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Wells Fargo Illegally Repossessed An Additional 450 Vehicles From Service Members

It has emerged that U.S. bank Wells Fargo illegally repossessed over an additional 450 vehicles from service members .

AM General Suing Call Of Duty Developers Over HMMWV Usage

Most people might not know what a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is but if you asked them about a HUMVEE or HMMWV, they'll...

The Rezvani Tank Configurator Is Up So You Can Build Your Own Urban Assault Vehicle

Rezvani's 2018 V8-powered Tank can now be configured and purchased online, with estimated delivery times set at 12 weeks.

Partisan One Aims To Simplify The Military SUV

Form follows function nowhere as clearly as in the military, where vehicles are designed to serve a purpose, not to look pretty. Just look ...

GM Presents New Fuel Cell Platform With Autonomous Tech

GM is looking to solve some of the world's toughest transportation challenges with the help of their flexible autonomous fuel cell plat...

AM General Is Selling More Hummer H1s Now Than GM Ever Did

Given that General Motors shut down the Hummer brand over seven years ago, you'd think that the vehicle that started it all would be lo...

Rezvani Teases New Extreme Utility Vehicle, Dubbed 'Tank'

Rezvani Motors will unveil the 'Tank' in less than a week's time, a military-inspired tactical urban vehicle , loaded with capa...

Armored Military Vehicle Just Rammed A Civilian Car...Again

Even though this incident is slightly different compared to the last time we saw an armored vehicle strike a car in traffic , this one coul...

Armored Personnel Carrier Rams Kia Cee'd In Russia

No, this isn't a scene from a Golden Eye reboot, but rather something that will make you shake your head in disbelief.

The Opel Maultier Panzer-Werfer 42 Was Literally Built Like A Tank

Not many vehicles are cooler than an ex-military Humvee , but an Opel armored truck, with its own rocket launcher, could top it.

Confuse Your Neighbors With This Ex-Military Humvee

All you need is a fine cigar and you'll feel just like Arnold Schwarzenegger inside this Humvee, bar the coolness.

This $300,000 Buick Is Built Like A Tank (With Good Reason)

Buicks have a reputation for being built like tanks. This one especially – because, as you can see, it's an actual tank .

Watch An A-10 Warthog Destroy A Humvee Drone

The A-10 Thunderbolt isn't the newest jet in the US Air Force inventory. It's not the fastest, the flashiest, or the most expensiv...

Mystery Military Convoy Spotted Carrying 'Trump' Flag

This mystery Humvee convoy was spotted in Kentucky down Interstate 65 through Louisville on Sunday morning, and no branch of the military ...

US Marine Corps Gets First BAE Systems Amphibious Combat Vehicle For Testing

With a long list of features that would make every off-road enthusiast jealous, the first out of 16 Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV) 1.1 p...

Wells Fargo To Pay $24 Million For Illegally Repossessing Cars Of Military Personnel

U.S. banking company Wells Fargo & Co has agreed to pay $24 million after improperly repossessing cars owned by U.S. military personne...

Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Drive A Tank?

We guess driving a proper, armored military tank sounds like quite exciting to most.

1957 Porsche Military Vehicle Has Never Seen The Battlefield, Goes For $200k

Just like Jeep, Land Rover, Volkswagen and other brands, Porsche was in the army vehicle-development game , with the 597 Jagdwagen 4x4.

Chevrolet To Reveal Colorado-Based Fuel Cell Vehicle For The Army

GM and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center are going to reveal a Chevrolet Colorado -based fuel cell...

If You Were Looking For The Automotive Equivalent Of A Rhino, Well, You’ve Found It

Meet the Rhino GX, a custom military-inspired luxury SUV for those looking to intimidate other vehicles on the road, tanks included.