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Is Jaguar Preparing To Ax The XJ?

Jaguar has a lot of exciting models in its lineup – fresh wheels that offer tempting (even compelling) alternatives to the usual suspects f...

Mysterious Jaguar XF Test Car Spied, But What Is It Exactly?

It’s not common to bring you a scoop on a car that we don’t really have any information, but this spotted Jaguar XF prototype appears to be...

Jose Mourinho Explores The Jaguar XJ In New Film

After becoming one of the first people to drive the F-Pace last year , Jose Mourinho is now checking out Jaguar's flagship, the XJ, in ...

Jaguar Land Rover Just Issued Four Safety Recalls All At The Same Time

Jaguar Land Rover today has announced a quartet of safety-related recalls in the United States – none of which are particularly large in th...

Imagining What Jaguar's Next-Gen XJ Might Look Like

Introduced back in 2009, the XJ is now the oldest model in the Jaguar lineup – and the oldest that Jaguar Land Rover still makes. That pla...

2005 Jaguar XJ Becomes A Rolling Cigar Club Thanks To Vilner

Vilner, known for transforming the interiors and exteriors of some special cars, has a new project to show, this time a 2005 Jaguar XJ.

Jaguar To Rival New Porsche Panamera With Next XJ?

Even though it was just launched, the new Panamera has already provoked a wave of interest. So much, in fact, that even Jaguar reportedly t...

This 575HP LS3 V8-Swapped Jaguar XJ8L Is A Project Done Right

If this brown Jaguar doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you should check if your heart is beating.

Next Jaguar XJ Will Turn Into A Super-Luxurious Hybrid

Jaguar’s next-generation XJ flagship saloon is set to evolve from its current form in order to survive in an ever-changing world.

Jaguar F-Pace Will Make Canadian Debut At International Show

Jaguar will showcase the F-Pace medium luxury SUV at the 2016 Canadian International Show, held February 12 to 21, 2016, in Toronto.

Someone Converted A Jaguar XJ Into A Pick-up And Is Now Selling It For $8,999

Ever wanted to combine your passion for pick-ups / ute with the style and panache of a British limousine? Well, then here’s your answer.

New Jaguar XJ Will Be Just As Stylish But Even More Advanced

The 2016 version of the XJ was introduced in mid-2015 with numerous improvements in its first major update since 2010.

Martin Brundle, V8 Jaguar XJR Take On The Jetman

While this is the sort of stunt "old TopGear" would pull, watching Martin Brundle pin the 550 PS supercharged Jaguar XJR against...

Jaguar Showcases New Led Headlights On Silverstone [w/Video]

Things quickly change in the motoring industry, and what was once considered unthinkable, nowadays passes as mundane .

Review: Will Jaguar's Value-Pricing Highlight The Real Values Of The XJ?

What is the value of a Jaguar? It’s worth talking about more than the value proposition of their cars, even though the company is making a...

Jaguar Thumps Its Chest In Lastest Ad

With a lineup covering the bulk of the premium market, Jaguar might be right to feel confident as long as their cars keep putting up a good...

John Steed's Jaguar XJ12-C From The New Avengers TV Show Offered For Sale

This is your chance to buy a cult classic that featured in the hit UK TV show “ The New Avengers ”.

Future JLR Vehicles May “Read” Drivers’ Minds To Detect Lack Of Concentration

Jaguar Land Rover is working on a project called 'Mind Sense', aimed at measuring brainwaves to monitor driver concentration in the...

Jaguar Converts Two XJRs Into Rapid Response Vehicles For Bloodhound SSC [w/Video]

Jaguar will unveil two Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV) for the Bloodhound SSC at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week. One is based on th...

Jaguar Reveals Updated XJ With Newer Tech and More Diesel Power

Jaguar updates their flagship, the XJ for the MY2016 by making small design changes on the outside and upgrading the tech on the inside.