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Nissan To Produce Vehicles In Myanmar

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Nissa has announced that it will begin producing cars in the Southeast nation of Myanmar for the first time by the end of 2016.

Facelifted Nissan Almera Gets Nismo Version in Malaysia

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Nissan Malaysia has introduced the refreshed Almera (known as the Sunny in other Asian countries and Versa in North America), along with a Nismo version for the local market.

Spied: Nissan Versa's Sunny Twin Gains an Altima Face in China

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Photos of two completely undisguised examples of what is the facelifted 2014 Nissan Sunny sedan have popped up on a Chinese website, leading us to believe that the Japanese company may very well be preparing the same updates for the North American version of the car, which is none other than the Versa sedan.

Nissan Shows Versa Nismo Performance Package Concept

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Who would have imagined that so many would have such an imagination with Nissan's low-cost compact sedan, which is sold under three different names worldwide including the Versa, Sunny and Almera, and has also spawned a Renault doppelganger called Scala?

After India's DC-Design studio luxed-up the Sunny, Nissan's own Nismo performance and motorsports division presented a supposedly (but not really) sported-up concept that will soon enter production on the sidelines of the Super GT International Series Malaysia 2013.

DC Designs Crafts the Rolls-Royce of Nissan Versa Sedans

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No one in their right mind would ever look for excessive luxuries in a car like the Versa that Nissan brags has the lowest MSRP for a new model in the States, nor would they attempt to make a premium vehicle out of it, or would they…

Well, actually, someone has tried to give the Versa, which is also known as the Sunny in other markets including India, a far more luxurious character. That someone is none other than Dilip Chhabria of DC Designs, who took a look at what premium manufacturers like Rolls Royce and Mercedes-Benz have to offer and applied a similar formula (on a lower budget) to the Versa / Sunny.

Renault Launches Somewhat Prettier and More Luxurious Nissan Versa as the New Scala in India

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Looks aren’t one of the Nissan Versa's (or as it's called in other markets around the world, Sunny) strong points. The fact that is heavily based on the Micra sub-compact featuring odd proportions and small wheels doesn't help either.

Nevertheless, Renault's designers were able to make their version of the Versa / Sunny, the new Indian market Scala, look a tad more presentable by applying a few styling tricks.

Renault Slaps its Face on the Nissan Sunny / Versa and Calls it the New Scala for India

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These are the first official images of the new Renault Scala, a compact-sized saloon aimed at the Indian market.

In exactly the same way that the Renault Pulse supermini is a re-badged version of the Nissan Micra, the Scala is a Renault-faced iteration of the Nissan Sunny, which is sold in North America as the Nissan Versa sedan.

Hit and Run Driver Strikes Down Four Scooters in Taiwan, Ambulance Just Passes By…

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There are so many things wrong with this accident, which allegedly took place on a central road in Taiwan earlier today, that we could go on and on but let just give you the basics.

Video footage from another vehicle shows a driver of a white compact sedan (an older generation Nissan Sentra / Sunny, if we're not mistaken) running a red light more than five seconds after it turned on before he crashes into three or four scooters at the intersection.

SPIED: Nissan Testing New 2012 Sunny / Versa Sedan in Europe

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Our spy photographers have captured a lightly camouflaged prototype of the freshly revealed in the USA and China, Nissan Versa / Sunny series, during testing in Sierra Nevada, Spain. The prototype was a right-hand drive example with test license plates from Spain.

Aside from the odd-looking exhaust tail pipe that extends all the way to the outer corner of the rear bumper and possibly the headlamp and tail lamp designs, we didn’t notice any other styling differences compared to the North American Versa and the China market Sunny models.

Video Walkaround of Nissan’s New Versa Sedan

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Even though American consumers still tend to prefer larger vehicles, both domestic and foreign automakers are convinced that soaring gas prices will eventually convince buyers to embrace more compact-sized and fuel efficient models. The 2011 New York Auto Show marked the debut of the latest crop of compact cars including the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan, which will try to lure buyers with a low staring price of $10,990 and a promise for affordable costs of ownership.

Hot on the heels of the 2012 Versa sedan’s North American premiere in New York, the Japanese brand released a new video that walks us around the four-door model that will go on sale in the U.S. this summer.

2012 Nissan Versa Sedan Unveiled, Priced from a Low $10,990

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It looks like our first reaction to link the Chinese market Nissan Sunny, revealed in December 2010, to the North American 2012 Versa, was spot on, as these photos clearly prove. Nissan’s new entry in the affordable small sedan segment is a very awkward looking proposal (to say the least…), which probably stems from the fact the Versa / Sunny is based on the Micra’s V-platform architecture, hence the odd proportions of the body.

“The new Versa Sedan stands out as the only expensive looking car in the segment – with a lot of eye power,” said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America.

“Its sculpted, dynamic proportions are modern without being gimmicky, projecting a much higher sense of design value than you might expect in a vehicle with a $10,990 starting M.S.R.P."

New Nissan Sunny Sedan Unveiled at China Auto Show. Is this the New 2012 Versa?

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Taking center stage and making its world debut at the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, is Nissan's all-new global small sedan, which will be locally marketed as the Sunny. According to the Japanese automaker, the new small sedan will go on sale first in China in January 2011 and then progressively across 170 countries worldwide under different vehicle brand names.

Even though Nissan's Spartan press release did not mention the Versa, there are one too many styling similarities between the new Sunny and the 2012 Versa sedan teased in an official sketch released by the automaker in October 2010. However, we have to stress the fact that Nissan has not made a connection between the two cars.