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Street Legal McLaren P1 GTR Caught On Camera!

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It looks like McLaren’s track-only superweapon has managed to get itself a pair of license plates.

Is McLaren Taking The War Path With The 688 High Sport ?

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McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is responsible for some of the hottest supercars Woking has to offer and it seems that another one could be just around the corner.

This Is McLaren's New 675 RS, The Spider Version Of The 675 LT

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These are the first images of the open-top variant of the hardcore 675 LT, no less than four months ahead of its world debut that’s scheduled for the Geneva Auto Show.

McLaren’s New Sports Series Spied – Is It The 570S/540C “GT” 2+2?

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Since it became a proper supercar manufacturer, McLaren Automotive pledged that each year at least one new model would be rolling off its Woking plant.

McLaren 650S To Be Replaced In 2018, Says Report

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With Ferrari’s introduction of the 488 GTB, McLaren’s own mid-engine, mid-level supercar might fall a little short. But even if true, that might soon change…

McLaren 675LT Leaked Ahead of Geneva Debut

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We have our first image of the Geneva-bound McLaren 675LT and even though we're looking at it in low-res, it still looks like it's going to be a beast on the track.

New, More Hardcore McLaren 675 LT Could Be Unveiled in Geneva

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A more powerful and more track oriented version of the McLaren 650S is on its way to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March, with the Ferrari 458 Speciale in its sights.

McLaren Reportedly Sent This P1 GTR Rendering to Customers [Updated]

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McLaren is testing its customers’ reactions to the upcoming P1 GTR track-exclusive monster with a new rendering. The sketch was reportedly sent to owners of the road-going P1, the only ones who can apply to buy a P1 GTR.

McLaren's New 650S Supercar Shows Up Online

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We have no idea when McLaren was originally planning to disclose the first full-body photos of the new 650S, but the team over at Jalopnik was tipped off about the release of two snapshots of the supercar on Twitter tonight.

Scoop: McLaren Says this is a Test Mule for New Entry-Level P13

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What we all thought was a prototype of the facelifted MP4-12C when our spies captured the Spider model testing at the Nürburgring earlier this week, may be in fact a test mule for McLaren's upcoming entry-level sports car, currently known under the codename P13.

Spy Shots: McLaren Continues Development of MP4-12C with Facelift Model

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Yearly updates seem to be in McLaren's agenda for the MP4-12C as the British firm has been spotted doing the rounds on the Nürburgring in a partially camouflaged prototype of the Spider version of its entry-level supercar.

Only the front end is covered leading us to believe that cosmetic makeover may be limited to the nosepiece and possibly the headlamp fixtures, though, that doesn't mean we couldn't see some other minor tweaks in the form of new alloy wheels, and even select trim and technology revisions for the interior.

Fresh Videos of McLaren P1 XP2R Prototype and an Official Response On What It Is

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When we shared pictures and a video of a silver McLaren P1 tester wearing a pair of discreet stickers that read "XP2R Prototype Vehicle", shot by our spy photographers on the 'Ring the other night, we admitted that, besides the red calipers, there was nothing different about this car over the Geneva show model and that we didn’t know what it was.

Scoop: Mystery McLaren P1 XP2R Prototype Photographed and Filmed on the 'Ring

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Hasn't McLaren already revealed its P1 hybrid supercar? Sure it has, just this past March at the Geneva Motor Show. So why do we have another scoop story on the P1 then? Well, time to end our monologue and elaborate.

While on the hunt for future cars at the Nürburgring racetrack, a silver McLaren P1 caught the eyes of our spies – and probably anyone else mildly interested in cars at the circuit. Upon a closer look at the photos, it turns out that this P1 was wearing a pair of stickers in front of the rear wheel arches and above the side skirts that read "XP2R Prototype Vehicle".

Watch a Ferrari 458 Spider Stalk a McLaren P1 Hypercar in Traffic

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After watching this video, we can’t but feel for the McLaren engineers trying to do their work testing or simply driving the P1 under normal conditions and having to deal with all the (justified) attention that comes along with the job.

On the other hand, we're also grateful for supercar-spotter and YouTube channel owner Shmee150 and his friend in a deliciously sounding Ferrari 458 Spider for tracking down and filming the pre-production P1, without making any inherently dangerous moves in the process (or at least none that we saw in this video).

McLaren P1 Shows Up Alongside MP4-12C Spider in 2013 Formula 1 Car Launch [w/Video]

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We can safely say that McLaren is showing off its upcoming P1 hypercar quite a lot lately – not that we’re complaining, of course. Barely a week after releasing a new video and a set of images of an “XP” (for “experimental”) test car with a black and white camouflage that did nothing to hide its lines, the company chose its 2013 Formula 1 contender’s launch to flaunt the P1 again.

McLaren Shows P1 at NYC Private Event, Says Only the Front Bumper and Rear Vents will Change

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When McLaren presented the P1 Concept at this year's Paris Motor Show, it told us that its new supercar was 97 percent production ready in terms of its exterior design.

If you have been wondering what kind of changes that 3 percent represents, then you'll be happy to know that the British carmaker answered that question during a private event in New York City that was attended and filmed by Jason Thorgalsen.

Scoop: McLaren P1 Filmed Testing on the Road, First Glimpse at the Cabin

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Sure, most of you have seen the McLaren P1 concept that was revealed at the recent Paris Motor Show and have checked out spy shots of taped-up pre-production prototypes, but how about watching it drive on the road?

Well, if you haven't, here's your chance to do so thanks to a new spy video, courtesy of French publication L'Automobile.

We've already established the fact that the exterior appearance of McLaren's P1 hypercar won't change much from study, but this video also affords us our first look at the interior that was hidden behind blacked out windows on the concept.

Spy Shots: McLaren Suits Up New P1 Hypercar and Takes it Out for Testing

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The most eagerly anticipated hypercar to be born in the land of Kings, Queens and Knights since…well, since McLaren's almighty F1 from the 1990s, the new P1, has been dressed up appropriately for some final stage testing before we see it in its final production costume next spring.

McLaren gave us our first look at the mid-engined P1 at the 2012 Paris Motor Show with a concept car, and from the looks of it, there won't be any notable changes made to the styling of the production model which keeps everything, from the centrally mounted air scoop on the roof to the wavy retractable rear spoiler.

SCOOP: McLaren F1's Successor Spotted Testing for the First Time

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Enough with the rumors about McLaren's plans to resurrect one of the most iconic supercars of all time, as our spies snapped the first photos of a prototype model that proves once and for all that that the British firm has indeed begun work on a replacement for the F1, codenamed P12.

While the front end may remind you of McLaren's MP4-12C, move your eyes pass the front pillar and you will see many differences including the teardrop shaped roof that sports a central air intake - just like the original F1.