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What It Would Look Like If The Transformers Landed In Russia

Ever wonder how it is that the alien robots from Transformers ended up looking like cars and trucks from our own planet? As any dedicated ...

In Russia, Even Snowbanks Are Looking To Kill You

A snowbank proved to be the ultimate challenge for an SUV, which is probably going to need a makeover after looking for a belly rub.

“Self-Driving” Lada In Russia Ejects Driver After Crash, Then Parks Itself Perfectly

Nothing to see here, just your standard fully autonomous Lada steering itself to safety after a crash.

Lada Vesta Signature Is The Poor Man’s Corporate Limo

It won’t replace Mercedes-Maybachs and Audi A8s for Russian oligarchs and top-ranking politicians, but Lada’s experimental long-wheelbase ...

AvtoVAZ Starts Production Of All-New Lada Vesta Sedan [w/Videos]

Following a series of concept vehicles , Russian automaker AvtoVAZ finally began production of the new Lada Vesta sedan.

Super-Sleeper Lada 2104 Hides A 400hp Nissan Silvia Turbo Under Wagon Body

Wikipedia defines a sleeper car as a car with high performance and an unassuming exterior .

When the 'Towed' Becomes the 'Tower'!

It seems Lady Luck sometimes favors the bold and stupid - not that you will ever hear the Lexus SUV driver complain about that.

Lada Goes Skiing

Here's a first-person view of what it's like to lose traction on a frozen road when you hit black ice and go down a slope.

The Lord of Parkistan

So, let me get this straight, was this driver trying to park his car or rub the VAZ-2107  saloon against the black SUV?

Nitwit Abruptly Changes Lanes, Causes Three-Car Crash

So what if you miss an exit? Just go for the next one, as the inconvenience of driving a few miles down the road certainly beats causing a ...

Russian Spoof of Mercedes’ Chickens Commercial Will Make You Laugh

Remember Jaguar’s spoof of Mercedes’ Magic Body Control commercial in which a chicken was eaten by a… jaguar (the animal, not the car)?

Lada Vesta Dressed as WTCC Racer at the Moscow Show [w/Videos]

The Lada Vesta may be labeled as concept car, but it’s a pre-production study that will replace the ageing Priora in the Russian automaker...

This is What It's Like Driving in Ukraine These Days

If missiles target passenger airplanes, intentionally or not, then understandably, motorists driving around Ukraine's military hotspots...

Lady Bails Out of Car Just Before Large Machine Crashes Her Man's Car

It turns out there's a little bit of Eric Cartman lurking inside everyone. As soon as this Russian woman realized the imminent threat ...

Watch These Russian Guys go from Road Rage Victims to Punishers

We don't condone fighting violence with violence, but sometimes, it's a matter of survival and let's face it; we all enjoy a go...

Ludicrous Low Riders Have a Hard Time with Road Bumps

Lada would be the last brand that comes to mind when you're talking about the low-rider scene in North America, but they do seem to be ...

Russian Cops are So Proud of this Hot Pursuit that they Released the Dash-Cam Video

You might be searching for YouTube's elusive variable playback button to bring things up to speed, but Russian authorities are so damn...

Lada Driver Messes Around with the Wrong Guy

Don't blame the messenger for all these whacky incidents with Lada automobiles and their drivers – we just deliver them to your elect...

Dumb and Dumber Almost Kill a Man

Would someone please do drivers a huge favor and take these two nincompoops off the road before they kill someone ?

Watch an Out of Control Car in Reverse Wreak Havoc in Russia

And this is one more reason why Russians leave their dashboard cameras rolling even when they're not moving on the road. This incident...