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Yikes! Watch Train Crash Into Stuck Chrysler Limo In Indiana

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An eyewitness caught this dramatic video footage of a freight train slamming into a Chrysler 300 limousine that was stuck on the tracks.

Jay Leno Pretends He’s A Statesman In 1952 Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton

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Only three Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaetons were produced in 1952 by the Chrysler Corporation for use as ceremonial vehicles for US Presidents in New York, Detroit and Los Angeles.

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right: Lincoln Limo Gets BMW 7-Series E65 Plastic Surgery

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Lincoln's Panther platform-based Town Car was never a pretty sight and neither was Chris Bangle's E65 (E6X) BMW 7-Series from the 2000s, so you can imagine what we think about this eBay find.

Cadillac XTS Will Not Get a Replacement, No Direct Successors for ATS and CTS Either

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Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen said the XTS sedan won’t be replaced when it reaches the end of its lifecycle in 2019, as the luxury brand seeks to realign its products to compete with German premium automakers.

You Don't Want to Be in a Stretched Limo in the Event of a Crash

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Stretched limousines are associated with wild partying and prom nights, among other things, but how safe are these vehicles in case of a crash?

Porsche Engineering Reportedly Developing 800HP V12 Engine for Putin’s Limo

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It’s no secret that Russia’s president (and sometimes prime minister) Vladimir Putin wants a bespoke limousine to be driven in, after ZIL failed to impress him with their ZIL-4112P prototype.

Insider Info Hints at LWB Tesla Model S for China Again

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Talk of a stretched wheelbase Tesla Model S is not new, and it’s always centered around the Chinese market. This time, Gas 2 says it has insider information that the model is going to be built with the possibility of being revealed by the end of 2014.

U.S. Secret Service Wants Proposals for New President Limo – Any Ideas?

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In 2017, the U.S.A will have a new president in office. It will also have a new presidential limo that will replace the current vehicle used by Mr. Barack Obama since 2009, nicknamed "The Beast", which is based on a truck, but has the appearance of a stretched Cadillac DTS.

Mazda MX-5 Roadster Has a Four Seat Long Erection [w/Video]

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I full-heartedly disagree, as I find Mazda's small roadster one of the purest and most fun to drive sports cars around, but you know what they say about the Miata / MX-5. There's also another racy saying about men with big cars, and well, you get the picture with this extended version of the MX-5.

This Fifth-Gen Camaro is Ready to Party

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In their quest to offer customers a wider variety of choices and not only the option of a white or black Lincoln Town Car, limo builders have expanded their offerings to include all sorts of vehicles from different categories – even from the muscle / pony car segment.

Limo Fire that Killed a Bride and Four Friends Possibly Linked to Mechanical Failure

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A very sad event recently took place on one of the many bridges going across San Francisco bay. A young bride to be, Neriza Fojas from the Philippines, and her friends were crossing the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge in a rented limousine when a fire broke out in the rear part of the vehicle, which ended up killing the 31-year old and four of her friends.

Who Needs an S-Class? Carisma Auto Turns Mercedes Viano into a Luxury Lounge on Wheels

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For various reasons, some people don't want to be seen in expensive, flashy cars, but at the same time, they also don't want to give up on the luxuries that such vehicles are equipped with.

This is why bespoke luxury vehicle specialists from Carisma Auto Design are offering a customizing package for the Mercedes-Benz Viano that really makes the large German van an S-Class of its category. The aftermarket company basically finishes off what Mercedes-Benz started in 2011 with the Viano Vision Pearl Concept.

Obama’s Cadillac Limousine Chokes in Israel after Being Fed Gas Instead of Diesel

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President Obama’s Cadillac limousine, nicknamed "The Beast", broke down during the first day of the U.S. leader’s official visit to Israel. Something similar happened two years ago, when the presidential limousine was stuck on a ramp while exiting the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, Ireland.

UK Company Fantasizes Turning Lamborghini Aventador Into a Stretch Limo…

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Do you want the bad or the good news first? Well, since you can't tell us right now, let's start with the bad news: A UK-based, chauffeur-driven car-hire service company named 'Cars for Stars' has chosen the Lamborghini Aventador as the subject for a luxurious and unique looking stretch limousine proposal.

The good news is that this is just an idea right now and the photos and the video release by the company are merely digital renderings.

Lincoln Accepts its Fate and Launches Livery Edition of MKS

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Up until now, Lincoln has failed to compete against, not only competent German and Japanese luxury brands, but also even home rival Cadillac. Still, if there's one thing Lincoln can say it has been successful at over the years, it is the livery business, especially with the now-defunct classic Town Car.

Putin Reportedly Unhappy with New Zil-4112P Limo, Marussia Tries its Luck with Concepts

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We don't know if being the President of Russia is an easy job, but it's one that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is more than happy to do, as the former KGB officer has served President from 2000 to 2008, as Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012, while he was also re-elected President again in May of 2012. What can we say; the man loves being a head of state…

The job comes with many benefits, including the ability to choose the kind of wheels you roll around in. However, Putin wasn't satisfied with simply picking out an existing car to base a presidential limousine; no, he wanted one created from scratch from a Russian company, so he asked local automakers to present their proposals.

Cadillac wants Town Car Fleet Buyers to Move on to New XTS W20 Livery Package

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With the demise of the all-conquering Lincoln Town Car, there's a space that needs to be filled in the livery and fleet car market, one that FoMoCo is trying to cover with the MKT Town Car, while it's Detroit foe, General Motors, has placed all of its bets on the new 2013 Cadillac XTS.

Lincoln Town Car Limo Driver Just Had to Use McDonald's Drive Through…[NSFW]

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Of all the passenger cars that come to mind, a stretched Lincoln Town Car limousine must be one of the most inappropriate vehicles to be in at a McDonald's drive-through.

It's not hard to imagine why, nonetheless, someone insisted on riding his stretch limo to a local drive-through instead of simply parking it and walking a couple of feet into the store to order his meal…or at least he attempted to, as surprise, surprise, he experienced some problems.

Movin' On Up: Hyundai Hands Over Bulletproof 2013 Equus Limo to UN Secretary-General

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Oh, the glory and fame…Who would have imagined a decade or so ago that a Hyundai would be the car of choice for one of the top figures of our world.

Of course, being South Korean may have had something to do with the fact that the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-moon will now ride in a spanking new, bulletproof 2013 Hyundai Equus Limousine.

Eco-Conscious Nissan Leaf Stretch Limousine for Eight Goes Under the Hammer

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As it turns out, the world's first street-legal electric limousine based on the Nissan Leaf didn't hold its job at the Embassy suites hotel in Nashville, Tennesse, for long as we found the car listed for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $50,000 (equal to €39,400 or GBP 31,500) and a 'Buy it now price' of $57,000 (€44,900 or GBP 35,900).

We first came to know of the existence of the Leaf stretch limo back in the summer from Nissan itself, which even released a video of the eight-passenger model (see below).