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New-Gen 2016 Kia Sportage Spied for the First Time

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Here's our very first look at the next Kia Sportage that should arrive sometime in 2016. The two prototype models spied at the Hyundai-Kia Technical Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany, were wearing a production body, albeit hidden behind black cladding.

Spied: Kia Polishes Up Cee'd for its First Facelift

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Three years after the launch of the second-generation Cee'd, Kia is working on a mid-cycle facelift for its compact hatchback.

Kia GT4 Coupe Rendered in Production Clothing as Toyota GT 86 Fighter

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At this year's Detroit show, Kia revealed a concept for an affordable, rear-wheel drive coupe named the GT4 Stinger.

Kia's Picanto City Car Spied in Facelifted Form

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The second-gen Picanto is already in its third year in the market and Kia wants to keep it relevant for another couple of years before it replaces it, with a facelift.

Kia did a fine job covering the new styling touches on the prototype, as the only things peeking out from the camouflage are the revised headlamp clusters, but it's suffice to say that it should get refreshed nose along with some changes to the rear section such the lights and bumper designs.

Being that the Koreans also had the city car's dashboard placed under covers, there may be some styling upgrades in store for the interior as well.

We don't expect any changes to the Picanto's powertrain lineup.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

PS: Seems like Kia's engineers weren't too happy about the encounter with our spies...

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Scoop: New 2016 Kia Optima Sedan is on its Way

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You're looking at the next iteration of Kia's Optima mid-size sedan, also known as the K5 in Korea, which we scooped in Germany undergoing development tests.

Future Cars: Kia’s Next Sorento SUV Bulks Up for the School Run

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In the land of sport utility vehicles, the segment is generally associated with soccer moms piloting their trucks for the school run, grocery-grabbing and visiting that pool-cleaner guy who lives eight blocks away. Car enthusiasts like myself usually detest these lumbering people haulers, yet I do appreciate the versatility that they exude.

Scoop: All-New Kia Sorento Finally Shows Some Skin

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Until now, Kia made sure that its new generation Sorento prototypes were firmly dressed in camouflage to keep the SUV's styling details hidden from common sight, but not so much anymore, as our spies caught a rather revealing tester.

New Kia Sedona Minivan Nabbed Undisguised in the Flesh

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The next generation of Kia's new Sedona minivan, also marketed as the Carnival MPV in Europe, South Korea and other countries and regions around the world, has popped up on our radar in its real life form, some 24 hours before the big reveal at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday.

U Design: A Digital Nip and Tuck for the 2015 Kia Picanto

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When it comes to city cars these days, the spotlight has been firmly set on the new Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 triplets, and Renault's latest Twingo, which is only to be expected since they were just introduced at the Geneva Show.

Spied: Kia Caught Benchmarking All-New 2016 Sorento Against Audi Q5

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You know the saying from Sun Tzu's The Art of War about being familiar with your enemy; so does Kia, as according to our man on the field, Kia benchmarked the next Sorento against the current Audi Q5 during cold weather testing in Sweden.

Spied: This is Kia's All-New 2015 Soul EV Undisgused, and That's One Pissed Off Tester…

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Only a couple of months after Kia shared a raft of information surrounding its new battery-powered 2015 Soul, our spies caught up with an undisguised production model during a commercial shoot on a public road…and one very annoyed man inside the car, who we imagine to be working directly for Kia or the agency responsible for the filming.

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept Rendered Roofless

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The GT4 Stinger Concept should definitely be the base or starting point for a production car from Kia that would compete with the likes of the Toyota GT-86 or Nissan’s 370Z if they decide to position it a bit higher in terms of power/performance – the concept has 315 hp.

Should Kia Ponder a Cerato or Forte-Based Convertible?

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Over the past decade or so, Korean carmaker Kia has submitted proposals in just about every mainstream segment, from city cars with the Picanto to hot hatches with the Cee'd GT and even rear-wheel drive luxury sedans with the K9 / Quoris.

However, it has been absent from the convertible segment, even though it does produce a coupe with the Forte Koup.

Future Cars: Kia's Next Sedona Minivan Goes People Hunting

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When the word 'Minivan' comes to mind, usually weird things start happening with my nerve endings and then I promptly fall into a state of nausea - I'll be honest here and say that minivans interest me as much genital warts or watching paint dry.

In saying that, while not the most attractive automotive art forms to grace our roads, they do serve a well-respected purpose. From carrying families and band members to cult leaders and church-goers; they're primarily designed for one thing - moving small groups of people in comfort (albeit minus the style).

Scoop: Is This the Next Kia Sorento or the Cross GT?

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Our spies may be convinced that the prototype seen in these pictures testing in Germany is the new iteration of the Kia Sorento, which is due for a replacement within the next year-and-a-half, but is citing unnamed internet sources that stated, it's "a rear-wheel-drive CUV that could represent the production version of the Cross GT Concept".

More Revealing Spy Shots of New Kia Sedona Minivan with Less Camo

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Here's another, much better look at Kia's spanking new Sedona people carrier, which like the current model, may bear different names in other markets around the world including Carnival and VQ.

This time, our spies photographed a prototype of the Sedona testing in Europe without the heavy cladding on the front and rear ends, thus affording us a first glance at their styling.

Spied: New Kia Sedona Replacement in the Making

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The recent re-introduction of the Sedona minivan in Kia's lineup after an absence of a year does not mean that the Korean company has scrapped plans for a modern successor, but only that it will be delayed and we have the photo proof for that in these first scoops of the new model, seen testing at Hyundai's European technical center in Germany.

Spied: Is Kia Readying a Makeover for 2015 Optima or Is This The EU-Spec Update?

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Our spy photographers emailed us these pictures of a camouflaged Kia Optima sedan with and without plastic black wraps on the front and rear ends, with the note that it's the upcoming facelift model.

While this holds true, were not entirely sure yet if it's a global redesign or the European-specification version of the lightly updated 2014 model displayed at the New York Auto Show in March (see our comprehensive report here).

Scoop: Kia Electrifies Second Generation Soul

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Here's our very first look at Kia's attempt to create an all-electric car for the global market based on the second iteration of the boxy-shaped Soul. Spotted in Europe, the EV model comes with some minor changes over the regular Soul, including the reshaped front grille, different headlamp clusters and hood, along, of course, with the absence of a tailpipe.

Bear in mind that this is a test car, so Kia may very well have more updates in store for the production version when it arrives. 

Kia Pro_Cee'd GT Sketched as a Convertible Model, Should it be Built?

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A speculative drawing depicting a possible convertible version of Kia's Pro_Cee'd GT sports hatchback surfaced on the Kia-World enthusiast website today. Even if you missed the one too many door lines on the car's profile, somewhere deep inside the article it is stated that, "this particular concept is only speculation".