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2016 Jeep Wrangler Backcountry Goes Plum Crazy For LA Show

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If there’s one color intricately linked to the Chrysler group, that’s Plum Crazy, and now, a similar shade named “Xtreme Purple” is being offered on Jeep’s new Wrangler Backcountry.

Dubai Show Sees The Debut Of Three Special Moparised Jeeps

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Jeep and Mopar teamed up once again to bring three special models to this week's Dubai motor show. The three cars are the Cherokee KrawLer, the Wrangler Sahara Sun Runner and the Wrangler Dark Side, though, the carmaker only released a single picture for the former. 

Jeep Wrangler Red Rock Concept Is The Ultimate Desert Ride

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Jeep teamed up with Mopar to create a limited edition of the Wrangler, called the Red Rock Concept.

Jeep Pick-Up Truck May Not Be A Wrangler Variant

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We know for quite some time now that Jeep plans to add a pick-up to its line-up, but it seems that the project is still a long way from completion.

MC Customs Turns The Wrangler Into A Bling Machine

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The Jeep Wrangler has a very vibrant presence in the American aftermarket scene, as it can swiftly adopt two different appearances. Its rugged, pointy design and feel – along with the removable doors and hardtop – makes it the ideal base for an off-road adventure-mobile. Mind you, the same traits can turn it into a highly-customizable “bling-machine”, being able to accommodate huge wheel and tire setups.

Kahn Design Transforms The Wrangler Into A City Sliker

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Kahn’s Chelsea Truck Company has announced an upcoming styling package for the CJ300, but we’ll have to settle for this “Firecraker” Wrangler until the new model will make its official debut.

Mopar Brings Three Rugged Jeep Show Cars To Frankfurt

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ parts and accessories arm Mopar has brought three Jeep show cars to Frankfurt to showcase the personalization potential of each model.

Report Says Jeep Prepping Grand Wagoneer, New Pickup

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As FCA’s highest volume brand continues to grow, it seems that Jeep is looking to expand and further develop its future line up.

Jeep Unleashes Black Bear Limited Edition Wrangler

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Jeep has added a new special-edition to the Wrangler’s line-up.

Jeep Pickup Tipped To Be Built Alongside Next-Generation Wrangler

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The long-rumored Jeep pickup looks like it's going to happen as part of a deal that keeps the 2018 Wrangler at the home of the original Jeep.

Marchionne: Alfa Giulia-Based Dodge Charger And Barracuda Convertible Coming

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A new range of Fiat-Chrysler vehicles coming through the end of the decade includes a focus on both revisiting some historic names and trying to modernize some current icons.

This Jeep Wrangler Is Made Almost Entirely Out Of Food Cans

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In case you weren't aware, July 1 is Canada's birthday, and to commemorate "Canada Day", Fiat-Chrysler's local arm had a bunch of young students build a Jeep Wrangler (mostly) out of food cans.

Orange Jeep Wrangler Sahara By Project Kahn

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Are you tired of seeing Project Kahn’s tuning skills solely on Range Rovers? Do you wish the British tuning house would just get their hands on something else? Well, then…

Marchionne Says 2018 Jeep Wrangler Won't Be All-Aluminum

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It turns out the Jeep Wrangler won't be the next great American icon to go all-aluminum after all, according to recent comments by Sergio Marchionne.

Jeep Releases New Photos and Videos of its 2015 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

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Most concept vehicles have a sad life after they debut at auto shows: they are seldom driven (those who have a drivetrain, of course) and spend the rest of their days in museums or private collections.

Jeep Wrangler With Two Wheels In The Air Escapes Tow Truck In Chicago!

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Picking up and towing cars from the street is not unusual, but towing them while there's a person inside definitely is.

And that's just half the story because the guy inside the Wrangler did not want to abandon his car and with the help of the Jeep's all-wheel drive system, made a successful getaway with everything caught on film.

We don't know if the car was being towed for a traffic violation or if it was being repossessed, but doing so with someone inside doesn't sound legal, now, does it…

The YouTube editor who uploaded the video, Tony Marengo, said:

"We are used to seeing cars get towed out of the Walgreens lot next door with lightning speed (Clark & Ontario). Usually NOT WITH A PERSON IN THE CAR, though. And this guy definitely didn't want to get towed..."

You can say that again, Tony!

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Jay Leno Drives Crazy Jeep Wrangler-Based Fab Fours Legend Concept

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Driving a concept car is always a special thing to do, especially when the study is a crazy-looking vehicle like the Fab Fours Legend. Based on the Jeep Wrangler, the car made quite an impression at last year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Meet Jeep’s Seven Concepts for the Easter Jeep Safari

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As it does each year, Jeep has presented its lineup for the Easter Jeep Safari extravaganza (March 28-April 5). The star among the seven concept vehicles that have just been unveiled is without a doubt the Jeep Chief study, which is inspired by the classic, original Cherokee and by the west coast surfer lifestyle.

Jeep Releases Wrangler Black Edition II, Adds New Engine For Renegade In Europe

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Jeep’s debuts at the Geneva Motor Show include the Wrangler Black Edition II and a new 170PS petrol engine for the Renegade.

Next Jeep Wrangler to Retain Solid Axle Setup

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We’re expecting to see an all-new and much more modern Jeep Wrangler make its debut in 2017. According to previous reports, the company was said to be watering down the formula and in doing so they were going to ditch the traditional floating solid rear axles setup.