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New Lamborghini Model Confirmed for Paris, But What is it?

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Lamborghini just shared this outline of a mystery car and told us that we're going to see it in the flesh at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Lamborghini Huracan Rendered as Super Trofeo Racer

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Having a one model racing series is the best kind of publicity a car could have. Seeing it all dressed up with spoilers, special rims and liveries always somehow makes the regular series model even cooler – does the Lamborghini Huracan make an exception here? Nope.

New One-Off Lamborghini 5-95 by Zagato Looks Like a Spyker

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Look at what Italian design and coach-building house did to a Lamborghini Gallardo for one very special client. The one-off production car is named the Lamborghini 5-95 by Zagato and it will be displayed for the first time at this weekend's 2014 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este at Lake Como in Italy.

Lamborghini's Outlandish Egoista Concept Flies Back Home and Goes on Display

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Made by Lamborghini as a birthday present to itself and unveiled during the Italian brand's private 50th anniversary party last year, the one-off Egoista is by far the most exotic and radical model to wear the Raging Bull badge of recent memory.

Lamborghini Urus Could Bring Turbocharging to Sant’Agata Bolognese for the First Time

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Lamborghini's upcoming Urus SUV, scheduled to launch in 2017, may be the first ever turbocharged model from the Italian sports car manufacturer. As emissions regulations are more stringent around the world, the Urus may be powered by a turbocharged V8 instead of the brand’s traditional naturally-aspirated V10 or V12 engines.

New Lamborghini Huracan Blows its Top Roadster Style in Photoshop

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This is what the topless version of the all-new Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 could look like. Seen here in the interpretation of Hungarian designer X-Tomi, it closely follows the example set by the drop-top Aventador – it appears to have a very similar roof system with a small aperture too…

DMC Dreams Up a Digital Tune for New Lamborghini Huracan

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Only the announcement of a new Lamborghini model sends shivers up the spine of specialized supercar tuners like DMC, which has rushed in to present a digital take of what the Huracan could look like with a carbon fiber aero package.

Lamborghini Countach-Based 1994 Art&Tech Sogna Can Be Yours for €2.4 Million

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The seller of this car may present it as a Lamborghini, but the truth is, the Italian carmaker was not involved at all in the development of the Sogna. Built by Japan-based Art&Tech, the Sogna (dream in Italian) used the platform of the Lamborghini Countach and was the creation of teenage designer Ryoji Yamazaki.

Lamborghini CEO Says Urus SUV will Go into Production

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Stephan Winkelmann, the CEO of Lamborghini, said the sports car manufacturer will build the Urus SUV, which was unveiled at the Auto China 2012 as a concept.

“We're working on it and it will come, which will be good for the brand,” Winkelmann said about the SUV in an interview, according to a Bloomberg-sourced report on Japan Times. “We're going low profile now. I can't tell you much on details now, but when we get close to the launch, we will have more,” the executive added.

Audi Mulling a Production Version of Nanuk Quattro Concept! [w/Video]

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We will agree that the styling of the Audi Nanuk Quattro Concept might not be to everyone's taste, but the idea of a high-riding, mid-engine sports car that can be used all-year round by those who live in snow-belt regions or simply in places with poor road conditions, does sound compelling, doesn't it?

Lamborghini Gallardo Successor Rumored for Frankfurt Show, May Be Called the Cabrera

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This year has been a very busy one for Lamborghini so far. In its 50th year of existence, the Italian carmaker has unveiled two wild cars, the ultra-exclusive Veneno and the Egoista concept, a 50th anniversary edition of the Aventador and has also organized a 1,200-km tour around Italy with 350 Lamborghinis from all eras. But 2013 is not over yet.

Lamborghini Urus SUV Reportedly Confirmed for Production

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We get why Lamborghini would want to make an SUV, slowly turning the brand into a second Porsche, if you will, as it will allow it to concentrate on developing really good sports cars, while making the bulk of its profits from an off-roader and possibly a luxury sedan.

Furthermore, they can do one better than Porsche, in fact, because they can argue that they have tradition on their side, having previously built another high-powered and exclusive SUV, called the LM002, of which they made 328 examples from 1986 to 1993.

Lamborghini Details Egoista Concept Designed by Walter da Silva [Photos & Videos]

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We didn’t know what to make of the Lamborhini Egoista concept when we first heard about it. We thought the mad Veneno was enough to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary, but apparently it wasn’t. Now that we’ve had a good look at its attack helicopter-inspired looks, orange details and uber-angular styling, we’re actually more impressed with this than we were with the Veneno.

Lamborghini Pregunta Concept Could be Yours for $2.1 Million

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If you're looking to buy a hugely-expensive supercar or hypercar, you are willing to spend six-digit figures to achieve your dreams, then perhaps you should take your eyes off the Paganis, Koenigseggs and Bugattis of the world, and take a look at this Lamborghini Pregunta (Spanish for "question") concept from 1998.

As you would imagine, only one was ever built, but more importantly, it represents the final car made by Lamborghini, before going under Audi control.

Italdesign Giugiaro's Parcour V10 Concept Wears its Race Stripes

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It's something of a tradition for Italdesign Giugiaro to present multiple editions of its concept cars.

Just as it did last year at the Geneva Motor Show with the impressive looking Brivido GT that was displayed in both regular and Martini Racing trims, the VW Group-owned Italian design house came to the 2013 edition of the Swiss show with not one, not two, but three different versions of the Parcour Concept.

Italdesign Presents Lamborghini V10-Powered Parcour Concepts [Live Gallery Update]

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Even Italdesign can't stray away from the SUV-mindset that has taken over the Volkswagen Group lately. At the Geneva Motor Show, the Italian design house, which passed into the ownership of the VW Group in 2010, will debut two new concept models for a high-performance crossover running on Lamborghini power.

Lamborghini Preparing a Geneva-Bound Supercar that will “Shock and Reward”

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini and the Italian company has scheduled many events to celebrate the birthday. Perhaps the most important will be a “special model” that company CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed for the upcoming Geneva Auto Show in March.

Though Winkelmann wouldn’t elaborate, Lamborghini’s head of research and development Maurizio Reggiano was more forthcoming: “We want it to be a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini and we want it to shock and reward”, he told Australia's Drive.

What do you Say About this Lamborghini Supercar Design Concept?

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Unless you own/owned one and have/had bitter memories about servicing bills, reliability issues and other tedious matters of the sort, exotic supercars have and will always fuel gearheads' dreams.

The same goes for aspiring automotive designers like Alex Imnadze who has shared his vision of what a Lamborghini supercar should look like through a new concept study.

Lamborghini CEO Says a Final Decision on the Urus SUV to be Made in the Coming Months

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Unsurprisingly, Europe's ongoing financial woes haven’t left Lamborghini untouched, not only in terms of sales in the continent, but also in what concerns its product plans for the near future.

At last month's Sao Paulo auto show, the Italian brand's CEO Stephan Winkelmann said that the company's owner, the Volkswagen Group, had not yet made a decision on whether to produce the Urus SUV, which was first displayed as a concept in April.

Lamborghini CEO Says Aventador 2+2 Rumor is “Bull”, Still Waiting for VW Board to OK the Urus SUV

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The great thing about being a Lamborghini designer, apart from, well, being a Lamborghini designer, is that, since you only get to launch a new car every eight to 10 years, excluding the odd special edition, you have a lot of spare time to brainstorm with the rest of the team.

With the VW Group’s (very) deep pockets and Lamborghini’s expressed will to expand its portfolio you can mull over a lot of, let’s say, unusual ideas.

The rumor mill has been suggesting that the company is considering a 2+2 version of the Aventador. Well, Ferrari tried it with the 2+2 mid-engined 308 GT4 in 1973, admittedly without much success, and Lotus is currently doing it with the Evora.