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New Fiat 124 Spider Inspires Modern Datsun 240Z Rendering

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Produced between 1969 and 1978 in first-generation guise, the Datsun 240Z is the spiritual ancestor of the current Nissan 370Z. Also referred to as the Nissan Fairlady Z, the original has become a truly iconic Japanese sports car and for good reason.

The Original Nissan Z Is All The JDM Classic Hero Car You Want

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You don’t have to be a hardcore JDM fan to really appreciate the appeal of a classic Nissan Fairlady 240Z.

Next-Gen Nissan 370Z / Fairlady Z Envisioned, Do You Like It?

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The replacement to the Nissan 370Z sports car (known as the Fairlady Z in Japan) is expected to be quite a departure styling-wise.

ADV.1 Wheels' +1,000HP Supra-Powered 1978 Datsun 280Z Is A Beast

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Whoever said that two rivaling Japanese sports car nameplates can't find common ground and work together?

JDM Unicorns Exist: An Original Nissan Fairlady Z 432 Goes For Sale

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If your JDM knowledge needs some dust off (ours did!), this is basically a Datsun 240Z with the powertrain of the original Skyline GT-R, aka the hakosuka. This means that under the bonnet lives and breathes a dual-cam, four-valve, 2-litre inline-six fed by no less than three carburetors, hence the 432 nameplate.

This Man Took a Year Off to Drive His 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster Across North America

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Scott Fisher of Las Vegas, Nevada decided that a one-year road trip across North America was exactly what he needed in order to unwind.

Since starting his trip from Las Vegas last spring, the owner of a 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster has covered more than 30,000 miles (48,280 kilometers) spread across 44 states and 7 Canadian Provinces. Surprisingly, most of the trip was covered with the top down.

Vossen Wheels Showcases Purple Delight Nissan 370Z

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While not a full-blown tuner itself, Miami-based wheel specialist Vossen, known to the masses mainly for its concave-design rims, gets all sorts of cars in its hands to be fitted with its alloy goods. When that happens and the vehicle in question is special enough, it also takes some artsy photos to share with the world.

That's the case with this purple-accent Nissan 370Z Coupe riding on the brand's 20-inch VVSCV4 wheels finished in a bespoke two-tone color theme that matches the rest of the car.

One Way to Sell Your Car is to Pretend that this is Your Daughter

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Some cars can sell themselves, but it never hurts to spice things up if it can help to spread around the word. Case in point, Kim Ridley who owns the Ridley’s Rides car dealerships in Eugene, Oregon.

Ridley posted an ad for a low-mileage 1977 Datsun 280Z on eBay, which contained pictures of a young woman supposedly posing sensually (we'll disagree, but everyone to his own taste, of course) on the Japanese coupe.

Nothing-new right? Well, not exactly, as what makes this story interesting is that Ridley claimed in an interview with Adweek that the woman in the photos was his young daughter, something he took back, but only after the car was sold for $7,500 or about €5,800.

Rare 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z 432 with Skyline GT-R Heart up for Sale

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Here's a nice find for all you classic car lovers; a fully restored 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z 432 with only 12,000km [7,462 miles] on the odometer - and it's up for grabs at an undisclosed price by a Japanese dealer.

For those wondering, the Z 423 was a Japan-only version of the Fairlady Z [sold as the 240Z in the States] equipped with the same 2.0-liter inline-six S20 engine producing 160-horsepower and 177Nm as the Skyline GT-R (PGC10). It was built in limited number of units for homologation purposes. The name '432' refers to the 4 valves [per cylinder], 3 carburetors and 2 camshafts.

Along with the GT-R's straight-six that was coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox, the Z 432 featured many other upgrades including Magnesium wheels and a unique exhaust system with dual vertical tail pipes. More photos after the break.

Nissan Club Celebrates Z's 40th Birthday with 'Back to the Future' Photo Shoot

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Joining the festivities for the Z's 40th anniversary, the folks over at the NICOClub, a forum dedicated to Nissan and Infiniti cars, published these two black and white photos of the first 240Z and its modern day successor, the 370Z. The original picture with the two pre-production 240Zs and a Datsun 510 support car that were driven by Datsun engineers was shot in October 1969 on Van Buren Street in downtown Phoenix.

Nico Club forum member 'AZhitman' and his pal re-staged the photo shoot at the same exact location during a test drive last year replacing the 240Zs with two Nissan 370Zs and the Datsun with a new Nissan Maxima that were positioned in the same way as they were 40 years ago.

PS: We digitally enhanced the second photo with the 370Zs to give the impression of an aged effect

Via: NICOClub , Photos: AZHitman

Nissan Launches 2010 Fairlady Z with Minor Upgrades and 40th Ann. Model, Plus New Roadster in Japan

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Together with the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition of the 370Z for North America, Nissan today announced the Japanese market launch of the 2010 model year Fairlady Z lineup that includes the introduction of the new Roadster model and minor upgrades for the coupe version of the JDM 370Z that also gains a "40th Anniversary" model to mark the first four decades of the sports car.

Beginning with the coupe, the 2010 model year brings a number of small enhancements that include the adoption of an HDD CARWINGS navigation system with a built-in digital TV receiver, an advanced map update system and iPod connection. Furthermore, an Intelligent Key with a Z metal emblem is offered, along with new body color variations, including a new Premium Deep Maroon color.

One year after the launch of the newest generation Fairlady Z, Nissan has added a canvas-top Roadster model to the sport car's Japanese line-up. The Fairlady Z Roadster features the same 3.7-liter V6 engine as the coupe model.

Also, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the birth of the original Fairlady Z in October 1969, Nissan has released a limited edition version of the coupe that entails the same styling traits as the commemorative 370Z that will go on sale in the States in Spring 2010.

Available at Nissan's Japanese dealers for one year after the release date, the Fairlady Z 40th Anniversary is based on the JDM Version ST and is offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Highlights include a unique metal grey paint job, red leather seats and door panels, contrasting red stitching on the steering wheel, console and other parts of the interior, new alloy wheels, and an array of 40th anniversary emblems inside and out.

Prices for the Fairlady Z Roadster in Japan range from 4,357,500 yen to 5,092,500 yen, for the 2010 Fairlady Z Coupe from 3,643,500 yen to 4,588,500 yen and for the 40th Anniversary model, from 4,483,500 yen to 4,588,500 yen.