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Rumored Nissan Leaf Nismo Could Look Pretty Much Like This

Taken into its second generation just last week, the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf is trying out a virtual Nismo suit, and it's not only fo...

Nissan To Unveil Electric SUV In October

Nissan will unveil an all-new electric SUV at October’s Tokyo Motor Show based on the underpinnings of the latest-generation Leaf .

Nissan Leaf's 60 kWh Battery Option Could Deliver 225+ Miles Of Range

When Nissan unveiled the 2018 Leaf many people where surprised the model would have a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery that provides an EPA-esti...

Nissan Will Assemble New Leaf In US And UK By The End Of The Year

Nissan is looking to expand its presence in the zero-emission segment by starting full production of the new Leaf in the United States and...

Nismo Could Have Its Way With The Nissan Leaf

Nissan intends on offering the all-new Leaf with a Nismo styling package in a bid to attract younger buyers.

2018 Nissan Leaf Has A 150-Mile Range And Costs $29,990

Well, after months of eager anticipation, the 2018 Nissan Leaf has arrived, complete with an all-new design and powertrain that promise to...

Nissan Wants UK Buyers To Swap Old Cars For A Leaf EV

Nissan is offering UK customers up to £2,000 plus trade-in value for their old car if it means getting them into the full-electric Leaf . ...

Nissan Not Done Teasing All-New Leaf [w/Video]

The all-new Nissan Leaf is scheduled to be unveiled on September 6 in Japan, packed full of semi-autonomous driving features and advanced ...

All-New Nissan Leaf Getting Ready For First Public Appearance

Following the all-new Nissan Leaf's official global reveal in the U.S on September 5, the new generation model will also make its firs...

2018 Nissan Leaf Will Allegedly Have Three Trim Levels

A U.S. listing website indicates that when the 2018 Nissan Leaf goes on sale, it will be offered in three different guises.

Japanese Ad Previews The 2018 Nissan Leaf's Autonomous Tech

Just a few hours after a Nissan employee published photos of the 2018 Leaf, the Japanese automaker has previewed some of the hatchback’s s...

2018 Nissan Leaf Caught Undisguised On The Factory Floor

Nissan has been slowly teasing the redesigned Leaf but it appears one employee has jumped the gun and posted undisguised photos of the mode...

Nissan Leaf Platform To Spawn More EVs

Nissan looks set to use the platform of the next-generation 2018 Leaf for a number of other electric models.

New Nissan Leaf To Produce Zero Lift Thanks To Advanced Aero

Aerodynamics is important, not just to supercars but to zero-emissions vehicles too, like the upcoming second-generation Nissan Leaf.

2018 Nissan Leaf Snapped Undisguised During Promo Shoot

The second-generation, 2018 Nissan Leaf has been snapped completely undisguised for the very first ahead of its reveal in Tokyo on Septembe...

2018 Nissan Leaf Prototype Reveals 265Km (165Miles) Of Driving Range

The second generation Nissan Leaf should have had a total driving range in excess of 200 miles (322km).

You Probably Won’t Use The Brakes Much With The New Nissan Leaf

While we still have to wait until September 6 for the new Nissan Leaf to be fully revealed, the company continues to release small details...

2018 Nissan Leaf Reveals Its Form In Florida

As Nissan prepares the 2018 Leaf for its premiere on September 6, a reader over at Inside EVs recently stumbled upon two prototypes in Or...

New Nissan Leaf EV To Feature Most Advanced Park Assist Yet [w/Video]

The upcoming Nissan Leaf will also be the company’s first model to feature the ProPilot Park technology.

All-New Nissan Leaf Shows Its Grille Ahead Of September 6 Debut

Nissan has dropped yet another teaser of the new generation Leaf , that debuts this fall.