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Land Rover Completes Design Work On New Defender, Is Hell Bent On Making It Worthy To The Original

The Land Rover Defender has only been out of production for about a year and a half but fans are already clamoring for a new model.

New Land Rover Defender Could Get Electrified Version

Land Rover is currently at work developing the next-gen Defender and it seems the new SUV could feature an electrified powertrain.

New Land Rover Defender Concept Could Be Introduced Next Year

The Land Rover Defender is one of the most highly-anticipated vehicles in the company's history but we haven't heard much about the...

Buy This Land Rover, Pretend You're A James Bond Villain

See this Land Rover? It looks like the one from Spectre , right? That's because it is.

Custom Startech LR Defender Has Been Improved Inside-Out

As rugged as the exterior of this customized Land Rover Defender might seem, the interior is the exact opposite, with a focus on luxury an...

Discover The English Countryside In Mr. Bean's Land Rover

See this Land Rover? Looks like it must be one of the first made, right? Only it's not. In fact it's one of the last, and it's ...

Next Land Rover Defender To Appeal To A New Generation

The design boss of Land Rover says that the new-generation Defender won't just appeal to enthusiasts of the previous model, but will al...

Drag Racing A Defender Against A Fiesta ST Never Looked More Intriguing

Pitting two wildly different cars against each other on a straight line is always a fun exercise. Maybe a bit pointless but still fun.

Buying A Land Rover Defender Means Never Fearing Going Offroad Again

Let's face it, some cars are special simply because they were built with a specific purpose in mind, which then becomes part of their c...

Kahn Design's Latest Land Rover Flying Huntsman Has A Nose Like Pinocchio

British tuner Kahn Design has just unveiled its latest project based around the Land Rover Defender.

This Zombie Proof Defender Is One Of The Coolest Landies Ever

This impressive 1959 Land Rover 109 S2 is only one of around 15 cars that have been track-converted by Scottish Cuthbertson.

New Defender To Be Land Rover's Most High-Tech Model Ever

The next-generation Land Rover Defender is set to become the brand's most high-tech model ever when it arrives in 2019.

East Coast Defender Add Life And Corvette Power To Iconic Land Rover

Florida-based company East Coast Defender has given some life to the axed Land Rover Defender with its Project XIII.

Land Rover Classic Will Let You Experience A Restoration

Land Rover Classic has just announced a behind-the-scenes tour of its Solihull workshop, which will give enthusiasts the chance to see the...

All-New Defender Prototypes Are Already Out On The Streets, Says Land Rover

Land Rover has started the development of the iconic Defender’s successor, with prototypes of the new model already on the road.

Jaguar Land Rover Re-Trademarks Defender Name

Jaguar Land Rover has applied to renew its trademark for the Defender name before the next-generation model launches towards the end of the...

Original Land Rover Defender Might Return Without The Help Of JLR

While Land Rover has insisted that the original Defender won't live on, the man keen to restart production may do so with a new vehic...

Original Defender Won’t Make A Comeback, Says Land Rover

Land Rover categorically denied rumors of the classic Defender returning to production by chemicals tycoon Jim Ratcliffe.

Chemicals Tycoon In Talks With Land Rover To Bring Back The Defender

Successful chemicals tycoon Jim Ratcliffe is in talks with Jaguar Land Rover to revive production of the Defender , reports The Sunday Time...

Future Land Rover Defender Could Get SVO's Performance Touch

Until recently, if a customer desired a performance oriented Land Rover Defender , aftermarket specialists were the only capable entities t...