” Drivers’ Minds To Detect Lack Of Concentration

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Jaguar Land Rover is working on a project called 'Mind Sense', aimed at measuring brainwaves to monitor driver concentration in the car.

Jaguar Converts Two XJRs Into Rapid Response Vehicles For Bloodhound SSC [w/Video]

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Jaguar will unveil two Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV) for the Bloodhound SSC at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week. One is based on the 2016 XJR and the other on the F-Type R AWD Coupe.

Jaguar Reveals Updated XJ With Newer Tech and More Diesel Power

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Jaguar updates their flagship, the XJ for the MY2016 by making small design changes on the outside and upgrading the tech on the inside.

Harry Metcalfe Presents His Rare and Modified 1976 Jaguar XJ C V12

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Harry Metcalfe presents us one of his latest acquisitions, a very rare 1978 Jaguar XJ C V12. Only about 1,200 units were given the 5.3-liter V12 engine, which makes the elegant coupe 10 times rarer than the most sought-after E-Type, the Series 1 3.8.

Blimey: X-Type Name Was Considered for Jaguar SUV, Mercifully Dropped

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What kind of name is F-Pace anyway? Is the whole Jaguar range going to receive an “F” prefix, like the upcoming SUV, or is it just a one-off for this model?

We Dare You to Spot the Differences on Facelifted Jaguar XJ

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Yes, this is the updated XJ saloon that's expected to land in Jaguar showrooms across the world next year.

Jaguar Mulling Bolder Styling Approach; Will Skip XF, Not XJ

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Bold is not what you’d call the styling and design effort put into the all-new Jaguar XE compact exec. Bold is not what you will be calling the upcoming XF, as it will feature a variation of the XE’s design, but you will be tempted to use the epithet for the next-gen XJ.

Scoop: 2015 Jaguar XJ has a Brush with Dr. Facelift

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Either Ian Callum got everything right the first time, or Jaguar is on a tight budget for the exterior facelift of the current XJ full-size luxury sedan.

This Polish Jaguar XJ Runs on a 1.8-liter Ford Diesel

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I don't know how many of you agree, but I find Jaguar's XJ40 series (built from 1986 to 1994) as one of the brand's better styling moments in the segment. Of course, that has nothing to do with what the previous owner of this 1990 Jaguar XJ did to his/her car.

Jaguar Said to Replace XK with Larger XJ Coupe to Fight Merc's S-Class Coupe

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Jaguar will end production of the XK sports car this summer and it appears that the carmaker doesn’t plan to offer a direct successor for it. Instead, Jaguar is said to replace the XK with a larger luxury GT based on the next generation XJ sedan.