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Russian Guy Goes All Chuck Norris On Poor Nissan Altima

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We knew the day would come when man would finally rebel against machines – well, with a little imagination and some help from cheap and plentiful booze, that is…

Latest Nissan Altima Becomes the New Teana for China [w/Video]

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Nissan and its Chinese partner Dongfeng Motors lifted the veils off their new local market Teana sedan during a press conference in China on Tuesday in front of more than 1,000 (!) journalists and dealers from all over the country.

If the mid-size sedan looks eerily familiar, it's because the Teana is the same car as the North American Altima with some barely noticeable changes such as the added chrome strips on the lower sections of the doors and rear bumper, and the front grilles, the white markers on the headlamps and the revised tail light graphics.

Idiots in Road Rage Incident Almost Kill Pedestrians

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It’s one thing being annoyed over something as trivial as to who's going to give way first on the road, and another when you take unwise actions and endanger the lives of others drivers and pedestrians like these two swell-headed egomaniacs.

The men behind the wheels of the Nissan Teana sedan and the Mazda CX-9 crossover were trying to intimidate each other in a stupid game of chicken on the road by swerving left and right.

Moscow Man Tries to Drive Nissan Through a Train Crossing for Pedestrians…

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Today, your daily dose of Russian madness comes courtesy of a stubborn driver of a Nissan Teana sedan (loosely related to the older generation Maxima) who for some reason was hell bent to drive over a pedestrian crossing on a train track in Moscow.

Not surprisingly, the car got stuck on the train tracks and being front wheel drive, he couldn't pedal his way out of this situation. Some by-passers quickly came out to help push the Teana back but as soon as they heard the train approaching they left him to watch the disaster that was bound to happen.

Mitsuoka Updates Galue Limousine, Based on Nissan Teana

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There are coachbuilders and coachbuilders. And then there's Mitsuoka, a Japanese company that believes in bettering a vehicle's appearance by collecting styling bits from here and there. Memorable creations include the Mazda MX-5-based Himiko Roadster, the Ford Mustang-based Galue Convertible and last but not least, how can we not forget the fish-faced Orochi...

In its latest venture, the Japanese coachbuilder has updated the design of its Galue Limousine, a four-door sedan built on the newest version of the JDM Nissan Teana sedan (see here).

Nissan to Begin Production of X-Trail and Teana Sedan in Russia

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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Nissan president Carlos Ghosn took part in the opening ceremony of the Japanese automaker's first plant in Russia on Tuesday. Located at St. Petersburg, Nissan's new US$200 million assembly plant has a production capacity of 50,000 vehicles a year. The facility, which is scheduled to employ 750 workers at start of production with one shift, will build the Teana mid-size sedan and the X-TRAIL compact off-roader.

"This is Nissan's breakthrough in Russia," said Ghosn. "The opening of our plant in Saint Petersburg in the current conditions underlines our confidence in the high potential of the Russian economy. With the start of production at our new plant Nissan become an integral part of the local community."

Even though the financial crisis has taken its toll on the Russian car market as sales plunged more than 40% in the first four months of the year compared to 2008 when Russia briefly overtook Germany as Europe's largest car market, many analyst believe that Russia will be a key growth market for automakers when a recovery starts.

Nissan Unveils Teana Luxury Sedan at 2008 Beijing Show

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Making its worldwide debut at the Beijing Show, the Teana is Nissan's new flagship model for the Asian market. Inspired from last year's Intima concept, the Teana will be offered with two V6 units while in China, a four-cylinder in-line engine will also be available when the car goes on sale this spring.

"When we introduced Teana in 2004, it sent a clear signal that Nissan was serious about growth in China," said Carlos Ghosn, Nissan's President and CEO. "The all-new Teana again demonstrates our commitment to high quality and world-class products for the Chinese consumer," continued Ghosn. -Image gallery after the jump

2009 Nissan Intima – Teana: Leaked Brochure Images!

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Nissan’s new mid-size sedan is scheduled to make its official debut at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show on April 20. However, thanks to a reader of ours who sent us these scanned brochure images, we now have the first pictures of the production version of the Nissan Intima Concept that will be sold in Japan at least, as the Teana. Put side by side to the 2007 Tokyo Show Intima Concept, the production version’s styling has been seriously toned down while as anticipated, Nissan discarded the suicide-doors. –See more pics after the jump

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