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This Jeep Wrangler Is Made Almost Entirely Out Of Food Cans

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In case you weren't aware, July 1 is Canada's birthday, and to commemorate "Canada Day", Fiat-Chrysler's local arm had a bunch of young students build a Jeep Wrangler (mostly) out of food cans.

Next Jeep Grand Cherokee Delayed At Least To 2018, Other Models Unaffected

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Fiat-Chrysler's fast-paced product pace has started to catch up, now with the redesign of its highly successful Jeep Grand Cherokee being pushed back to the end of the decade.

B&B Feeds Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 CRD An Extra 60 PS

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If there's one thing that the Jeep Grand Cherokee lacked, it's a very fast diesel version able to take on those 300+ HP BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi diesel SUVs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 'Trackhawk' With Hellcat V8 Allegedly Confirmed

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Ever since FCA's 'Hellcat' V8 engine won us over by powering the Dodge Charger & Challenger duo, we've been itching to see it in action in the Grand Cherokee.

FCA Said To Privately Show New Jeep Grand Wagoneer In August

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Apparently, FCA will privately display the Jeep Grand Wagoneer at the biennial dealer show in Las Vegas, in August.

U Spy A Gang Of SRT Models Rumbling In The Mountains

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What were the Chrysler group's – err…sorry, Fiat-Chrysler Automobile's SRT engineers doing in the mountains of Colorado last month?

1000 HP Jeep - Brutal Launch Off The Line

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Have you ever seen someone rodeo a 1000 HP Jeep?

FCA Reportedly Delaying At Least A Dozen New Vehicles In North America

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Things don’t look very good at the moment for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the company whose CEO is seeking mergers via e-mails.

According to a new exclusive report from Reuters which cites suppliers familiar with the company’s plans, FCA has delayed the launch of at least a dozen current or new vehicles in North America during the last 12 months.

Fewer Than Two Dozen Jeep Renegades Affected By 'Software Issue'

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If you're in the market for a Jeep Renegade, it looks like you won't have a problem buying one from a dealer now, despite what Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne might have us believe.

Orange Jeep Wrangler Sahara By Project Kahn

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Are you tired of seeing Project Kahn’s tuning skills solely on Range Rovers? Do you wish the British tuning house would just get their hands on something else? Well, then…

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Tuned By Geiger To 708 Horses

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If you were interested in the tuner-craze-trend of the early 2000’s, then you surely remember Geiger. The German tuning house specialized in American cars, especially in H2 Hummers. The modification carried away for the enormous vehicles were next to ridiculous: supercharged V8s boasting up to 600-horses scissors doors, huge chromed rims and the list goes on and on…

Jeep Will Be The First US Automaker To Attend Tokyo Motor Show In Nearly A Decade

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You probably wouldn't know it, but Jeep is actually the eighth-best selling import brand in Japan. The off-road branch of the Fiat-Chrysler group is now looking to make itself even more visible in the island nation by being the first US automaker to attend the Tokyo motor show since before the world-wide credit crunch hit (2007).

Does The Jeep Renegade Have A 9-Speed Automatic Problem, Too?

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Will Fiat-Chrysler face another 9-speed automatic issue, this time in the new Jeep Renegade? CEO Sergio Marchionne says a fix is coming, but the company isn't making any statements yet.

Marchionne Says 2018 Jeep Wrangler Won't Be All-Aluminum

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It turns out the Jeep Wrangler won't be the next great American icon to go all-aluminum after all, according to recent comments by Sergio Marchionne.

A Jeep That Goes After Range Rover Isn't As Crazy As It Sounds

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Jeep has been the success story of the Fiat-Chrysler marriage. An investment in product coupled with timing the global love affair with SUVs and crossovers perfectly, and it's hard to see what product mountain they can't climb.

JEEP's Renegade SUV Gets Into Alternative Rock Music

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Whether this is your music of choice or you simply like this particular song, odds are you're still not falling in love with the JEEP Renegade.

Why Not Make a Pickup Out of the Grand Cherokee, Jeep?

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Jeep is interested in creating a pickup truck of sorts, but recent company exec statements have suggested that such a vehicle is not in the pipeline for the near future.

We showed you a Jeep pickup rendering created by Theophilus Chin not so long ago, and now we bring you another of his creations, this time a more believable effort.

Jeep Releases New Photos and Videos of its 2015 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

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Most concept vehicles have a sad life after they debut at auto shows: they are seldom driven (those who have a drivetrain, of course) and spend the rest of their days in museums or private collections.

Jeep Wrangler With Two Wheels In The Air Escapes Tow Truck In Chicago!

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Picking up and towing cars from the street is not unusual, but towing them while there's a person inside definitely is.

And that's just half the story because the guy inside the Wrangler did not want to abandon his car and with the help of the Jeep's all-wheel drive system, made a successful getaway with everything caught on film.

We don't know if the car was being towed for a traffic violation or if it was being repossessed, but doing so with someone inside doesn't sound legal, now, does it…

The YouTube editor who uploaded the video, Tony Marengo, said:

"We are used to seeing cars get towed out of the Walgreens lot next door with lightning speed (Clark & Ontario). Usually NOT WITH A PERSON IN THE CAR, though. And this guy definitely didn't want to get towed..."

You can say that again, Tony!

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Drunken Driver Jumps Into Car And Causes An Accident; Should Someone Have Stopped Him?

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An allegedly intoxicated man was recorded getting into his Jeep and driving away only to cause a major accident in which at least two people were injured moments later.